The birth inspection was normal. On the third day of birth, I found that there was no anus!A baby boy in Guangxi died 16 days after birth

On March 23, Ms. Liang gave birth to a child at the Mary Maternal and Gynecology Hospital in Beihai. On March 25, the hospital told her that she had no anus.Ms. Liang had previously conducted a medical examination in the hospital many times without finding the child abnormal.On April 8th, only 16 days after birth, Ms. Liang’s child left the world due to the sharp deterioration of her illness.

Pregnant woman caesarean baby baby boy

Newborns have not defecated for nearly 2 days

Ms. Liang, 32, is from Tieshan Hong Kong, Beihai.Under the introduction of relatives and friends, the pregnancy Ms. Liang and her husband, Mr. Xiao, chose to welcome the advent of a small life at the Maria Maternity Hospital of Beihai (hereinafter referred to as "Maria Hospital").

▲ Beihai Maria Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital.

Before the child was born, Ms. Liang had a B -ultrasound check at Maria Hospital. "All the test results show that the child is normal."

On March 22 this year, due to the due date, Ms. Liang went through the hospitalization procedures at Maria Hospital and took a production needle.On the evening of the 23rd, Ms. Liang was named Xiaojie through a caesarean section.Mr. Xiao recalled that at the time, the medical staff said that the baby boy was 5 pounds and 7 pounds, and there was no deformity.

However, Ms. Liang discovered that Xiaojie vomited milk particularly frequently and did not defecate in nearly 2 days.Ms. Liang asked the doctor. The doctor said that Xiaojie had a cold and prescribed some cold medicine.

Congenital anal atresia

Multiple operations are still not optimistic

It wasn’t until noon on March 25 that the medical staff took Xiaojie to take a bath before discovering "accident".

"You and you have no anus." Said the medical staff.Because the hospital does not have the ability to perform such surgery, Xiaojie urgently need to transfer to hospital for treatment.Mr. Xiao hurried Xiaojie to the North Sea People’s Hospital for treatment.

On the same day, after several turnover, Xiaojie experienced a few hours of operation at Beihai Second People’s Hospital.The surgical results are not optimistic.The diagnostic results show that Xiaojie is a congenital anal atresia, and the locked position is high and the condition is complicated.

On the evening of the 26th, Xiaojie was sent to the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University for treatment after multi -party negotiation.But as soon as the operation was performed, Mr. Xiao received a notice of illness.

▲ Notice of illness issued by Xiaojie’s first affiliated hospital of Guangxi Medical University.

After the diagnosis of the hospital, Xiaojie also suffered from many complications such as intestinal obstruction, acute renal damage, myocardial damage, urethral breakthroughs, and neonatal sepsis, which would be dangerous at any time.

"Many children’s organs have been damaged." Mr. Xiao said that the attending doctor told him that Xiaojie had to perform multiple operations since then, and the operation was very difficult.Life has many impacts. "

It was only discovered on the third day after giving birth to "no anus"

Family members have raised a lot of questions

Mr. Xiao said that after the birth of Xiaojie, it has spent more than 40,000 yuan for treatment fees, and it is estimated that it will cost more than 200,000 yuan in follow -up conservative estimates. "And may not be cured."On the evening of March 30, he went through the discharge procedures for Xiaojie and returned to Maria Hospital.

"This is my own flesh and blood, where will I give up?" Ms. Liang said with red eyes, and the family’s economic conditions were not generous.

Ms. Liang asked, why did the Maria Hospital fail to find that the child had deformed?And the child discovered the situation until the third day.She believes that because the hospital did not discover problems in time, Xiaojie’s condition deteriorated and missed the best treatment period.

Ms. Liang said that she hasn’t waited for an apology to the hospital so far, and the other party is reluctant to respond to the matter positively.

Ms. Liang told reporters that on the morning of March 26, Xiaojie, who had been treated by the hospital, was held back by the staff of the Maria Hospital.After a lot of communication, Xiaojie was returned to Beihai People’s Hospital on the same day.

However, the Beihai Municipal Health and Health Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Beihai Health and Health Commission") said in a briefing of a reporter to reply to the South China Morning Post that on the 26th, the family members took Xiaojie back to Maria Obstetrics Hospital.

Hospital involved in the interview

Experts say the hospital operates "irregularities"

Regarding many questions about this matter, the reporter contacted the leaders of the hospital through the Nurse Station of the Maria Hospital of Beihai, but the other party stated that "the matter was not investigated before and did not accept any interviews."Since then, the reporter has contacted a person in charge of the hospital on duty, and the other party still said that "the third -party identification is required and did not respond."

Public information shows that Beihai Maria Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital is a secondary obstetric and gynecological hospital, which belongs to private hospitals.

On April 6, the reporter saw in the ward that because of the treatment needs, Xiaojie was filled with multiple plastic tubes including the ureter.Because it was impossible to defecate, Xiaojie couldn’t eat, and her limbs were thinner.

▲ Xiaojie was lying in the ward of Maria, Beihai, with multiple plastic tubes on her body.

An expert who has worked in obstetrics for a long time told reporters that


Generally speaking, after the birth of the newborn in the hospital, the doctor who takes birth will have a full -body appearance for the newborn, and check the newborn in the naked eye.The hospital also screens for children’s conventional projects such as hearing and heart disease.

He said that for prenatal pregnancy tests, the obstetrics of the obstetrics could not find anal atresia, but the hospital was obliged to check whether the newborn was defective after birth.And if it is a higher anal atresia, it may not be found immediately.

However, the obstetric expert emphasized that if the newborn did not defecate within 24 hours after delivery, the hospital should find the reason in time.

"Congenital anal atresia is definitely the sooner the better." Another doctor who did not want to be named told reporters that from the operating level, the Hospital of Maria did not discover Xiaojie’s anal atresia in time.Standard. "

Newborn died unfortunately

Responsibility delineation still requires three parties to identify

On the afternoon of April 8, the relevant person in charge of the Beihai Health Commission replied to reporters that on March 26, after receiving a complaint from the family members, the staff arranged a staff member to go to the hospital to understand the matter and coordinate the treatment.

On March 31, the Beihai Health Commission organized a total of 5 medical experts from the local real estate department, pediatrics, and pediatric surgery.You need to be identified by medical accident technology before you can draw conclusions. "

The Beihai Health and Health Commission stated that the local area will strictly manage or handle medical institutions and related medical personnel in accordance with the law of responsibility for the technical appraisal of medical accidents.

On April 9th, the reporter learned from the family of Xiaojie that only 16 days after this little life was born, he left the world late at night on April 8.

Source: South State Morning Post editor Ji Qianqian

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