The American disabled nun claims to be isolated from the world, but was exposed to the relationship with the priest.

In the picture, the nun named Teresa Agnes Gerlach, 43 years old, is the dean of a Catholic female monastery in Alington, Dezhou.

She suffers from severe chronic diseases. She can only rely on wheelchairs to move. Instead of moving, she needs infusion.

In the past 25 years, Gerlach has been living in the monastery. The daily activities have only prayed or participated in the mass, and there is almost no contact with the outside world. It is said that there are four or five men who have encountered for so many years.

However, it is such a dignified and "isolated" person, but it has been revealed that it has long violated the vow of chastity and secretly had sex with the priest …

This secret was revealed by Michael Olson, the bishop of the Patriot of Wosburg.

Olson did not know where to learn about Gerlach’s scandal, and broke into her monastery without warning.

He forcibly confiscated GERLACH’s mobile phones, iPads and laptops, and was also taken away with other people’s electronic equipment that others used to manage the Masterpiece.

After that, Olson spent another two days, and asked the nuns who had a close relationship with Gerlach one by one to try to collect evidence of GERLACH and the priest’s sexual relationship.

It was just two days that Gerlach was undergoing surgery.She had just returned to the monastery in front of her feet, and her whole body anesthesia was not retreated. She was not very sober because of taking a lot of drugs … Olson forcibly "interrogated" her in this case.

The two did not know what the conversation happened. Olson submitted his investigation results to the Holy See after returning, claiming that Gerlach acknowledged the "crime".

The Holy See then transferred the management rights of the monastery to Olson.He immediately announced the firing of GerLACH.

This incident quickly attracted attention.Disabled nuns and priests tasted the forbidden fruit … it was really surprising.

But Gerlach resolutely refuted the allegations.She said through lawyer Mathew Bobo that she had never violated the vows of chastity, and the relevant rumors were slander.

"We don’t know what the bishop’s charges are, and we don’t know where he heard this rumor …"

She also filed a civil lawsuit to the court to sue OLSON and its diocene to infringe civil rights, theft, slander, etc. and asked them to compensate $ 1 million.

After the incident, a local monastery with Gerlach had all -year -old nursing organizations who also expressed support for GERLACH.

The organization revealed that in the past 25 years, Gerlach has encountered no more than 5 men.At the same time, strong protests, OLSON and the parish invade the privacy of the nuns during the investigation, not only forcibly captured their mobile phone and computers, but also replicated all the files above.

Lawyer Mathew is also clear, Olson has always wanted to get financial information of the monastery, such as the list of donors."Although many people support the monastery and these nuns, they do not necessarily support the parish."

In the meaning, the investigation is a guise. Olson’s real purpose is to steal the privacy of the monastery. Gerlach is purely a backpot.

Seeing so many people standing on Gerlach, the official did not release any stone hammer, and the balance in the hearts of many people who ate melon naturally tilted her.

Olson is unhappy now …

He ordered the event of the GERLACH Monastery, and did not allow nuns and villagers to perform daily mass and explanation.

The reason is that they falsely described the incidents in the investigation, which led to reports on local, national and international media, inciting hatred and hostility to him.

Olson talks directly. Unless the nuns stop this behavior, they show their love and obedience to the church and the priests, and withdraw the lawsuit or wait for the end of the lawsuit, otherwise the daily activities of the monastery will not restart.

This is undoubtedly a pressure on Gerlach and its supporters.

However, he did not achieve the goal, but once again aroused the indignation.

The public has opened a series of protests, such as holding rally, giving flowers at the door of the shutdown monastery, praying in the park, etc.

Some people also attacked OLSON, saying that he had another picture, most of which were forest land held by the monastery, or he wanted to frame GERLACH as the dean, taking the opportunity to seize power and the like.

When everyone was filled with indignation, things had an amazing reversal …

During the trial of this case on Tuesday, the court received a 41 -minute recording.

The recording was recorded during the conversation between Gerlach and Olson in April.

Gerlach admitted to Olson that he had violated the vows of chastity and had violated the priest from the Montana Diocese, named Bernard Murray.

She said that the two met because of prayer activities, and have been relying on emails or video.

As for how to have a close relationship, she still concealed.

First of all, most of them are carried out by phone, and have face -to -face skin relatives.Later, I regret saying that they were all passing through the phone, and never met with the priest …

But no matter what behavior, it is not allowed.

Gerlach also knew that I had made a mistake and tried to break away from myself: "At that time, I had seizures, the situation was very difficult, and the brain was chaotic. This is a very, very terrible mistake, I’m sorry."

She didn’t expect these words to be recorded, and now she has her face.

Later, a deputy bishop named Jonathan Wallis came forward to testify, so that the matter was hammered.

He said that he had accepted GERLACH’s confession of GERLACH on December 22 last year, 24th and January 5 this year, respectively.

Gerlach also called him, saying that her menstruation was postponed, and she was worried about going to a doctor.

He has reason to suspect that Gerlach is because of sexual behavior and fears that he will get pregnant.This side confirms that she is not just using her mobile phone to love long -distance.

GERLACH’s crimes are more than that.

In addition to sexual relationships, Olson also indicates that she has drug abuse.

He said that he obtained a line report from other nuns: Gerlach had asked friends several times to drive to Colorado, where cannabis legalized, suspected to transfer drugs.

The nuns also showed a candid photo, showing that GERLACH’s table was piled up with a lot of bottles and cans, and some of them were containers equipped with marijuana.

But there is no sufficient evidence, and Gerlach also firmly denies that this is an unproventing ridiculous word.

As for the sexual relationship with the priest, Gerlach still does not admit it.

Her lawyer Mathew refuted the effectiveness of the recording with "GERLACH Talking".

At present, the two parties have their own words, and the case has not been concluded.

Because the reported information is more subjective, the judge said that more evidence is still needed to judge.

Whether this incident is a taboo love with a nun and a priest, or a bishop to hide her selfishly and marry, it is estimated that it will have to wait for a while to be conclusive.

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