The best time for people!

There are always some women who do not protect themselves. They pregnant their babies without preparing in their hearts, and choose to have a miscarriage. So, do you know when the best time is the best time for abortion?Let me tell you below:

The best time to be abortion after accidents is 40-50 days of pregnancy.Because the carcass has not been formed at this time, the uterus is not too large, the uterine wall muscles are relatively thick, and the embryo is easily attracted by the negative pressure. Therefore, the surgery time is short, the amount of bleeding is small, and the body recovers after the abortion.If the pregnancy month is large, the fetal bones have formed, the uterine volume becomes larger, the uterine wall becomes thinner, it is relatively difficult to surgery, and the surgery time is long, the amount of bleeding is more, and the postoperative recovery time is prolonged.The pain is also greater, so it is recommended that you go to a regular gynecological examination for related examinations, and then perform surgery. Do not go to a small clinic that is not safe to guarantee, or buy medicine yourself without B -ultrasound.This is very dangerous, because there is no B -ultrasound, the embryo cannot be determined in the uterine cavity, and there is the possibility of ectopic pregnancy. This is not guaranteed to your body and the harm is greater.

For a month after the abortion surgery, give the uterus a recovery time, keep the outer genitals clean, prohibit basin bath, and observe the vaginal bleeding. If the amount of vaginal bleeding suddenly increases, be sure to go to the hospital to see if there is any leakage inhalation., Embryo remains, don’t wait at home stupidly!

I have to say that the harm of abortion to women is really great. Recent complications: such as: abortion syndrome, uterine perforation, etc., long -term complications such as infertility, uterine adhesion, and so on!Don’t think that abortion can do everything, and some women do their own contraceptive tools with abortion. This is not desirable!If you really do n’t want a child for the time being, then take good protection measures, you can bring a nourishing ring, or you can use a condom. Why do you have to hurt your body?Do you say it?The teacher who listened to me once said that a girl, 21 years old, 14 times in two years of abortion!It ’s really chilling after hearing it. Do the boy love her?

Finally, I wish you good health!Women must cherish herself!

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