The ancients who dream of dreaming and watching the stars are pregnant, no wonder all of them are extraordinary

Children will ask their parents a question: "Where did I come from?" The Chinese have always been subtle, so we are almost picked up by our parents on the river, roadside, grass, and even trash cans.(Since I was a child, I always thought that women would have children by themselves when they were at a certain age.Stunning.

Eat bird eggs and get pregnant

The ancestor of Yin Shang was called deed. His descendants could establish the Shang Dynasty, which shows that the deed is eliminated."Historical Records of Yin Benji" records that the mother of Qi is Jian Di, who is the daughter of Rong’s, and the second concubine of Emperor Yan.One day Jane Di went out to play. When "today’s weather is fine and light everywhere", I suddenly saw a mysterious bird flying over the top of her head.And not only flying over, but also a egg, falling in front of Jane Di.(Why do you always pass the bird’s dung from the top of my head?) Jian Di also grew his mouth, and whether it was a state protecting animals or not, he ate bird eggs.There was something wrong with this food, not because of unsanitary stomach, but pregnancy, so he gave birth to a deed, and his descendants founded the Yin Shang Dynasty.

Jane Di

"Historical Records of the Qin Benji" also records that the mother and daughter of the Qin Dynasty’s ancestors also became pregnant.This … that … try not to eat bird eggs as much as possible, especially the bird eggs falling from the sky, otherwise you can’t explain to your boyfriend.

Eat hail and get pregnant

The "Hou Han Book" records that the leader of the ancestors voted for Luhou (this is a personal name), who has joined the army for three years in the Huns, which is equivalent to serving military service in the Huns tribe.His wife gave him a son called Tan Shihuai during the period. It was very strange when he cast a Luhou home.Angry who voted Luo Hou wanted to kill the child, and Luo Hou’s wife persuaded: "One day I worked outside, and suddenly heard the thunder. When I looked up, a hail fell into my mouth. I ate it.The hail is pregnant. This child is bound to be small, you can’t kill him. "

By the way, Xiaoning didn’t pick up hail when he was a kid, eh?It seems a bit painful in my stomach …

Tan Shihuai

Step on the footprint and get pregnant

As the successor dynasty of the Shang Dynasty, his ancestor Houyi was not the same, but the mother of Houyi’s mother Jiang Yuan was not greedy, but it was just naive.Once traveling, I saw a trace similar to footprints on the ground. This footprint is extremely large and its shape is strange.Jiang Yuan was very strange when he saw it, and he tentatively tentatively tentatively tentatively tentatively left his feet.However, I never thought, because of this step on these two feet, Jiang Yuan was pregnant and gave birth to Hou Yan, becoming the ancestor of the Zhou Dynasty.

What is interesting is that Houyi’s father, Emperor Emperor, was also born because his mother stepped on the huge footprint. It seems that Houyi must be the son of Emperor Emperor’s biological son, which is inherited.


The same is true of Fuxi, all of which are mothers on huge footprints to get pregnant and have children.

Is this the source of the term "pitman"?It has always been said that the pit people are such an explanation.

Dream and get pregnant

Do you dare not eat or dare to step on the pit after reading the story above?This does not mean that you are safe, because you always have to sleep?Do you often dream of sleeping?Xiaoning tells you that dreaming is dangerous.

The protagonist of the "grass and trees is soldiers", and his mother Gou once went to Zhangshui to play.Gou, who has never had a son, saw the Ximen Leopard Temple on Zhangshui and prayed, hoping to have a son.Ximen Leopard is the official who stops He Bo’s wife in the elementary school text.

Gou went home after praying, dreaming of the immortal at night, and then in the dream … because of pregnancy, he gave birth to Jian Jian.

Be strong

This is not Xiaoning’s mess, it is a record of "Jin Shu".I don’t know if this God is a Siemens. If so, it is the official of the Siemens. It seems that it is wrong.

Jian Jian is just a small role, and the more famous one is Han Gaozu Liu Bang.Liu Bang’s mother Liu Ye went down to work, and was lying on a lake and a nap in a lake.Suddenly, the masterpiece in the sky, Liu Tai Gong went to find her.When Liu Tai Gong arrived at the lake, he found that a dragon was on Liu Ye. Soon Liu Ye was pregnant and gave birth to Liu Bang.

Xiaoning should add a Liu Bang like Liu Bang, a proper dragon, no wonder Liu Bang can build the Han Dynasty, the blood bonus!

Liu Bang

Watch meteor and get pregnant

Everyone can see it clearly, it is a meteor, not Liu Xing, it has nothing to do with "Family with Children". This time, the protagonist is Huangdi’s mother’s attachment.

One night when I was bored to watch the stars, she found that there was a halo around Beidouxing, which was very beautiful.Unexpectedly, the star fell down, and Pao Bao felt pregnant before he had time to make a wish.Two years after conceived, Yellow Emperor was born.It is said that Huangdi would speak shortly before it was born, and everything was all at the age of fifteen.

This means that you don’t want to give birth for two years, but are you teaching early?

Yellow Emperor

Not only Huang Di, Xiao He, Zhang Liang, and Fan Ye were all pregnant because of the stars. What is the principle?Is heavenly induction?

In addition, there are many great people born with amazing aliens. Because of the limited space, they will not say in detail. Welcome everyone to actively add and leave a message to Xiaoning. Thank you for your support.

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