The Brazilian girl ran to the metal concert at 39 weeks of pregnancy. I did not expect to give birth to the baby at the scene.

Brazilian girl Joice Figueiró didn’t think of it,

One day, she will give birth to the child in the concert …

JOICE is a tattooist, and at the same time, is also a loyal metal fans.

Three years ago, I learned that Metallica, the old -fashioned heavy metal band, had to sing in Brazil.

She and her husband did not hesitate to buy votes early, looking forward to going to the scene to "pilgrimage".

However, because of the epidemic, the concert was dragged again and again,

First from April 2020 to October 2021,

Later, it was changed again, and it was finally set in May 2022.

In a few years, the Joice family has changed a lot,

Her eldest daughter has grown into a lively and lovely little bean from the baby wrapped in the cricket.

At the same time, Joice also pregnant with the second baby,

Although the delivery period is approaching, it has been waiting for two years of concerts and can’t miss anything.

So, on the evening of May 7th,

JOICE, who was pregnant for 39 weeks, came to Couto Pereira Stadium in Kurichiba with her husband Jaime.

Soon, the two were driven by the warm atmosphere at the scene.

At the beginning, the state of Joice is still very good,

She rests as much as possible, so as not to let herself too tired, or too excited,

However, when the end of the end fell, the band played the third song "Enter Sandman",

She suddenly felt a contraction …

Along with the singing "Say Your Prayers Little One",

Joyce feels that I am going to the pelvis soon …

Husband Jaime immediately asked the ambulance staff at the scene,

Surprisingly, Joyce’s obstetric doctor was also performing at the scene, and the other party immediately came to her area to help production.

At that time, the situation was urgent, and it was too late to send Joyce to the ambulance to the hospital.

Fortunately, the process is very smooth. At 11:15 pm, a healthy boy was born, weighing more than 3 kilograms, named Luan Figuieró.

The story quickly passed to the ear of several members of Metallica, and

They also shared this magical experience to the band’s tens of millions of fans.

Even Joyce couldn’t help feeling,

Every time I go to see the performance, unexpected situations occur, but this time I definitely refresh my record.

She joked that if it wasn’t for the name early, she would combine the name of the band guitarist James Hetfield with the drummer Lars Ulrich, and let the son call James Ulrich.

At the same time, she was also very moved, because her son was born when she played the last song in the band, and was born when her father’s favorite song.

"There is no better script than this. I cried for a long time. The song was very meaningful because it was my favorite song."

Netizens think that Joice is extremely cool, and they have expressed their blessings:

"I know someone wants to say: How can I go to the rock concert at 39 weeks of pregnancy … but she likes it!"

"This is a tribute! You are great girl!!! Metallica should give her a free ticket for life! HetField sounds very good!"

"Look at Metallica at 39 weeks of pregnancy, she is too rock! Babies are also cute."

"This child tastes really good."

"If she does not give the baby name Sandman, I will be angry!"

"In 1986, in a performance of the Queen Magic tour, a person was stabbed to death, and a newborn was born, so the performance was the same at the beginning and end of the performance."

I do n’t know if such a little metallic Luan, will it be a loyal fans like my parents when they grow up …

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