The biological father died in a car accident.

The first bad news of the New Year, Robert Maraj, the biological father of the rapper, spicy chicken, Dina, died unfortunately in a car accident.

According to the public statement of the local police station, the Robert Maraj, Mineolaj, who lived in Mineolaj, a governor of Governor Island, New York, was walking around the road at around 6:15 pm on Friday (February) local time.The vehicle drove north to hit the vehicle. The vehicle escaped the scene after the accident. Robert Maraj was then sent to the hospital for rescue and declared dying on Saturday local time. It was 64 years old.

Today’s latest news, Charles Polevich, a 70 -year -old man, has surrendered to the police today.

The spicy chicken side confirmed the death of her father through a spokesman, but did not provide further details.Her social media was quiet, and this February was not published on IG.

Said Niji Mina is a rap "the Queen". She is the most richest rap female singer in the world and the most richest record in the world.The first rap singer with 100 million fans on IG, and the first female singer to have 51 MVs on the oil pipe …

But behind the queen queen, Niji’s native family can be said to be dog blood. She and her father have been alienated for a long time, because the domestic violence tended father burned her home arson that year, and now it has become her home. Now she has become her home.Her mother, she seemed to have chosen HARD mode again, making outsiders unable to understand.

Born in Trinida and the Republic of Dobago in 1982. The spicy chicken ranked third among the five children at home. Before moving to the United States, the spicy chicken lived a three -room house to squeeze 15 people’s embarrassment life.

His father, Robert Maraj, was originally a financial director and part -time gospel singer. Mother Carol Maraj was also a gospel singer. He also worked in the accounting department when he was a kid.

His father was not only an addictive man, but also alcoholicism. Every time he initiated crazy, he was a family violent mother."I’m so disappointed with my father. I’m afraid that my mother will encounter it. This is my nightmare."

At first, my mother had fled several times, but soon soft -hearted. In 2014, the British media reported a terrible story. In 1987, the spicy chicken father knew that his wife was at home, and he also set fire to destroy the whole family.Burn into ashes.

Even so, this terrible marriage was maintained. Parents immigrated to the United States when the spicy chicken was a child, and then picked up the family.The family lived in Queen’s district in New York. The corner of the house was where the drug dealers traded. The father quickly exposed his nature. The family was full of quarrels and screams. There were damaged holes everywhere on the wall.

"Once, my father dragged my mother out of the car and dragged away two blocks."

The habit of his father’s anger at any time also brought deep shadow to the spicy chicken."I am very afraid of the door that is not locked, so as long as my mother and I are together, I must ensure that the door is locked so that I can protect my mother."

In 2018, she appeared on the British version of "GLAMOR". Spicy chicken recalled how to protect her mother from being abused by her father. I cried in the interview: "When I was still a little girl, I would already raise my hands to stop my mother in my mother.Earlier, every time my father started using violence, his mother was blocked in front. "

Fortunately, the artistic talent of God’s spicy chicken appeared when she was very young.After graduating from junior high school, Niji Mina successfully passed the interview with Fiorello H. Lagdia Music and Art and Performing Arts High School. After graduating from high school, she first wanted to become an actor and began to sing a sub -song for the local rapperWith the accompanying singing, he slowly began to develop in the direction of singers.

Because of the chaos of family life, Niki Mina escaped the reality by creating a virtual character very young. This multiple personality has also become a characteristic of her creation.Niki Mina is her, cookie is her, Barbie is her, Roman Zolanski is her, and Martha Zolanski is also her.

But the current husband Kenneth Petty, but it makes fans think of liver pain.

When the spicy chicken and her husband knew the micro, when she was a 17 -year -old girl who had gone in the Queens District that year, she had a relationship with the former criminal, "We knew each other when we were children."

Kenneth Petty was not only registered with a criminal prisoner before the crime, but also was sentenced to a first -level negligence killer in 2006 for shooting a man in 2002. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for 7 years and was released in 2013.

Don’t forget his private life. Before marrying spicy chicken, he was already the father of five children!

Seeing that the spicy chicken was qualified to protect his family because his career was successful, he turned around to find this unreliable man to "save". The two announced the reunification in 2018.

Regarding the fact that the husband’s attempt was strong, the spicy chicken publicly expressed his power: "He was 15 that year, the woman 16, they are lovers, you should not interfere with my life, and you can’t control your life."

So he went to dark, and after marriage, the spicy chicken changed his surname. Last July, he announced his pregnancy in social media and gave birth to his son in September.

The child’s head and tiger, the landlord’s style is fashionable, the mother style is right.

With the ability to protect the family, the family of spicy chicken is not worry -free than one person.In July 2011, the cousin of the spicy chicken Nicholas Telemaque was murdered near Brooklyn’s home.

In January last year, Jelani Maraj, the elder brother of the spicy chicken, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for a 25 -year -old girl when she was raped. According to the "Daily Mail" report, this little girl was not someone else, she was born by her wife., I am a stepfather, with a crime of 8 months.

This unparalleled brother, when he got married in 2015, was also a spicy chicken, which was really bad!

The only life is the mother Carol Maraj, who currently establishes a charity foundation named after his name. By raising funds, he provides urgently need resources to poor families affected by family violence and feeds back to the society as a survivor of domestic violence.

For ordinary people, a bland life is the ultimate goal of life struggle. For creators, the family’s DRAMA is the motivation to create.

Among the female singers who got the most streaming media in Spotify in 2020, the spicy chicken ranked seventh with 2.7 billion.Female singer.

No wonder the radio interview with old friend Lil Wayne not long ago, and the spicy chicken said three "good" to his life after marriage:

"I have never thought that when someone becomes your soul companion and understands you, it will make people so refreshing and calm, I just feel that I stand on the top of the world."

Others cream, her honey.

Only blessings, everyone else is scattered.

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