The aunt can’t always promote the fast menstruation as scheduled?Teach you 3 tricks "Resting the Scriptures"

I believe that most women love and hate the "big aunt". They are weak and uncomfortable. They are uncomfortable.

In fact, the aunt of women is fixed for a few days per month, but some women’s menstruation is either delayed or early.

Why can’t the "aunt" always come as scheduled?

There are many reasons for the delay of women’s menstruation, such as mental stimuli, diet weight loss, irregular work and rest, drug impact, abortion abortion, etc., can cause female endocrine dysfunction, thereby irregular menstruation, and even delay.

Generally speaking, women’s menstruation is normal within 7 days.

When menstruation is delayed, it is recommended to observe for 1-2 days, or go to the hospital for a detailed check to clear the cause of menstruation delay.

How can "Auntie" report on time every month?Is there any way to promote menstruation quickly?If the possibility of pregnancy is eliminated, try these 3 "promotion methods"!

First trick: Chinese medicine

Menstruation is delayed and failed to arrive as scheduled. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the blood is mostly caused by blood and qi stagnation. We can take Ai Fu Nuangong Pills and Jiawei under the guidance of the doctor according to our specific circumstances.Xiaoyao San, Seven -made Xiangfu Pills, Motherwort particles and other Chinese patent medicines such as promoting blood circulation and stasis, warm palace regulating menstruation to promote menstruation fast.

In addition, pay attention to keep warm, do not expose the skin too much, do not eat cold food.

Second trick: hormone medicine

Hormone drugs can be used to promote fast menstruation, such as progesterone soft capsules, ground alter tablets, etc., which can make the thickened endometrium loss of hormone support and further induce menstrual tide.

It should be noted that these are hormone drugs. Before taking, you should consult the physician in detail, formulate a plan in combination with your own situation, and avoid blindly taking it.

The third trick: acupoint massage

It can stimulate acupoints to stimulate the regulatory effect of its meridians, achieve the role of promoting endometrial generation, falling off, strengthening uterine contraction, and promoting menstrual tide.

There are more commonly used pollution points, which are located on the back of the thumbs of both hands. On the central line of the first section, there are three acupoints, which are called "pollution points".The method of kneading stimulates this acupoint to promote the fast point of menstruation. In addition to this acupoint, acupuncture points such as Qihai, Guan Yuan, and Sanyinjiao also have a certain effect.

Reminder: Generally speaking, the menstrual cycle is normal within 21 ~ 35 days, and there is no need to intervene in artificial intervention. However, if menstruation is postponed more than 7 days, it may cause serious consequences such as amenorrhea, premature ovarian failure and even infertility.

Therefore, women must develop a good habit of recording menstruation in daily life. When the menstrual period is irregular and long -term extension of the future, timely pay attention, go to the hospital to find out the cause, and treat it under the guidance of a doctor.


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