The back pain of pregnant women during pregnancy is really uncomfortable. Learning these can relieve these.

Women who have not produced are probably unable to understand that the abdomen is getting heavier and difficulty in breathing.Many women have lost their lives in the process of production, and women’s pain lasts for ten months and not just the day of delivery.During the pregnancy, women do not have to do anything most of the time. They just need to lie there. Many people feel that it is very easy to do nothing to do natural facts. In fact, it is not as simple as we think.

Although the belly after pregnancy is increasing, we look at it in our eyes, and there are back pain with back pain.In fact, many people will have back pain experience. We are mainly caused by hard work, as long as you rest properly.The waist is not an occasional symptom for pregnant women. During the pregnancy, 49%to 81%of pregnant mothers will have this symptom, but everyone’s pain is not the same.Work is because of backache and back pain.Why is this phenomenon so common among people to be produced?

Mainly because the progesterone secretion during this period is too much, the ligaments will not be as firm as before, and the pressure between the joints will increase; as well as its own uterus, as the baby grows, it will continue to change.Large, over time, it will cause compression of the nerves, so lumbar pain may also cause back pain; and this is also inseparable from the sleeping habits of individuals. Some people like to lie on the side or lying on their back. At this time, the huge uterus will also bePressoring to the waist, it may also spread to the tail bone and other positions.This is a good understanding of why this symptom is frequent between mothers. If you want to prevent or relieve the harm caused by back pain, you may wish to do it.

1. Try to use side sleeper sleep as much

During the pregnancy, a woman should wear loose and comfortable clothes. After all, during this time, you will find that you often want to go to the toilet. In fact, when you go to the toilet at night, you are not just the rest of your own.It will also affect the rest of the weight of the fetus. If a sufficient sleep cannot be maintained for a long time, it will affect both the mother and child.Sleeping posture is also very important. The most suitable sleeping posture for mothers should be side -to -ceiling, because this posture can reduce the oppression of the fetus in the abdomen, and it will also make you feel better. During pregnancy, it is best to buy it for the mother.A special pillow will reduce the burden on her body, and it can also alleviate lumbar pain during sleep.

2. Go out to the sun and add calcium to the sun

Everyone is familiar with the benefits of the sun to the body often, and the body will need more calcium within the body during the pregnancy, so the supplement of calcium is very important, and the sun is one of the good ways.If you go out to the sun, you can not only relieve waist pain, but also strengthen the strength of the bones. At this time, it is also necessary to eat calcium tablets to supplement calcium.

3. Back chairs are indispensable

Some of the symptoms of waist pain appear because the same posture is maintained for too long, so it cannot be long for standing or sitting, otherwise it will cause a great burden on the body.There are also pregnant women when choosing a chair to sit, it is best to choose a back chair, which can make the body more comfortable and relieve pain.

Proper exercise is also essential. In fact, in the early stage, you can choose to sit up and sit up, and wait for the appropriate exercise to exercise the waist muscles. When the child is getting bigger and bigger in the later stage, because your waist muscles are more powerfulIt can also be relieved.There is also a good choice for buying the belt of the dog seal. It is a good choice. It is used to drag Bao Ma’s increasing belly. This will become smaller for the waist and will naturally not be so painful.

If pain is really unbearable, proper massage can also slowly suffer.Although there are a lot of suffering during this period, it is worthwhile when the child comes comes. It is probably the greatness of women.

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