The British girl learned that she was pregnant for more than a month, and she actually sat on the toilet and gave birth to a child three days later.

According to the "Daily Star" reported on November 21, a British 17 -year -old girl unexpectedly learned that she was pregnant for more than a month.However, three days later, she sat on the toilet and gave birth to a healthy child.On November 20, local time, the girl was interviewed by the local media, telling this incredible experience of birth.

According to reports, 17 -year -old Amy Stevens came from Kahn in Wilde, UK.Last summer, when Emi asked the doctor for contraception, the doctor said that she had been pregnant for five to six weeks. The news made Amy very surprised.Three days later, Amy had severe abdominal pain, and she sat on the toilet and thought that she might have a miscarriage.Amy recalled that she felt unprecedented pain that day, and she couldn’t help vomiting until she felt relieved for a moment.When she stood up, she saw a baby in the toilet.Later, Emi named her son Cher Andrew Carine.

Amy told reporters: "I still think of what happened that night now. At that time, I was confused, but when Kahn smiled at me for the first time, I was really surprised. I couldn’t imagine that I was all before giving birth to him.What did you go through? "Amy said, she didn’t even have time to tell her mother that she was pregnant, so she called and told her mother that she had just gave birth to a child.

Amy’s mother said, "Emi called me to have a child. I stood at the door and watched the crying baby. It was a wonderful moment, but it was completely unexpected." SheContinue: "I was silent for several hours in shock. I dare not hold him, because I don’t know if he fell into the toilet and was injured."

Today, Amy’s son has been 16 months old, and the doctor believes that he was about 38 weeks when he was born.Amy said: "Although I don’t know how to take care of my children, I learned very quickly, Kahn did well, he ran around like crazy, and he kept talking. Our relationship is really very goodgood."

It is reported that Emi has been studying at school during pregnancy and is a waiter in a restaurant.Although she failed to complete all the university courses, she said she would continue to study.Today, Amy still maintains a relationship with Kahn’s father.Amy’s mother said, "I really feel proud of her, and she accepted all of this silently. They are amazing parents, and I feel very proud of them."

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