The aunt pushed down the pregnancy, and the big sister bleeding (finished)

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The jade bracelet left to me before my mother passed away, and was secretly taken by my aunt.

I was looking for her theory angrily, but she pushed me down to the ground with pregnancy.

I was taken to the hospital and lost my child.

I was lying on the bed and crying, but my mother -in -law and husband persuaded me, "It’s all a family, don’t care too much,"

I sneered, "Don’t give you your face, I really treat me a sick cat!"


My boyfriend Wu Gang and I have been in love for five years.

He hurts me to spoil me, and it is a lot of money to me, of course, except for spending money.

But I don’t blame him, because his family is very poor, and there are a pair of parents to raise.

In his words, "My parents smashed the pot to sell iron to sell me in college. Now I have made money, and I must return my parents’ kindness."

I have no objection to this, and even very much support. After all, filial piety is not a bad thing.

My family is a middle class.

Especially after my mother died, in order to make up for my lack of motherly love, my father could be said to me in terms of material aspect.

So I did n’t have much concept of money since I was a child, so that later, I went to the point of talking about marriage with Wu Gang.

His mother was crying in front of me, telling how easy it was, saying that it was not easy for these years, and said that after selling iron loans to buy a wedding room, the family couldn’t get a gift.

At that time, I didn’t think so much at all, so I proposed that I could not give gifts.

Wu Gang was grateful to me, "I saw you as a daughter, and I knew that it was different from the snobbish eyes outside, and my heart was kind!"

"You are nice to our family, I will not forget in my life!"

"Girl, if our family Wu Gang dares to bully you in the future, you will tell me, I will not agree!"


I was stunned by her sweet words and stolen joy. In the future, there will be no contradictions in their mother -in -law.

In this way, I retired again and again, and the gift was not collected, the dowry was as old, and I was decorated. Even Wu Gang proposed that in order to give the old couple a sense of security, the house wrote his parents’ name.A promised.

I thought my efforts would move their family and get along well with me.

But the reality gave me a slap.


After marriage, Wu Gang and I had a two -person world, but it was very sweet.

But a year later, I was pregnant. It should have been a happy event, but it became the fuse of the contradiction between me.

In the second month I found out of pregnancy, Wu Gang sat next to me and looked at me.

I was a little curious and handed him half of the peeled orange, "What’s wrong? Why?"

Wu Gang took the orange and ate a pet. "Baby, my mother, she heard that you are very happy when you are pregnant, saying … saying that I want to come and take care of you."

"What am I still, Mom is willing to take care of me, I’m too happy to come."

Wu Zheng seems to be relieved, "Baby, what are you talking about?"

"of course it’s true."

I was still thinking about why he was so strange today, he already hugged me.

"The baby is the best! Tomorrow you will accompany me to the station to pick up my parents."

"Tomorrow?" I stunned.

"Yes, I know that the baby will agree, so I bought them a ticket in advance."

"That … OK."

I promised, but my heart was a little unhappy.

Although he said that he had no opinion when his parents came, but he couldn’t do it without discussing it, and he took over his parents.

I couldn’t help thinking in my heart, what would he do if I disagree with his parents today?

Wu Gang looked at my face wrong and asked quickly, "Baby, are you angry?"

"I know I shouldn’t make my own claim. I bought a ticket for my parents without your consent, but …"

Seeing his guilty look, I was soft -hearted, thinking about seeing a trivial matter, and smiled at him.

"I’m not angry, it’s a bit tired."

Wu Gang is so relieved, "Then I help you back to the house to rest. Just as you go to bed early today, I will pick up my parents with me tomorrow."


I returned to the room and lay on the bed, thinking about the contradictions of those mother -in -law on the Internet, I was a little embarrassed, I couldn’t sleep around.

So that when Wu Gang called me up to pick up his parents the next morning, my two eyes were black like the national treasure panda.


Sitting in the car, I couldn’t help complaining, "How to buy so early tickets."

"Oh, their car arrived at noon. I was thinking about buying some gifts for them first."

"So, you pulled me up in the morning, just for this?"

I was a little angry. I was sleeping with pregnancy. In addition, I didn’t sleep well last night. Now I was sleepy. He actually shouted me to buy gifts.

This is not like Wu Gang I know at all.

When Wu Gang saw me a little angry, he laughed carefully, "Baby, I know you need to rest more with pregnancy now, but isn’t our parents come here for the first time?"

"Think about it, they received the gifts you selected by your own hands, so how happy is it?"

"Baby, I am also for you, isn’t this a good impression on our parents?"

In this case, I listened too much, and my ears were almost grinding the calluses.

But after all, it is not a big deal. For the children in the stomach, I can have a complete home. I still didn’t care about him, and said, "I know."

I don’t know if he didn’t see that I was still unhappy or pretended to be invisible. In short, he pulled me to the mall.

I picked a few pajamas for his parents, and then bought some daily necessities. They were about to leave, but he stopped in front of the cosmetics counter.

"What’s wrong?" I was a little puzzled, thinking that fucking seems to have no need for skin care, and use a can of friendly snow cream all year round.

"I want to buy a set of skin care products for my sister, she will be happy to receive it.]

I reflected instantly, and my tone was a little dissatisfied, "Do you mean your sister has come here this time?"

His sister Wu Guifang did not deal with me from knowing.

I sometimes do n’t understand how she always looks like to me. What always says, "You marry my brother, that’s your blessing, so you have to please me."

Because of this, I don’t like his sister, and I can even be said to be annoying.

This time she will follow, and Wu Gang did not discuss with me in advance. He knew that I did not deal with her!

I was aggrieved, but he didn’t find it and nodded with a smile.


