The bamboo tender buds growing from the soil, also known as "bamboo shoots", why do everyone like to eat it

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Spring is the season of food.

Spring is here, and naturally it is the season when Caitana eats the buds.

For example, mother -in -law Ding, little head garlic, toon buds, mulberry buds, fern, leaves, etc. By the way, you can dig bamboo shoots in the south.

Every bite is so tender, so appetizing and appetizing, as if eating the whole spring.

Due to the different natural environment, in the south, many people should first want to eat.

The water of spring bamboo shoots is large, and the taste is very tender and sweet. It is a gift of nature. Many people are delicious.

So let’s talk about bamboo shoots today.

Bamboo shoots (s )n) are tender stems and buds growing from the soil, also known as "bamboo shoots", which can be cooked and eaten.

However, bamboo belongs to quality plants. Therefore, only the tender, short buds or whip can be used as food. After the excavation process, it can be used after careful treatment.

Why do everyone like to eat bamboo shoots?

The taste of bamboo shoots is sweet, fragrant and crispy, so it is loved by people.

The unique fragrance of bamboo shoots can appetite and enhance appetite.

Bamboo shoots are also very nutritious.

It is rich in protein, amino acids, and multiple vitamin trace elements. They are all needed by the human body and belong to a healthy vegetable.

Eating bamboo shoots often also helps to enhance the body’s immunity.

Bamboo shoots also have the characteristics of low -fat, low starch and low sugar, which are natural low -fat and low -calorie foods.

Bamboo bamboo shoots are rich in fiber, which can promote intestinal peristalsis, thereby helping digestion and preventing constipation.

Although it tastes delicious, there are many benefits,

It should be noted that everything has two sides, such as crude fiber, which has a good side, which can speed up the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal and intestines, clean the intestines, and have a bad side.It will cause a burden.

In other words, not everyone can eat bamboo shoots, especially some special groups.

Just now, I saw a report:

Recently, Mr. Wang, Jiangsu Wuxi, went to the bamboo forest and picked a lot of spring mushrooms. When he returned home, he opened various ways of eating bamboo shoots.

However, due to the spring bamboo shoots for many consecutive days, he had vomiting and syncope. After being sent to the hospital in time, he found that his duodenal ulcers were still active.

Fortunately, after timely rescue, Mr. Wang has gradually returned to health after treatment.

How could this happen?

According to the doctor, the rough fiber in the spring bamboo shoots is not easy to digest. If you eat a lot, it will stimulate the stomach. If it is a digestive tract disease such as cirrhosis, gastrointestinal ulcer, gastritis, and digestive tract bleeding, if you eat a lotBamboo shoots can easily cause digestive tract bleeding and aggravate the condition.

Finally, we have to understand that the bamboo shoots also contain a substance called oxalate.

Ocdosic acid is easy to combine with calcium, which affects the body’s absorption of calcium and zinc. Eating more bamboo shoots can even cause stones.

Coupled with crude fiber easily hurt the stomach, for children with weak growth and development period, and old people with poor constitution, they still eat as little bamboo shoots as much as possible.

In addition, oxalic acid is also likely to cause allergies to increase. For sensitive people, they must also treat bamboo shoots with caution.

Therefore, for the matter of eating bamboo shoots, understanding your physique, and considering your own health, starting from a small number of early adopters, don’t be greedy every time.

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