The best age is only six years?Do a few things in advance, "pregnancy" qi will be very good

I believe that everyone has seen these two days of hot search, and social media are swiping the screen. In fact, there is nothing to be surprised. From the perspective of this year’s population census data, China’s fertility rate is low, which is not as good as Russia. In order to delay the negative population growth, openThe three -child policy was also expected, but when it really appeared in front of everyone, it was flattened, and countless women set off a stormy wave.

There are many aspects to consider having a third child. The first is the age of age. Unless the twin was born in the previous birth, the third child is an older mother. Many people have no confidence in their own physical condition.You can’t bred healthy babies, and you are afraid that your body will not recover well after production.So, when is the best age for women?What preparations do old women want to have a baby?

The best age is only six years?

Nowadays, women are late, and they are late, and they are not able to conceive as soon as they are prepared. Some people are successful for one and a half years of pregnancy.At the age of 25-30, this time is the best age of childbirth, good physical condition, and recovery quickly after production.If you drag again and again for your personal reasons, you may accidentally drag yourself into an older mother.

British: The best childbirth age for women is 34-40 years old

Britain has different views on this. They believe that after 34 years of age, they are better. The reason is that the female family of this age is stable, mature, and rich in financial resources.And family environment.Of course, this is also related to their national conditions. British women are relatively late. They are basically after 30 years old, so it is more suitable to have fertility around 34.

Here we also remind everyone that the national conditions are different and the family is different. It is not only the responsibility of a small family in our country, but also the responsibility of the four elderly people.The help of young couples cannot adapt at all.

Although the elders will urge marriage and give birth, in fact, they are not only to want to hug their grandsons, but also for women. The greater the age of childbirth, the greater the impact on the body and the fetus, and it will affect the work. Therefore, it is not necessary to imitate foreign 34 34.Only when the year of birth is important in line with your actual situation.

I accidentally dragged into a "old girl" and wanted to have a baby?Do a few things in advance, "pregnancy" qi will be very good

Exercise daily to improve ovarian function

If you plan to have a baby, you must start exercising in half a year in advance, improve ovarian function, increase the toughness of pelvic and pelvic floor muscles, and adjust your body to the best state.Running can also sublimate the relationship between husband and wife.In addition, if women are obese, they can lose weight and adjust endocrine through exercise, which is also important for successful conception.

Do a whole body examination and actively treat gynecological diseases

You should understand your physical condition before preparing for pregnancy. Whether it is the best time for fertility. By checking, you can find the disease in the body. If the disease is dysplasia, it will affect the dynamic power, such as uterine fibroids, polycystic ovary syndrome, pelvic cavity cavity cavityYan and so on.Treatment of gynecological diseases must be eradicated to avoid repeated attacks, and no medication can be used casually after pregnancy.

Focus on food healthy, not eating foods that are not good for your body

Needless to say this, I believe everyone knows its importance. For example, wine must not be touched during pregnancy. You can eat foods rich in folic acid, which is good for the body, broad beans, cauliflower, pear, banana, etc.You can eat more. Do not stir -fry at high temperature when eating vegetables. Folic acid will be lost.

Giveting a child is a big event, especially for older women. It is more than young women, paying attention to maintaining themselves, and making adequate preparations in order to usher in a good "pregnancy".Finally, I will share with you a few three -child mothers. After reading, you may have answers for no three -child birth.

@职: Full -time mother, take Sanbao for 5 years

The third child born of the flower of the flower should actually be the second child. Because the twins were born, the "jump" directly became a third -child mother. Originally, she thought that her mother -in -law could help her handle.The heavy responsibility of the child falls on Sister Hua. Every day, opening his eyes is the child’s shit and urine fart. He gets up at 6 o’clock in the morning and busy breakfast.Only after 11 pm will there be a break, and it has not been sleeping for two years.

@: I haven’t slept for ten years

The first two babies felt very easy, so I had the idea of having a third child. I did not expect that the third child was so tired.It’s almost forty years old. Three children all day around, and their hearts were anxious.

@到 @: The boat to the bridge is naturally straight, and the child is a beautiful accident

The third child is completely unexpected. Since he is pregnant, he doesn’t plan not to do it.With four years with the baby, every day is more happy than pain. Although I am tired, I am very happy. With the care experience of the first two babies, I will take the three treasures to be much easier.Take the initiative to clean up housework.

Nourishing is never an easy task, but it can make you as much as you are. Watching the children brings laughter to the family.You can’t force you, as long as you make your own choice.

What do you think about having a third child?

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