My anger couldn’t hold it anymore, and asked again, "So, she wants to live in our house?"

Wu Gang found that I was angry and hurriedly smiled at me.

"Live! Just live! She came to the city to find a job. I immediately let her move away when I found a job!"

"She wants to come here to work?"

My tone with doubt, as far as Wu Guifang’s temperament was not convinced, it was just a junior high school degree. What good job can you find?

It ’s not that I look down on her, just like this kind of high -profile temperament, I am afraid that she will not survive in the city.

But then Wu Gang’s words made me softened.

"Baby, I know that my sister has a low academic degree and has no ability, but at the beginning, she was not studying in junior high school to graduate in junior high school. Now I have the ability … but she …"

Seeing him so blame, I sighed.

In the end, I still understand that it is not easy, and squeezed a smile, "Okay, I didn’t say anything, can you see this set?"

Speaking of me, I pointed to the basic set of boxes in front of me, thinking that Wu Guifang was only in his early twenties.


I thought he would be satisfied, but he frowned and pointed to the high -end model on the side.

"Let’s buy this set."

I looked at the price. A set of seven or eight thousand, even I was not willing to buy such a expensive one, but he actually opened his mouth to give his sister.

The fire that was pressed down again ignited, "Are your brains be funny? This set is seven or eight thousand yuan! Isn’t the mortgage car loan be repaid?

This is the first time I have had such a big temper with him. He froze and quickly coaxed me with hippie.

"Baby, don’t be angry, don’t I think so much?"

"In this way, we just buy the one you pick, are you optimistic?"

The person passing by, because I just shouted, I was curious to look at it here. I was shameful, and I was too lazy to care about him again, and snorted coldly, "Okay." Then let the Cabinet Sister put the set of sets of clothes.Get up.

After paying the money, I didn’t want to stay for a second, and I got into the parking lot and got into the car.

Wu Gang chased over and coaxed me carefully, "Baby, I really know wrong, don’t you get angry?"

"I … I also saw my sister never used good things, so … I wanted to send her a set."

"I don’t understand what your girl’s family, I didn’t look at the price, so …"

"Baby, don’t you get angry, okay?"

He kept apologizing to me. I sighed, and after all, I still ignored him and glared at him.

"Don’t hurry to the station, you pick up your parents and your sister?

When Wu Gang saw me loose, he played a live treasure, and paid a gift towards me, "Follow, my queen!"

Usually he looks like this appearance, and he was laughed at by him, but today I have no mood to ignore him. I just said, "Hurry up." Then I leaned my head on the window and closed my eyes.Essence

Along the way, Wu Gang also tried to find a topic to talk to me, but I kept pretending to sleep and didn’t want to respond. I was worried that after his parents and sisters came, would I really live with them peacefully.

Soon at the train station, Wu Gang took me to pick up the station. After waiting for a while, his parents and sisters walked out.

"Dad, mom, Gui Fang." I asked with them with a smile.

Wu Gang’s parents were okay, and enthusiastically greeted me. His mother complained that Wu Gang, "Xiaoxiao is pregnant, what do you toss her?"

I listened to my heart very comfortable, but when I got to Wu Guifang, she still looked at me with a tall look, and even the "um" was squeezed out of the nose seam.

Knowing what kind of person she was, I was too lazy to take care of her, but just followed Wu Gang with a smile.

Wu Gang hadn’t seen them for a long time, as if there was something endless. Even the distance from the parking lot, he kept talking, and completely forgotten that there was such a person.

I followed silently, and there was even an illusion. They were a family, and I was just a passerby.

When he got on the car, Wu Guifang began to be a demon again, and had to sit in the position of the co -pilot.

"Gui Fang, I am a little motion sick, and now I am pregnant, and it will be even more uncomfortable to sit behind. Can you make you a co -driving next time?"

I made a reason with her, but she was entangled with me, holding her waist, pointing at my nose, and a full -fledged vixen.

"Who hasn’t broken the pregnancy yet! I don’t care, I will take the co -pilot today! This is my brother’s car!"

I frowned and wanted to get angry, but before I spoke, Wu Gang’s mother dragged Wu Guifang over.

"What’s going on with your child? Your sister -in -law is pregnant, don’t make trouble here! Don’t hurry up and apologize to your sister -in -law!"

When Wu Guifang saw her mother’s fire, she didn’t dare to make any noise. She lowered her head and said reluctantly, "I’m sorry." The voice was not much bigger than a mosquito.

Seeing that I was still stretched, Wu Gang’s fucking looked apologetically holding my hand, "Xiaoxiao, my daughter was spoiled by me and her dad, and there was no weight to speak.","

She said that. If I continue to be deadlocked, I don’t seem to understand the courtesy. In addition, Wu Gang also said, "Yeah, Xiaoxiao, don’t see it with children."

Even if I was reluctant, I nodded with a smile, and Wu Gang helped me to sit down.

Then their family got on the car and drove home all the way.


I took Wu Gang and Wu Guifang upstairs, and he and his dad were responsible for carrying luggage upstairs.

When I was arranged in the room, I was still feeling. Fortunately, I didn’t listen to Wu Gang at the time. I checked and bought three rooms and one living room, otherwise I would really not be able to live.

Wu Guifang originally wanted to be a demon, and wanted to live in the master bedroom of Wu Gang. Fortunately, her mother was stopped in time, so she went to the guest bedroom.

After all arranged, I came to the kitchen and wanted to study what to eat at night.

I originally wanted to take Wu Gang’s parents and sister to eat, but his parents felt waste and resolutely wanted to eat at home.

Fortunately, Wu Gang has always been cooking, and I have not opposed it.

