The artist scraping photo was shocked to the netizen doctor reminded: It is best not to scrape these people

Recently, the female star Zhong Xinzheng posted a picture after scraping on Weibo. In the picture, her back was red, and the text said that "the whole skin seems to be torn off."In life, many people like to use scraping to relieve pain to achieve the effect of soothing meridians. In this regard, the doctor reminds that scraping is generally changing in like a millet, but if the patient cannot bear the pain of scraping, then scrape it to the flushing shape.It is okay. Patients with blood diseases and skin diseases should not be scraped.

Some people are afraid of pain, and some people are willing to try

Not long ago, Zhong Xinzheng (Gillian) posted a scraping photo on Weibo.In the photo, Gillian’s entire back seemed to be burned, which was shocking.This photo caused people’s heated discussions on scraping. Some netizens worried that such scraping had hurt the skin.

Scraping is a type of foreign treatment.According to the theory of Chinese medicine meridians, through the stimulation of the skin of the human acupoints, it can relieve pain and unobstructed meridians.Scraping treatment is relatively wide, such as exterior body feelings, neck, shoulders, waist and leg pain, etc. Many people want to achieve the relief effect by scraping, so scraping has also become a good health care method for modern people.

A reporter from Tianfu Morning Post asked five citizens about five years old, and all five said that there was no scraping experience before.Kobayashi said that he saw this news, but he would not try to scrape it easily. "The photo looks a bit scary and can feel it painful." Xiao Xi, who was working in a media company, said that he did not reject the attempt. "I experienced it before.The traditional therapy of the three -nine stickers ‘Sanfu Post’, also listening to others that scraping has a certain relief effect on colds, neck and shoulder pain, "

What is the better?

Does scraping hurt?Is scraping safe?Many people have such questions when they first come into contact with scraping.According to Zeng Xuelian, the attending physician of the rehabilitation department of Chengdu Third Hospital, the scraping operation is simple. Use the scraping board to scrape or rub on the acupuncture points or skin on the skin. "Different. The light will appear flushed, and the same changes will occur in the more heavy, and the purple ecchymosis will appear more serious. "Dr. Zeng said," If you don’t force your sake, you can scrape the force when you face the face or health care scraping.The location is hot, just a little blush. "

Dr. Zeng introduced that scraping is generally used clinically to treat pain, cold and chronic fatigue syndrome. Many people believe that scraping is scraping on the neck and back. "In factThere are great differences. "It should be noted that" scraping parts are generally in places with more muscles, and the parts with hair cannot be scraped. "

The effect of scraping in summer is better?

Dr. Zeng introduced that in general, scraping will change in samples, but many people cannot stand the pain of scraping. "After all, scraping is still painful.It is not recommended to occur in ecchymosis. "For patients with severe condition and multiple scraping needs, Dr. Zeng reminded that this kind of change of millet generally requires 5-7 days to fade, so the next time scraping needsIt can only be carried out after the first time it is completely faded. "It is not recommended to scrape frequently.

There is no seasonal restriction, which means that scraping treatment can be performed all year round, but many people think that scraping will be more effective in summer."The temperature in summer is high and easy to sweat. After scraping, bathing, shirtlessness, and air conditioning will have a suitable effect." Dr. Zeng explained, "This is the wind and cold invasion of Chinese medicine to increase the condition.It is recommended that patients cover the scraping area with clothes to avoid blowing air conditioners and cold baths. "

Who are not suitable for scraping?

Although scraping is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy, we must first determine whether the other party can scrape it."Doing scraping in the hospital will communicate with the patients first to determine whether it can be treated. We have also encountered scraping and went to the hospital to treat it. Some even infected because of the skin damage."

There are also some precautions before and after scraping: before scraping, do not be full or hungry to ensure that the skin has no wounds; do not scrape in special periods such as excessive fatigue of the body; especially women, it is not suitable for scraping during pregnancy and menstrual periods;Bad people are prohibited from scraping; patients with chronic diseases should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

Terminal and neck strain of office workers

It is recommended to do more "deep shoulders" exercise

The age of patients with neck and lumbar spondylosis is getting smaller and smaller. "After treatment in the hospital, this part of patients can extend the efficacy by strengthening daily exercise. Scraping is only one of the methods of treatment.Avoid the disease. "

Dr. Zeng introduced that there are different exercise methods for different parts of the disease and muscle injury.Among them, the more common trapezius muscle strain, which is often referred to as the shoulder and neck strain, can generally be relieved by "deep shrugging".In daily life, there is also a type of cross -syndrome that often appears. "Patients with upper crossing syndrome are often mistaken for the back of the bow and contain their chests, which are actually caused by their heads unconsciously." Among themThe most likely "recruitment" with people who face computers for a long time. "Long -term maintenance of this posture will lead to relaxation of the back and lower back muscles, and the chest and neck muscles.improve."

Tianfu Morning Post reporter Duan Yan intern Lu Jiamin

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