The advantages and disadvantages of fitness exercise during pregnancy

Many expectant mothers are unwilling to do fitness during pregnancy, do not know if they should exercise, will the sports affect the fetus.I hope that the expectant mothers can judge whether they should start pregnancy exercises during pregnancy after reading this article.

During pregnancy, the characteristics of mothers vary from person to person. Some expectant mothers will have a significant bulge in the early stages of pregnancy, and some expectant mothers will only bulge slightly in the lower abdomen, and it is not obvious for a long time.Mother -in -law will compare her pregnancy characteristics with other expectant mothers. This is understandable, but it should be known that the characteristics of mothers during pregnancy vary from person to person.

Three time periods during pregnancy -the key points of each stage of training are different

0-12 weeks in the early pregnancy

12-28 weeks in the middle of pregnancy

28-40 weeks in the third trimester

During pregnancy, the characteristics of the maternal body vary from person to person, so each expectant mother should set the goals of their prenatal fitness exercise, such as when to start exercise and whether to continue exercise.

The benefits of fitness exercise during pregnancy can reduce the inside of the back pain and support the spine, which helps the expectant mothers to give birth to the fetal bridge during pregnancy., Puffing, constipation and varicose veins improve internal circulation and blood flow to promote calcium absorption, prevent osteoporosis during pregnancy, allow expectant mothers to pay attention to the fetus while doing fitness exercises.Self -esteem and self -confidence that the incidence of reducing the incidence of gestational diabetes and reducing the incidence of hypertension to reduce hypertension will help quickly restore fitness during postpartum exercises to prevent excessive weight gain and prevent the emergence of stretch marks.

The latest survey shows that if you can adhere to a regular weight -bearing exercise during pregnancy, especially for fitness exercises for the entire pregnancy, it will help delivery.The survey also shows that the quasi -mothers who do at least 20 minutes each week and exercise at least 20 minutes each time, the maximum heart rate of more than 50%of the fitness exercise during pregnancy is obviously shorter than the expectant mothers who do not do prenatal fitness exercise.

However, fitness exercises during pregnancy cannot alleviate the pain during childbirth. It just allows the body to prepare before childbirth, and it will increase your endurance with daily, and easily pass the pregnancy.

In addition to the above -mentioned benefits, the next three points must be a question that expectant mothers are more concerned.

Increased weight during pregnancy

You know, the weight gain during pregnancy is not the usual weight gain. This is a change that will occur during the fetal breeding process. Specific mothers are prone to accumulation of fat in certain special body parts. This is also a special physiological cause.What our expectant mother has to do is to prevent excess weight from increasing weight.Excessive weight growth will increase the risk of diabetes during pregnancy and hypertension, as well as disgusting stretch marks.Adhering to the regular fitness exercise during pregnancy cannot maintain weight and does not increase, but it will definitely help prevent excess weight gain.

Fitness and placenta during pregnancy

Medium -intensity exercises during pregnancy usually promote the growth of the placenta, which helps the placenta to transport blood, nutrients and oxygen to the fetus.In this way, the fetus can still get sufficient oxygen and blood supply in time when the expectant mothers do pregnancy.It is said that the mother who loves sports, the baby is smart, this is right.Nutrition supplies are full, can the baby be smart?

Studies have found that increased oxygen supply helps protect the fetus during contractions and the process.We often see in film and television works that the maternal difficulty can not be born, and the labor time is too long, and the fetal death is a tragedy of death.When facing this emergencies, the maternal with regular fitness exercises during pregnancy, her oxygen supply increases, which can provide the fetus with fresh blood and oxygen time, and maybe tragedy will not happen.Therefore, expectant mothers should insist on doing fitness exercises during pregnancy to maintain its useful factors.Why do I have always emphasized and regular fitness exercises?The prospective mothers who have three days of fishing, two days of sun exposure, and a thorough abandonment on the fourth day, once you stop exercising, the various indicators of the placenta will be the level before exercise.

Fitness and fetus during pregnancy

When promoting fitness exercises during pregnancy, people believe that the heart rate of fitness exercise during pregnancy should not exceed 140 per minute.It is also believed that the time for fitness exercise during pregnancy should be controlled at 20-30 minutes.The reason for holding this view is that if the time for fitness during pregnancy is too long or too hard, the blood supply to the fetus will be reduced.fatigue.Now it seems that this view is quite conservative.

Recently, more studies have shown that the blood supply to the fetus has remained stable when expectant mothers do medium -intensity fitness exercises during pregnancy.Unless Mom Mom does a high -intensity fitness exercise (the fastest heart rate exceeds 80%or the exercise time exceeds 90 minutes), the blood supply to the fetus will change.Because of this, it is recommended to control the maximum heart rate at 70%-75%.In the range of heart tolerance, 30-60 minutes during fitness exercise during pregnancy.We need to note that these pregnant women who are only suitable for fitness exercises are suitable.

The disadvantages of fitness exercise during pregnancy may cause physical fatigue due to excessive exercise that can increase blood pressure. If the fitness time during pregnancy is too long or exceeds a certain period of time (reference to the above data), the blood supply of the fetus may reduce the blood sugar, causing hypoglycemia to cause hypoglycemia and may cause hypoglycemia.Improper fitness exercise during the injury due to the loose joints may compress the pelvis

Everything is beneficial and disadvantaged, and we need to weigh the balance of advantages and disadvantages.The benefits of fitness exercises during pregnancy are still more disadvantages. As long as we exercise within the scope of the above reference data, the risk of disadvantages is still controllable.

These disadvantages are for expectant mothers. Is it harmful to the fetus?

If you are a low -risk pregnant woman, then my answer is: there is no harm.As long as you do the corresponding, appropriate amount of pregnancy fitness exercise during pregnancy during pregnancy.But the most important thing is that after knowing that you are pregnant, you should first get the doctor’s permission to exercise.

If you have never done fitness before pregnancy, you must not sign up for a 10 -kilometer marathon or mountaineering during pregnancy!It is a bit exaggerated to make expectant mothers pay attention.You need to find a special pregnancy exercise course to start slowly studying how to exercise during pregnancy.Or consult a fitness studio to see if there are appropriate, qualified pregnancy coaches, and teach you to be a fitness exercise suitable for beginners during pregnancy.

If you are a expectant mother during pregnancy, after reading this article, I hope that you can make you have a new understanding of fitness exercise during pregnancy and have the willingness to start exercise.For the fetus, and for yourself, do a healthy, confident and vibrant expectant mother!

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