But as soon as I arrived at the kitchen, a strong smell rushed into my nose. My throat eyes suddenly came out of a sour water, and I couldn’t control and ran to the bathroom to vomit.

Wu Gang heard my vomiting sound, and hurriedly put down the luggage in his hand and ran over, reached out and patted my back, and had a concern.

"What’s the matter? Why did you spit it up again?"

I didn’t have time to return to him, but I kept vomiting. After a while, I stopped it until I vomited bitter water.

After taking the warm water he handed over and taking a sip of mouthwash, he slowed over and asked him, "What is the stinky thing in the kitchen?"

Wu Gang suddenly realized, "You say that, that’s the big sauce brewed by my mother, saying it brings you an adopter!"

Is that the legendary farm sauce?

I swallowed my mouth, so delicious I couldn’t stand it, and quickly waved his hand towards him. "Don’t, I’m pregnant, I can’t stand it when I smell it.? "

After hearing it, Wu Gang disagreed and said, "This thing is smelling stinky and eating fragrant, just to make a reason with the durian you like to eat. Besides, our mother deliberately brought you.Sad."

"But I …"

Before I had time to say, Wu Gang’s fucking had come out, and he said in his mouth: "Xiaoxiao, I deliberately give you a special specialty of my hometown, and I will do it for you in a while."

After speaking, I didn’t wait for me to open, and I ran directly in the kitchen.

I thought about the first day of people, and before I had time to rest, I made me cooking for me. I was very moved. I said, "Thank you mom."

She also waved her hand towards me, "What are you welcome to mother? You lie back to the house, just wait for meals!"

"That troubled mom."

"Not trouble, no trouble, hurry up and enter the house, you support Xiaoxiao in Gangzi."

I followed Wu Gang back to the room, and I didn’t forget to tell him, "Don’t let your mother put that farm sauce!"

Wu Gang repeatedly assured me that he would never let his mother use it, so I rest assured, lying on the bed, waiting for dinner.


But when I got on the table and looked at the dishes on the table, the familiar odor poured into my nose again, but it was stronger than just, this time I didn’t vomit.

I quietly kicked Wu Gang under the table, scolded in my heart, and said that I would not let it go.

"Xiaoxiao, try this sauce eggplant, it’s delicious!"

Wu Gang fucking said that he put it in my bowl, and I frowned like a rival.

I was really conflict about this farm sauce, especially after I was pregnant, but looking at her expectations, I still barely took a bite.

It’s okay not to eat it. This sip, even the smell in the mouth, and the stomach acid can no longer control the surge. I hurriedly got up and ran to the toilet, vomiting.

Wu Gang hurried over to apologize to me, "Baby, I don’t know if you respond so much … Don’t you get angry?"

I don’t have to think about it. I know that this is the matter that I can’t let go of the farm sauce at all.

The grievances in my heart couldn’t control it again. They stood up and pushed him away, rinsed my mouth, and didn’t eat the meal. I turned myself in the room and let him shout, and I didn’t want to ignore it.

He shouted for a while, and listened to his mother, "Gangzi, come here for dinner first, just leave some food for Xiaoxiao for a while."

I sneered in the room, who I vomited like this?She actually shouted his son to eat it first.

What made me even more angry was that Wu Gang really didn’t knock on the door and shouted me again, saying, "Know Mom." Then he didn’t move.

I was sullen and decided not to forgive him easily this time, but I don’t know if I didn’t sleep well last night, or because I was sleepy because of pregnancy itself, I fell asleep lying down.

When I woke up, it was already midnight, and it was empty around me. Then I remembered that I locked the door. Wu Gang couldn’t get in.

After thinking about it, I got up and opened the door of the room. I saw that he was leaning on the wall next to the bedroom and dozing off. Seeing that I came out and stood up, "Xiaoxiao, are you willing to come out? Don’t be angry?"

"What are you doing here?"

"I … I’m afraid you can’t find me in the middle of the night, thinking that you can see me when you open the door, just …"

Wu Gang looked at me sincerely. I was soft again, but I had no temper, and glanced at him. "Don’t you go to the house to sleep? Don’t go to work tomorrow?"

He entered the house with me, and I was sleepy again. I had no mood to ignore his pleasure, and I fell asleep again.


Early the next morning, I was awakened by the voice of "Dang Dang Dang", covering my ears to continue to sleep again, and I heard Wu Gang shouted with a fucking voice, "Gangzi, I Xiao Xiao eats and eats.! "

Wu Gang heard his body quickly and shouted outside the door, "I know." Then he pushed me again, "Xiaoxiao, get up, our mother has made a good meal."

I got up very seriously and listened to him calling me. I was irritable in my heart. I thought that my mother -in -law came to make breakfast on the first day.

The dining table is filled with a variety of breakfast and has a strong Northeast taste.

Buns, flower rolls, bean curds, tofu brain, fritter …

I usually love to eat these, but when I smell the familiar odor again, I can no longer control it.

"Don’t you say don’t take this?"

I stared at Wu Gang, thinking that he must be afraid of his mother, so he didn’t mention it.

"Baby, don’t be angry, I will take it down."

Wu Gang carefully accompanied me with a smile, and then took the plate of farm sauce.

Then I sat next to the table, picked up chopsticks and clamped a bun to eat, but after a bite, my brows frowned.

Leek eggs!

My fetus is not very stable, so the doctor deliberately told that he must not eat leeks and other foods that can shrink the uterus.

I put a bite in Wu Gang bowl, and then said to his mother, "Mom, the next time you make a leek filling, tell me, the doctor will not let me eat."

Originally, I just thought about reminding, but Wu Guifang on the side did not do it, and he fell the chopsticks on the table with a "snap".

