The best time before pregnancy is this time, don’t be too early, don’t be too late!

Most women do the corresponding examination when preparing for pregnancy, which is often called pre -pregnancy examination, but there are also a few women who think that pre -pregnancy examinations are not effective, so they ignore the existence of pre -pregnancy examinations.In fact, this cognition is wrong. Pre -pregnancy examination is very important for the probability of pregnancy and whether it can give birth to a healthy and smart baby.

Ordinary doctors recommend pre -pregnancy examinations 3 to 6 months before pregnancy.Both husband and wife should be carried out at the same time during the examination before pregnancy.After all, only a healthy sperm and egg can produce a healthy fetus.It is recommended that women’s pre -pregnancy examination arrangements are arranged within 3 to 7 days after menstruation. Male examinations can be performed at any time before pregnancy, and sexual life is avoided before pregnancy.

Basic inspection:

Including measurement of height, weight, blood pressure, and appearance inspection of various organs.By measuring height and weight, calculate the BMI (weight index), and the BMI value is obtained to guide the nutrition and weight control range during pregnancy.

Check the object: both husband and wife

Reproductive tract system inspection:

It usually includes vaginal secretions and gynecological examinations to eliminate reproductive tract malformations, vaginal longitudinal diaphragm, abnormal uterine development, uterine fibroids, ovarian tumors, etc.

Examine object: Preparation for pregnant women


Including uterine and ovarian ultrasound examination, breast ultrasound examination.

Examine object: Preparation for pregnant women

Routine semen examination

Semen is a very important condition for male fertility. Once the semen has a problem, it directly leads to a male infertility or affecting the health of the baby.

Before you decide to get pregnant, the prospective dad must ask the doctor to do a check. The semen examination requires an abstinence for 3-7 days. It is recommended to abstain from the age of 25 for 3 days.

Examine object: Preparation of pregnant men

Reminder: Pre -pregnancy examination is very important. It can help pregnant women find their own problems in time and take corresponding measures to protect the healthy development of the fetus.Pay attention to the precautions during pregnancy. After completing the system and comprehensive pre -pregnancy examination, you can adjust your life and rest in targeted manner, develop good living habits, maintain a positive and optimistic mental state, so as to successfully conceive and give birth to a healthy baby., Realize eugenics.

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