The actress was drooping by her husband’s chest: "You have given birth to a child’s breast, it’s really disgusting!"

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Summary: Every time I get pregnant, there is a risk of breast drooping!

Two days ago, the video of the emotional collapse of the actress Sun Yan rushed on the hot search, which resonated with many expectant mothers.

In the video, Sun Yan red eyes and said: Some jokes during pregnancy cannot be opened!

It is not a big deal to make Sun Yan emotional, but the small details in life and language.

Because the husband who was drunk and snoring in the middle of the night was snatched the quilt, and Sun Yan couldn’t pull it back. At this moment, all her grievances broke out.

The fuse is that the quilt is gone, but what makes Sun Yan collapsed is the daily poke of her husband’s daily poke to the most painful place in her heart.

Because of the second development of the pregnancy breasts, she has become the goal of the old public joke, once, twice, three times …

"This is your cutest time, because you have become a little fat ball."

"You reach the pinnacle of life, but your chest is drooping."

The closest lover said again and again about the fat ball and drooping, and sprinkled salt in the most painful place in Sun Yan’s heart.

Sun Yan said: Should I blame myself or blame the little baby in my belly?

No matter what kind of, it shouldn’t be!

It is inevitable that getting fat and rounding during pregnancy, and the breast drooping during pregnancy cannot be changed. At this time, the most needed for pregnant mothers is the support, encouragement, and affirmation of my lover.

Instead of using the things that pregnant women care about again and again, go to the most hurtful joke.

Fortunately, Sun Yan quickly communicated with her husband to solve the incident. Her husband wrote an apology review book, deeply realized his mistakes, and guaranteed that he would no longer have an uncontrollable body joke to make his wife cry.

I hope that every prospective dad can understand the difficulty and sensitive point of pregnant mothers, and do not laugh, care, understand, and pet more!


"You have given birth to a child’s breast, it’s really disgusting!"

In fact, it is not just Sun Yan. Many mothers are ridiculed and laughed at because of their chest changes caused by pregnancy.

For a while, American female Rapper Card Cardi B was spoofed by netizens because she accidentally leaked her chest photos.

Some people say: Do you want to see Cardi B’s chest?I’m going to vomit, this dirty black woman!

Some people have made Cardi B’s chest P become various items: McDonald’s burgers, spoof steaks, car tires, school bus tires …

Some even said: Cardi’s chest is like a burger, no wonder Office is derailed.

Looking at the online comment fermentation, Sister Card had to come forward to explain: Because she found that her chest was a bit swollen, she wanted to take a photo to send it to her boyfriend to see what was going on. I did not expect to synchronize the social platform.

"The reason why my chest looks strange is because after pregnancy, after giving birth to a daughter, I have always insisted on breastfeeding. In addition, I have had breast augmentation surgery, so the breasts have become a little bit."

Because of pregnancy, because of breast milk, it has drooping the chest and becoming not so good -looking, but it is too unwavering to be ridiculed and ridiculed by others.

When Ma Yizhen laughed at her chest sagging in "Bei Shangguang", and many people laughed at her chest sagging. The image was not good. For this accusation, Ma Yizhen could only explain.

When filming this scene, it was the breastfeeding period of the second daughter. She feeds while filming. In order to ensure breastfeeding, she can only wear loose breastfeeding underwear.Perfect state.

No mother’s breasts can return to the baby after experiencing pregnancy and breast milk.

And they paid for their physical costs in order to raise their children, and they should not be malicious mockery.

Please show mercy to every mother who is pregnant and insist on breast milk. If you have a child, you will change the breasts, but this kind of dedication of the mother should not be ridiculed. Even if it is natural, it should not humiliate others’ bodies!


The breast changes after pregnancy

Should not be the goal of being ridiculed!

In October, the mother’s body will change huge changes, it will become fat, round, and breasts will change tremendous changes.

Breasts will become larger!

After pregnancy, the estrogen and progesterone in women have changed a lot, which in turn affects the extension of the catheter in the breast and increased the branch.