"I said what’s going on? My mother got up for you in the morning. You still have so many things? Why do you become a grandmother if you are pregnant?"

I did not expect Wu Guifang to suddenly cause trouble. After a second, when I reacted to the attack, Wu Gang’s mother had already come out of the kitchen and pushed her.

"What’s going on with your child? Don’t talk about it! Eat your meals!"

"Mom! I’m not fighting for you!" Wu Guifang shouted towards her mother, with a grievance.

"I can’t help you, if you are willing to eat, you can eat it quickly. If you don’t want to eat, you will go back to the house and stay.

Where did Wu Guifang suffer this grievance? As soon as he patted the table, "I won’t eat it!" Turned and returned to the room.

After a trouble, I suddenly lost my appetite. I only drank a few tofu brains, and then returned to the house.


Wu Gang went to work after having breakfast, and because I was serious about pregnancy, I resigned and was at home to give birth at home.

I was very happy at home at home, but now I have a few more people at home, but I am unhappy.

Coincidentally, my girlfriend Qin Yan called and asked me if I wanted to go shopping together, so I didn’t think about it.

I cleaned it up briefly. I said with Wu Gang’s mother, and then went out of the door, but who knew the parking space, then I remembered that I did not bring the car key.

It is said that it is really true for three years!

Helplessly, I could only return to the key to picking up the car, walked to the door, and as soon as I was about to open the door, I heard the voice of Wu Gang’s mother and Wu Guifang.

"Do you still get angry with your mother?"

"Huh! You feel distressed, Chen Xiaoxiao, go to her as your daughter!"

"You child! Didn’t I look at her with pregnancy before she said in front of her? You are the same, which time Mom does not hurt you the most?"

When I heard this, I retracted the hand who was about to open the door, and heard Wu Gang’s mother continue to say, "This Chen Xiaoxiao is really true. Before I looked at the docile and well -behaved, I was pregnant with a cat.Seeing her child with our old Wu family, can I get used to her? "

"I want to say, you shouldn’t agree with my brother to marry her at first! This is how to marry a daughter -in -law, this is to marry a ancestor back! You didn’t see my brother in front of her, and the atmosphere did not dare to come out?"

"If I didn’t look at her silly money at first, not only did I not have gifts, houses, but also would pay for the decoration. Can I let your brother marry her?"

The more I feel, the more I feel chills. The relationship she is good for me is all pretending to be, but I have always regarded me as an injustice?

I don’t want to listen again, push the door, I didn’t look at them. I walked straight to the bedroom and took the car key.


Come to the mall she made up with Qin Ying, she was already standing there and waited for me. Seeing that I was here and ran over.

"Xiaoxiao, what’s wrong with you? Why is your face so ugly?"

I smiled bitterly, "My father -in -law and aunt are here."

Qin Yan grew up at a moment, "What are you talking about? Why are they here? Did they bully you!"

"It’s hard to say a word, find a quiet place to tell you."


In the dim coffee shop, in the unconscious corner, I told Qin Yan what happened yesterday from yesterday.

Qin Yan was a bad temper. After listening to it, he filled his chest and filled with his chest.

I hurriedly stopped her and sighed, "Ran Ran, I … I want to divorce …"

This is the first time that I have been married for the first time in my marriage. It is ridiculous because of Wu Gang, but because of her mother -in -law and aunt.

I really can’t imagine how I get along with them after recognizing them.

I even think about what role Wu Gang plays in the end, is it unknown or involved in it …

Qin Yan was obviously scared by my words, and looked at me with wide eyes, "Xiaoxiao … are you serious?"

"I have no idea…"

I lowered my head, reached out and touched my lower abdomen, and was tangled.

If I really divorce, what should the baby in the belly do?

"Xiaoxiao, no matter what you make, I will support you!"

Qin Yan pulled my hand and looked at me distressedly.

"苒苒 …"

I couldn’t help the grievances of my heart anymore. I cried with her and cried for a long time. Then I looked up and wiped my tears.

"Nice to have you."

"Stupid girl, you will not let yourself be so wronged next time!"


For children, I still did not choose to divorce.

I talked to Qin Yan for a while, and I was not in a mood to go shopping. She wanted to drive home, but she didn’t worry about me alone, so she put the car in the parking lot, and then drove me back home.

She wanted to accompany me upstairs, but I was afraid that she was impulse to quarrel for me, so she went upstairs.

Pushing the house, I saw their family sitting on the sofa watching TV, and the seeds were lost.

I frowned and didn’t speak, and went back to the bedroom directly.

When Wu Gang saw my gloomy face, he quickly followed me into the bedroom.

"Baby, what’s wrong? The face is so ugly, is it tired to go shopping today?"

He knocked on my legs diligently, but the slightly open wardrobe attracted my attention.

I clearly remember that when I left, the wardrobe door was closed!

I pushed Wu Gang away, and came to the closet quickly, and saw my clothes messy, and there was also my favorite high -dong dress disappeared.

I stared at Wu Gang’s somewhat guilty face, "What’s going on?"

"Inside … Gui Fang said that she was going to interview without clothes, I just …"

I interrupted him, glaring at him, "So you let her turn my wardrobe?"

Wu Gang was lowered by me, and his face was guilty, "Baby … I … you know, Gui Fang came to the city for the first time to find a job … so …"


I was not in the mood to listen to his explanation again, because I noticed that my jewelry box was also opened, and there were few few pieces of jewelry. The most important thing was that my mother’s jade bracelet left me before my death was gone!

It’s so bully!

I couldn’t control my anger in my heart anymore, rushed out, and pulled Wu Guifang’s hand, "Say, do you take my jade bracelet!"

She was startled by me, and after reacting, she shook off my hand.

"You have something wrong, who is rare to take your things!"

