The best way to taste colorful peppers, hot and sour and brittle, it will not be bad for a year

Hi!Hello friends!I have n’t shared the food tutorial with you in a long time.Today, Xiaoyan share with you the colorful pepper. You do n’t need to use a grain of salt. You can eat it for more than ten days.Favorite friends, look down, materials and practices are very simple, and it will not be bad for a year.

Ingredients: colorful pepper

Material: raw soy sauce, garlic, rock sugar (all of the right amount)

Method: Fresh colorful pepper, clean it, its pipe must not be removed, and it is inevitable to enter the water after removing, so that the colorful pepper soaked in this way will inevitably deteriorate.(All appliances you need to use must not have oil)

The peeled garlic is also cleaned. I personally prefer this soaked garlic, so I have more preparation.Together with the clean colorful peppers, put it in a place with the sun.

Prepare water -free glass jars, put a layer of colorful pepper underneath, and then put a layer of garlic. Put the garlic will make the soaked colorful peppers more fragrant. Put a few more rock sugar in the middle. Put the rock sugarMore crispy.

Put a few more rock sugar on the surface and press it to prevent colorful peppers from floating.Of course, someone will ask, why do you want to put so many times of rock sugar?My answer is that if you ca n’t eat too spicy, put more rock sugar, and the colorful peppers are not so spicy.If you are very spicy, then you only need to put a few pieces on your face.Finally pour the raw soy sauce, so you must not have colorful pepper.

Cover the lid and put it in a cool place. It can be eaten for more than ten days.Whether it is rice, porridge or noodles, it is very delicious.The soaked garlic is also very fragrant, with a little spicy taste.Of course, there are also people who use colorful peppers as small snacks.Before my video sharing, there was a fan friend commented that he could eat a small and a half bowl at a time.

Well, the above is a detailed tutorial on sharing colorful peppers today. If you do n’t understand anything, please leave a comment to tell me. I will reply to everyone one by one.That’s it for sharing today, thank you for reading!See you tomorrow!

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