The body has these 4 phenomena, which is a signal sent by the fetus, indicating that you are pregnant

Some husbands and wives have no signs of pregnancy for a long time, and some mothers are pregnant easily.I believe that both the couple knows the knowledge of pregnancy, but these pregnancy signs must also be understood, so as not to know the health of the baby’s health.If the mother is pregnant, the fetus will send a signal to the expectant mother, and the expectant mother cannot "understand the style". If you are not sure, quickly use the early pregnancy paper or the pregnancy test stick to test it. Is it really pregnant?

1. No menstruation

This should be the most obvious sign of pregnancy, but some women may also cause cycle disorders of menstruation due to physical reasons, nervous emotions,More.Therefore, if there is a menopause, go to the hospital to check for a doctor, whether you are pregnant or other problems, and will be resolved early.

2. Fatigue

Due to changes in hormones in the body and some reactions in early pregnancy, such as nausea and nausea, expectant mothers can easily feel tired. Sometimes they just want to lie in bed and sleep, and sleep until dark.But sometimes sleep rules will be disturbed, and expectant mothers will also have insomnia.

3. Cold

Signs of the health of the most baby!Some expectant mothers found that they had a higher temperature, dizziness and brain, and thought that they had a cold. They took some cold medicine. The medication in the early pregnancy was greatly harmful to the health of the fetus, and there was a certain risk.If the symptoms of a cold, the first reaction should think about whether it is pregnant, not blindly taking medicine, so as not to cause adverse effects on the baby’s baby. It is best to go to the hospital for examination.

4. Nausea

If someone is pregnant in the TV series, the most classic action is to cover his mouth and make vomiting.Nausea is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. The expectant mothers will feel nauseous when they smell any smell, and the smell of smell becomes sensitive after pregnancy. What smells seem to be amplified 100 times in the expectant mother’s nose.

There are many signs of pregnancy, some of which are obvious, but some are hidden deep and easy to be ignored. For example, breast changes, frequent urination, back pain, etc.Test the early pregnancy paper or the pregnancy test stick to determine whether I have pregnant my baby.After pregnancy, mothers must ensure sufficient rest time, develop good schedules, and create a good growth space for the baby.I wish all the mothers pregnant!(Picture source network)

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