"Okay! You didn’t take it, I want to see if you take it!"

I rushed into her room and looked at it. Sure enough, in her drawer, I saw the jade bracelet left by my mother.

"Chen Xiaoxiao! Why do you turn my things!"

Wu Guifang rushed in and shouted towards me, and I sneered at her with a jade bracelet, "Do you still have a face to ask me why?

She clamped her waist, "You … my brother asked me to take it! I didn’t steal it! Besides, isn’t it just using you a bracelet? What’s rare!"

I was speechless, turned around and wanted to go, but she took me a loss and pulled me. "Don’t go, you just want to forget it after you scold? You tell me to tell me clearly! "

In the middle, the jade bracelet in my hand fell to the ground and fell into several sections.

I picked up the broken jade bracelet, burned in the anger, and gave her a slap to "slap".

She covered her face and pointed at me, "You … you dare to hit me!" Then pushed me down.

I feel the pain from the abdomen, the painful pain spreads like a snake, as if something is lost in the body little by little.

When Wu Gang came in, he saw me falling on the ground, covering my stomach and moaning.


I was taken to the hospital and then pushed the operating room.

Looking at the dazzling operating light, I heard the cruel words in the doctor’s mouth.

"The uterine rupture of bleeding, we need to remove the uterus for you now."

I have no children and lost the opportunity to be a mother.

After being launched in the operating room, I was lying on the bed, my eyes were desperate, and my mouth murmured, "A call, I want to call the police!"

"What police? Xiaoxiao, Gui Fang is not intentional."

Wu Gang was sitting aside, looking at my eyes a little dissatisfied.

I ignored her, just looked at Wu Gang, hoping that he could be the master for me, but he just sighed. "Xiaoxiao, Mom is right, Gui Fang is not intentional, you don’t care about her","

"Isn’t it intentional? Don’t care about it? Wu Gang, she killed our children! She also deprived me of my mother’s right. Now tell me not to care about her?"

I shouted to him crazy, but he was indifferent and said to me, "Xiaoxiao, can you calm down? The child is sad, but the matter is already like this, you still miss meHow about it?"

His fucking also echoed: "That’s it! Gui Fang is still a child, do you have to compare the same child?"

The words of their knives are generally tied to my heart, and it also made me see the family completely, and no longer bless them any trace of expectations.

I closed my eyes and didn’t speak anymore. I firmly wanted to divorce and let Wu Guifang pay the price.

But before that, I would like to bring back everything that belonged to me!

That night, Wu Gang’s mother took Wu Guifang to go home first. Wu Gang left to take care of me and told me a bunch of good words, but I was too lazy to respond to him.

The next day, Wu Gang excused that the company had an urgent matter and then left.

I was hospitalized for ten days, and they never looked at me again.

But this is good, and I am too lazy to see them.

During this period, I contacted Qin Yan and told her that I was hospitalized and asked her to see me.

After she saw me, I told her what happened. After hearing it, she was going to find Wu Gang’s family desperately and was stopped by me.

"Ran Ran, don’t be impulsive, I must report it, but before that, I would like to bring back the things that belonged to me!"

Qin Yan calmed down when he heard me say this, "What do you want to do?"

"Help me find a job, and then find a trustworthy lawyer, I want to consult something."

"Okay, I will contact you when I go back."

"Also, don’t tell my dad in advance when I was hospitalized, I said to him when I was discharged." I told me.

My dad’s heart was not good. I was really afraid that he knew that I was hospitalized and something would happen. After all, he was my only relative.



Soon, I went out of the courtyard. I came to pick me up, and she sent me home.

I didn’t let Qin Yan go upstairs, for fear that she couldn’t help it, and conflict with the people of the Wu family.

I opened the door and saw that their family was sitting there for a meal. Wu Gang was surprised to see me back.

"Xiaoxiao, aren’t you discharged tomorrow?"

Oh, even the man who can’t remember the days of discharge, I really don’t know how I used to see him!

I ignored him and went straight into the bedroom.

I heard that he might want to follow, and then fucking rebuked his voice, "What do you care about her? A woman who can’t even give birth to a child, you are not divorced with her, even if you can afford her, she still has a face to make her temperament.Is it? "

I can’t give birth to a child, not all the daughters given by her daughter?

I sneered, held up and rushed out to tear the urge to tear her mouth, and began to count the property of my marriage with Wu Gang.

In fact, I do n’t have much common property with him, basically I brought from my mother’s house.

In the past, I didn’t want to count too much, but now that I have decided to divorce now, then I can’t let him take advantage at all.

His salary was not enough to pay a mortgage, and the living expenses were supported by my previous savings.

house!Yes, there are houses!

Thinking of this, I found the documents left in the decoration again, and the monitoring recorded in the room. Wu Guifang pushed my evidence and copied it on my phone.

After packing all of them, I went out again and drove back to my dad’s house.

My dad was a little surprised when I saw me back, and teased me with a smile, "How did the little princess be willing to come back?"

The moment I saw my dad, I couldn’t restrain it again, and I rushed into his arms, "Dad! I want to divorce Wu Gang!"

My dad was froze, "What’s wrong? How can I divorce? Was Wu Gang’s kid bullying you?"


I sobbing and told Wu Gang’s family to do with my dad. Seeing that my dad was angry, I quickly comforted him.

"Dad, don’t be angry, I will make them regret it!"

"I have already planned, I will not return to the Wu family recently."

It ’s good to say that after persuading for a long time, my dad’ s emotions gradually stabilized, and then I told him the revenge plan.

After listening, my dad smiled and smiled, "My little princess has grown up!"


The next day, I went to meet the lawyers introduced to me by Qin Yan.

