The best time for drug abortion

Now many women do not pay much attention to adopting contraceptive measures, and some will take unsafe methods such as safe period contraception, which will lead to the great increase in the chance of accidental pregnancy. After accidental pregnancyIt is necessary to grasp the time. So, when is the best time for the abortion of drugs? Let’s see what the experts say.

Not every woman who is pregnant can choose a drug abortion. There are strict requirements for drug abortion. Among them, the best time for drug abortion must be mastered, and women are also required to be healthy.Let’s take a closer look.

The best time for drug abortion

When is the best time for drug abortion? After contraceptive failure, many women will choose simple drug abortion. However, although the drug flow is convenient and simple, there is a certain time limit for the drug flow. When the gestational sac grows to a certain degreeSimple drug flow, even if it grows rapidly, may not be able to perform abortion when it exceeds time, and can only make up for accidental pregnancy by induction of labor.

The best time for drug abortion is generally within 49 days of pregnancy. If it exceeds this time, it is best to adopt other ways to get tires.Because the drug flow itself is worse than the flow, there are many limitations.At this time, the gestational sac is not very large, and the danger of drug flow is relatively low.

However, even at the best time of the drug flow, it is not 100%of the success of the drug flow. The success rate of the general drug flow is only 75%.If women are at home, they do not perform drug flow under the guidance of a doctor, and 75%of the success rate will be greatly reduced.

Now, we probably know when the best time to abortion of drugs is. I hope that female friends can strictly take safe contraceptive measures without going to children. If accidental pregnancy is not carefulUnder the strict monitoring of the doctor, the drug abortion is implemented and cannot be purchased by himself.

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