The benefits of eating watermelon in summer are many China just eat foreign countries and consider eating

How much do you know about eating watermelon?Can people with diabetes eat watermelon?

Many people say that watermelon is very sweet, and blood sugar will rise.I also said that people with diabetes will also rise blood sugar for dinner. Is it okay not to eat?

Watermelon is just sweet. Its sugar lift index is not very high. It is much smaller than the sugar lift index of rice, and diuretic also thirst to thirst and eliminate heat.Let’s talk about the nutritional value and role of watermelons.

Watermelon aliases: cold melon, summer melon, natural white tiger soup

It tastes sweet, cold, non -toxic.

Back to the stomach, heart, bladder meridian

Efficacy and role are clearing heat, relieving heat, removing annoyance, quenching thirst, diuretic, swelling, and swelling; for summer heat and thirst, hot and strong injuries, unfavorable urination; throat paralysis, sores and other symptoms.

Watermelon contains a lot of water, which can improve the symptoms of acute fever, thirst, and irritability.

"Sugar and salt" contained in dagdang watermelon can diuretic and "eliminate kidney inflammation".Proteinase can convert insoluble protein into soluble proteins and increase the nutrition of patients with nephritis.After eating watermelon, the urine output will increase significantly, which can reduce the content of biliary pigment, and can make the stool unobstructed, which has a certain effect on jaundice.

Watermelon component

Watermelon tastes sweet and juicy, refreshing thirst, which is a good fruit of midsummer.Watermelon does not contain fat and cholesterol, and is a nutritious food.The peel and seeds of watermelon can be used as medicine, which can be called the "king of melon".Watermelon can not only go to the heat and thirst, but also have a good diuretic effect, so it is known as the "natural white tiger soup".

So there are many benefits to eating watermelon.At the beginning of the article, why do Chinese people eat casually and foreigners consider eating?

Let ’s thank a person first, she is the Chinese“ watermelon grandma ”-wu Mingzhu, many people have not heard of her, you will know if you mention it.In 1953, two graduates came out of the Southwest Agricultural College, one was Yuan Longping, the father of rice.The other is Wu Mingzhu, a watermelon grandma.

At that time, there were not many types of watermelons at that time and far from the current melon. It was her 64 years since she passed from 1953 to 2017. It has almost been able to eat watermelon that we can see everywhere in China everywhere in China.And the price is not high.

Why do foreigners consider eating watermelon?Mainly because of the price.Do you know how much a pound of watermelon in the market is?In ordinary supermarkets, the price of 1-3 yuan is generally ranging from 1-3 yuan. The price of buying a medium-sized watermelon is about 20 yuan.However, such an ordinary watermelon is priced at 20,000 won in South Korea, equivalent to RMB 150.

In Japan, the price of watermelon is even more exaggerated. In Japan’s supermarkets, watermelons are sold by slices, because the most common watermelon sells 200-300 yuan "one".The expensive is even more than 1,000 yuan, and the Japanese of ordinary families are reluctant to buy a whole watermelon to eat.In Japan’s supermarkets, watermelon peel is sold alone as a product, and the price is 5 yuan.

Everyone should know how happy it is in China.Thanks to our older generation of people to lay the foundation for us, and to be proud and proud of the Chinese.

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