What I didn’t expect was that she introduced me to her brother Qin Wenyan.

I watched the man sitting in the coffee shop, wearing a suit, with a golden frame eyes, walked over and sat down with a smile, and said, "Brother Wenyan, see it for a long time."

He also looked at me with a smile, "I haven’t seen you for a long time."

In fact, Qin Wenyan was my first love boyfriend. At that time, if he had not suddenly studied abroad, I would not meet Wu Gang …

"I helped you order Cabakino, I remember you like to drink this."

I came back to God, "Do you remember?"

I sat opposite him and felt a little embarrassed for a while.

He has always been the white moonlight in my heart, and I really don’t want to say these bad things.

I was still thinking about whether to find a reason to leave, and then asked Qin Yan to help me find a lawyer again. He was like seeing through me.

"Xiaoxiao, you don’t have to feel embarrassed. You told me that you should feel ashamed.

In his eyes, there was a hidden anger, and I was suddenly relieved.

Yeah, it shouldn’t be me!

I have adjusted my emotions, and I didn’t think about it anymore, staring straight at his eyes, "Brother Wenyan, I need you to help me!"

"I am willing to serve you, my beautiful little princess."

This sentence instantly made me seem to return to the past. I remember that every time I asked him, he would answer me like this.

I talked to him for a long time, and at the same time made a plan, then I told him to say goodbye.

This time I didn’t go back to my dad’s house, but went back to Wu Gang’s house.

When Wu Gang saw me back, he thought I changed his mind and quickly greeted, "Baby, you are back, you are not here these days, I can’t even sleep well."

When I listened to him, I felt disgusting, but with a smile on his face, he pulled him into the bedroom.

"Didn’t you want to change the car always? I went home these days, and finally he agreed."

"Baby, do you say it? You go home for the past few days, not because of the birth of me, but to let our dad change the car for me?" Wu Gang was full of joy and couldn’t hide.

Laugh, I think you can be proud.

I spoiled, "Otherwise, you think."

After speaking, I pretended to be a bit embarrassed, and I wanted to speak, "But …"

"But what?" Wu Gang hurriedly asked.

I sighed again, "The car you see more than one million, but my dad just happened to add investment recently, so the mobile funds in my hand were a little worse …"

Seeing that the ducks that had flew, Wu Gang was anxious, "What should I do?"

"It’s not that there is no way … that is …"

"What is it? You just say ah!" Baby! "

I was almost seen, and then said, "I remember your uncle and the second uncle who built the house at that time, all of which he could borrow the money borrowed. I calculated that their money was repaid.The car is sold, it is enough. "

"Oh, of course, if you are embarrassed, then, then, it will be okay when my dad’s funds are turned around."

I retired, and it turned out that Wu Gang hooked up, and quickly waved his hand, "No .. No difficulty! I will call them to repay them for a while, after all, this money has been owed for several years!"

After speaking, I looked at me a little uneasy, "Baby, our dad really promised me to change the car?"

"Of course, the money has been transferred to me, don’t believe it?" I glanced at him as he said.

He watched several zero balances, and opened his face and said, "I’ll call now!" Then he went out to call.

After a while, he returned to the bedroom again. "Baby, I have already said to the uncle and the second uncle, they will turn the money over tomorrow!"

I "um." Then I told: "Let them go directly to my account, and save the return limit on the back and forth."

Wu Gang was immersed in the fantasy of the new car, and he didn’t doubt him. He nodded and agreed, "I will send your account!"


The next day, I was awakened by the text message early in the morning.

Don’t you say that there is no money before?How to mention the new car so fast?

I looked around, Wu Gang was absent, and it was estimated that he went to work and called him.

"Big Bo and Er Bo’s money arrived. When do you see when you sell your car, and then we can pick up the car."

"Okay, but it’s hard to find a buyer at this moment."

Wu Gang was anxious to pick up the car, and in the middle of my arms, I pretended to be suddenly remembered. "By the way, Qin Yitou mentioned with me for two days, saying that there was a friend who was in the model of your car.Ask her? "

Wu Gangba couldn’t quickly sell the new car and agreed.

I hung up the phone with a smile, and then dialed Qin Yan’s phone, "Affurate according to the plan."

I looked at the time, and after more than four hours, I called Wu Gang again, and told him that the other party had to watch the car first.

He also thoughtfully said that he was not good at going to work.

To this end, he boasted that I was considerate, and I wanted to vomit a bite.

I took Qin Yan and her friends who were looking for in advance to Wu Gang Company, and then called Wu Gang to call Wu Gang.

Qin Yan’s friends pretended to look around the car for a long time, and then came to us.

"What is the appearance of this car, but … I have had an accident before? I think this car paint is not like the original car paint."

This was what I told him in advance, but Wu Gang didn’t know, and thought he really knew the car, and nodded again and again.

In this way, under the bargain of Qin Yan’s friends, the car was sold at a price below 50,000 below the second -hand market price.

The time for signing the contract to pay for the contract, Qin Yan took her friend to leave, and I stayed.

I looked at him and frowned, "Why are you so refreshing? You promise? This is okay, it is nearly 100,000 yuan worse than I expected!"

He didn’t seem to be so much worse, his face collapsed, and he quickly pulled my hand, "Baby, I didn’t think so much, and my friends who thought about Qin Yan would not lie to me.What should I do? "

Looking at his anxious stomach, my heart was happy, but my face looked difficult. "Don’t worry, really can’t …" Then pretended to be a fierce heart.My dad has a return of funds and let him make up for me. "

Wu Gang’s face was a joy first, and he was a little worried, "This … can you do it? Can our dad make up for us?"

