The best time for pregnant mothers to supplement zinc, so that zinc supplementation will be better!

First of all, reminding expectant mothers that if the body is deficient in zinc during pregnancy, it is very unfavorable to the fetus, and zinc deficiency may directly cause baby to have malformed abnormalities, so you must pay attention to zinc during pregnancy.What is the best?

1. In the first 3 months of pregnancy, the fetus is very sensitive to various physical and chemical factors. If pregnant women deficiency during pregnancy, it can easily lead to dysplasia or deformities in the fetus.

2. Zinc, as an indispensable element of many active enzymes, can make some supplements from 3 months of pregnancy, because the growth and development of the fetus after 3 months of pregnancy, especially the development of the brain cells, enters the drama period.At this time, it is necessary to consume a lot of zinc elements, so eat more zinc -containing foods, such as sesame sauce, apples, soybeans, animal liver, etc. are rich in zinc.

3. In the middle and late pregnancy, it is an important period for the development of organs such as fetal skeletal. Therefore, supplement should be begun in the middle of pregnancy, but the dose of supplementary doses should be determined according to the test results.

The content of zinc in the plasma of pregnant women is often at a low normal value or a critical level. If the content of plasma zinc is lower than the normal level, zinc should be supplemented.

Zinc must be checked and diagnosed with scientific inspection and diagnosis. It really needs zinc supplementation, and under the guidance of doctors, most pregnant women are used to supplement zinc by diet.Rough grain, dried beans, etc. are rich in zinc -rich foods.

4. Eating a little zinc -containing snacks such as walnuts and melon seeds can play a better zinc supplement effect.At the same time, how to supplement zinc in zinc, experts also advised pregnant women to eat as little or not too refined rice and noodles as possible.

In addition, zinc deficiency in pregnant women should try some zinc supplement preparations.Therefore, there are no zinc in all times. Pregnant mothers can eat high -zinc -containing foods in various periods.

What are the foods for zinc?

1. Meat: lean pork, mutton, chicken, animal liver, crab meat

2. Fish: Changyu, yellow croaker, band fish, sardine

3. Vegetables: seaweed, carrots, eggplant, soybeans, white radish, potatoes, Chinese cabbage

4, coarse grains: wheat, celery, corn surface, millet

5. Fruit: Apple, Banana

6. Seafood products: oysters

7. Nuts: peanuts, walnuts, etc.

8. Chinese medicine: wolfberry, cooked land, mulberry, ginseng, Eucommia

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