"My dad is out of such a lot of money, will you still be worse than these 100,000 yuan?" I glanced at him, "If you don’t believe me, then I will return the money to my dad.It’s! "

When he saw me angry, he hurriedly smiled, "Baby, I just ask, don’t think about it! Blame me, make my baby angry!"

I turned my head and didn’t prepare to care about him.

He quickly coaxed me hippie with a hippie face, and finally I raised an eyebrow at him, "You can be angry if you want me, but …"

"But what? As long as the baby is not angry, let me do anything!"

"Then you buy me the bag I liked last time, don’t say everything, cure all diseases!"


Wu Gang hesitated. I know that he is painful. After all, I look at that bag more than 30,000.

"Unwilling? That’s it!"

I deliberately headed my face and turned around.

When he saw me angry, he quickly held me and continued to make a smile, "Baby, you see you are angry again, I don’t say unwilling! Our money is not all of you, you will buy it in a while!"

I smiled at this, and glared at him, "Isn’t it good to say so?"

When he saw me, he was relieved, "Okay, I have to go to work, if you are boring, go shopping, and then buy the favorite bag."

I happened to not want to continue perfunctory him again. Listening to him, he was naturally happy, nodded, and said, "Okay, don’t be too tired at work." Then he turned back to the car.

But seeing him in a hurry to run, I suddenly doubted.

His appearance is not like rushing back to work, more like he is afraid of being discovered.

Is he?

This is not God to help me too!I hurried to Qin Yan again, and asked her to help me find a private detective. After investigating, Wu Gang had something wrong recently.

After hanging up the phone, I went to the mall again, bought the bag I said, and bought some gold jewelry.

After spending a meal, I said that I wanted to buy a car 100,000. All my deposits and my deposits had been spent by me.


Soon, Wu Gang signed a contract with Qin Yan’s friends, and the money was cleared in person. Of course, the money also hit my account.

Immediately afterwards, I took Wu Gang to the 4S shop. Because I set the car in advance, I filed the car home directly.

Looking at Wu Gangle’s mouth, he was about to grin into his ears. I sneered and laughed, because you couldn’t laugh soon.

Because I went home with him, his third third was sitting on the sofa waiting for him.

At that time, I asked Qin Yan to help me check it. Within half an hour, she sent me the information.

I only knew that Wu Gang was carrying me long ago, and hooked up with a colleague named Feng Wei in the company, not only that, but also had children.

When I got the news, how could I let go of such a good opportunity, hurriedly arranged people to approach Feng Wei, coaxed her to come to the door, and forced Wu Gang to give her a name.

No, when I opened the door, I saw Wu Gang sitting beside Feng Wei, holding her hand with her hand, and looked like a kind eye.

Wu Gang was a little panicked, but I pretended not to know, and said with a smile, "Mom, this is this?"

Wu Gang’s fucking snorted, "Don’t call my mother! Since you see it, I’m too lazy to hide you. Xiao Wei already has a child of Gangzi. I advise you to divorce Gangzi!"

It’s really unloading and killing donkeys!

I sneered in my heart, but I pretended to look at Wu Gang with a difficult appearance on the face, "This … who she is!"

Obviously Wu Gang did not expect that Feng Wei would suddenly kill him, and for a long time there, so he hurriedly held my hand, "Baby, don’t listen to my mother’s nonsense, I … I …"

He also thought about sophistry, but his mother did not intend to give him this opportunity and directly interrupted his words.

"Gangzi, what are you still having her with her? She can not give birth to her, keeping her at home, it hinders my eyes!"

The atmosphere has been settled here, and I will be impolite without response.

I quickly pretended to be sad, and slapped Wu Gang as soon as Wu Gang slapped, "You! You bastard! We divorce!"

After speaking, I ran into the room and poured out what I had packed up long ago, and left the Wu family without returning.

It is ridiculous that Wu Gang, who had just vowed to me, did not chase it, and even called me no cry.


I got on my luggage and got into the car, and I couldn’t help laughing again. I hummed Xiaoqu and returned to my dad’s house.

After a few days, I did not forget to send some romance compositions to Wu Gang. When he started, he would reply to me and say what he would not leave me, and would deal with Feng Wei as soon as possible.

But gradually, he no longer responded to my news and knew that after disappearing for several days, he suddenly called me.

Just be sorry for you, Xiaoxiao! "

Hearing this news, I forced to let myself laugh without laughing, "What are you talking about?"

"I’m sorry for you! We … divorce …"


"Tomorrow I will go to your house to pick you up?"

He was really anxious, but I was too lazy to drag it again.

"No, let’s see the Civil Affairs Bureau at nine o’clock." After that, I hung up the phone, otherwise I was really afraid that I couldn’t help laughing.

That night, I fell asleep the sweetest consciousness in history, and then I was neatly dressed the next day and then went to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Wu Gang had waited at the door, and Feng Wei followed him, seeing me looking at me provocatively.

I’m too lazy to ignore her, after all, she is pitiful enough to marry Wu Gang who has nothing.

"Xiaoxiao you are here."

"Um." I responded, "Let’s go, since you have decided, don’t delay time."


He and I entered the Civil Affairs Bureau, and Feng Wei stood at the door and waited.

The divorce procedure was very smooth. When the property was divided, he looked at me with guilt. "Xiaoxiao, we have no deposit, and there is nothing to divide the property?"

This is the one who listened to the hundreds of thousands of miles away!

I raised an eyebrow, "Why not? We haven’t divided the car and the house yet."

He froze, "The house is named in my parents.

What he thought was beautiful, I smiled coldly, "The house is right in your parents’ name, but the decoration is from my marriage. The mortgage is returned with you after my marriage, so you have to pay me money.Give me the value -added part. "

After pause, I continued: "As for the car, I drive this car now that I am a dowry. It belongs to my pre -marital property. The car you drive now is the common property of our husband and wife, so you have to give me half of the price."

Obviously Wu Gang didn’t expect that I was so clear with him, his face was irony, "Xiaoxiao, our husband and wife, do you have to make trouble?"

I sneered, "Who is going to be so ugly?"

"Oh, by the way, 900,000 in this car borrowed from my dad. If you debt, I can share half with you, so you can pay back 450,000 to my dad."

After that, I took a list from the bag and handed it over. "This is the all costs and details you need to pay me. I hope you can perform as soon as possible, otherwise I will call my lawyer to sue you."

"Of course, in order to avoid your account, I will drive away for a while to prevent you from transferring assets."

Speaking, while he hadn’t returned to God, he directly took the car key in his hand, and then turned out of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Qin Wenyan saw me out. From my car, I threw the car key to him, "Help me drive home."

"Followed, my distinguished little princess."

After speaking, I got into the car before and after, and Yang Chang went away after starting.


Wu Gang kept calling me along the way, and I hung up directly until I got home before I connected the phone.

"Chen Xiaoxiao! I didn’t expect you to be this insidious and cunning woman! You count me!"

Wu Gang’s roar was anxious, and I frowned. It wasn’t until he had no sound, and I said. "Isn’t the divorce you request?"

"Then I will not divorce! Money, don’t want to get it! I just consume you like this!"

"Hehe." I laughed and laughed at his innocence. "Wu Gang, you are derailed in your marriage, and you have a child with Feng Wei. Even if you do not agree with divorce, I can go to the court to sue divorce. At that time, you should give me me.I still give me a lot, think about it yourself! "

I hung up the phone, then pulled him directly, and sent a message to him V. "I have my account. You have the money to my account within three days, otherwise I will go to the court to sue you for the crime of getting married."

Then I pulled him directly to the V letter and pulled Qin Wenyan to accompany my dad to drink.

On the third day, Wu Gang hit the money to my account. I called the phone call and asked, "There is still the money of the car, you owe my dad’s money without giving me the money."

Wu Gang’s rushing voice came from the phone on the phone, "Chen Xiaoxiao, don’t be too much! I really can’t get so much money! In order to give you money, my parents have sold my hometown house.How about it?"

"I? I want my car money and the money you owe my dad."

"You!" Wu Gang was so angry that when I thought he was going to hang up the phone, he suddenly said again. "I don’t have a car money, so you can take the car away.Crimes for a big deal! "

Sure enough, he was scared, I "huh." A smile, "Okay, when will I transfer the rest of the divorce procedures by the way?"


He answered this time, and I said with a smile, "Okay." Then he hung up the phone.

The next day, everything went well. I went through the divorce procedures with him first, and then took the car to my name.

Before leaving, I didn’t see him again, and left a sentence, "I hope Wu Guifang likes me to give her gifts." Then he turned away without a souvenir.


Soon, the Wu family knew what the gift I gave to Wu Guifang was.

That’s right, I pushed her to my video to the Internet, and specially invited dozens of large V to make a repost.

The video quickly fermented, and even ranked first in the hot search rankings. The Wu Guifang family was also meaty by netizens.

At this time, the Wu Guifang family must have wanted to call me and scold me, but it is a pity that I have changed the contact information and moved the house with my father.

Next, the incident was fermented for more than a month. I calculated that the Wu Guifang family was estimated to have become the street mouse and everyone shouted, and then went to the police again.

Then, with the help of Qin Wenyan, Wu Guifang officially sued Wu Guifang.

In court, I saw the Wu Gang family again. They were full of face. Wu Gang’s parents even pointed at my nose and yelled, saying that I was a funeral star, but I didn’t care because they were quickly asked by the court police to askAfter going out, waiting for them should be detention.

Because of the sufficient evidence I provided, this lawsuit attracted the attention of millions of netizens.

"The defendant Wu Guifang was guilty of intentional injuries and became the plaintiff Ms. Chen’s serious injury. Therefore, Wu Guifang was sentenced to seven years in prison and compensated the plaintiff Ms. Chen’s mental loss and medical expenses of 150,000 yuan."

Wu Guifang was punished by the deserved. In order to give her money, the Wu Gang family sold me and his wedding room.

Wu Gang had such a scandal, and his work was naturally lost.

Later, I heard that Feng Wei did not marry him. Instead, he beat the child and turned to find a rich man.

Later, the Wu Gang family completely disappeared from my world, and I also invested in work.

Three years later, my birthday, Qin Yan asked me to go out.

In the moonlight, she smiled mysteriously towards me, and then put on a black eye cover for me. I was puzzled, but she said to me, "I prepared surprises for you."

Listening to her, I didn’t ask again, she was pulled forward by her, and then she stopped and took off my eye mask.

Fireworks were ignited, and the sky was gorgeous.

I looked up, smiling at the corner of my mouth, and saw Qin Wenyan wearing a white suit, holding flowers and rings to me, kneeling on one knee.

"Xiaoxiao, are you willing to marry me as a wife? I am willing to protect you for a lifetime, and no longer hurt you at all."

"I am willing!"

I looked at him, with tears in my eyes, a happy tears.

He gently put on the ring for me, and then thought of getting married for a song, and everyone pushed the cake and gift out of the dark.

"Xiaoxiao, happy birthday!"

"Happy birthday, Xiaoxiao!"

In everyone’s blessings, I was embraced by Qin Wenyan in my arms. "Xiaoxiao, thank you for being willing to marry me."

I looked at him and laughed, "Fool."

I hugged and kissed him in the moonlight. It’s good. Although some late, I still met you!


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