Under normal circumstances, it is normal to increase the increase in breasts during pregnancy.

Breasts will sag!

There is no muscle in the breast.This ligament is elastic, so our breasts will be soft and can move.

When the breast becomes bigger and heavier, the ligament supporting the breast will be stretched. This stretching may cause the breast to sag slightly. Whether you choose breastfeeding after your baby is born, this change will happen.

The nipples will become dark and bigger!

The changes in estrogen during pregnancy will cause excessive pigment precipitation in some parts of the pregnant mother’s body, such as the nipple isola darkening, which is a normal change.

No matter what kind of chest changes, it is a normal phenomenon brought by pregnancy. It is inevitable. Do n’t worry too much about pregnant mothers. People should not comment on more anxiety to pregnant mothers.


Worried about breast sagging?

Come and try this!

If the pregnant mother is worried about the sagging of the breast, it is possible to prevent breast care and correct breast milk during pregnancy.

1. These factors can also cause breast sagging

● Unhealthy diet and age are two other factors that cause premature breast sagging.

● The diet of high sugar, high alcohol, and Gaibidine will weaken the skin structure and cause skin to relax prematurely.

● Studies have shown that women who are pregnant and breastfeeding in their 30s have a higher risk of breast drooping.This is because as we grow older, our bodies lose their elasticity faster.

● The carcinogens in cigarettes can make elastic protein decompose in the body.These elastic protein fiber is responsible for the skin’s skin elasticity.

2. Do these breast care to prevent breast sagging

① Wear the appropriate bra with support: During pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is important to wear a good pregnant woman and breastfeeding bra.Support will cause ligaments to lose more elasticity and droop more.

A good support bra can make you feel comfortable and keep your chest upright. You must choose the right size. You must change it if you are not suitable for underwear before pregnancy.

② Eat well: a healthy diet can help maintain healthy skin and reduce the risk of obesity.Unhealthy weight will lead to additional fat reserves and bust.

③ Drink plenty of water: Keeping sufficient body moisture helps to ensure that the skin is young and nutritious, and reducing the risk of wrinkles and dehydration.A healthy skin will have a better performance!

④ Keeping the skin moisturizing: Keeping the skin moisturizing and avoiding dry breasts will help it better cope with the cycle of stretching and pregnancy.

⑤ Feed in the correct breastfeeding method: If the feeding posture is incorrect, the baby will cause excessive enrollment of the breast during the sucking process. This will also shrink the breast to a certain extent. Mastering the correct breastfeeding method can reduce this situation.

● The feeding posture should be placed.Mom should feed in a comfortable posture, find a comfortable, supporting position, sit on a sofa or chair, support the lower back and arms with a pillow, and place your feet on a stool or pillow.

● Let your baby approach.The mother and baby’s belly should touch each other. Don’t let your baby’s mouth be too far away from the nipples to avoid pulling the breasts.

● Support your chest with your hands.The empty hand covers the breast with a "C" shape to give the breast with good support.

④ Let your baby hold the areola as much as possible.Put the areola as much as possible in the baby’s mouth as much as possible, and let the nipples go deep into the back of the baby’s mouth, which can greatly reduce the pull.


Breasts have sagged

How to improve?

Mother pregnant mothers teach you a standard for judging breast sagging.

When the nipple position is lower than the breasts of the breast, you can judge that the breast sag.

To improve the sagging of the chest, mothers can try the following methods:

① Do exercise

Regular exercise will help keep the skin tight. A moderate amount of exercise during breastfeeding will not affect the nutrition and taste of breast milk, ensuring that weight loss is gradual, which will also help prevent skin tissue from being established in a short time.

Moms can also do more chest expansion exercises, properly perform some chest muscles exercise, and help alleviate the phenomenon of breast sagging by improving and enhancing the strength of the pectoral muscles, thereby making the breasts look strong and full.

It is also recommended to perform a small amount or moderate exercise during pregnancy to help reduce unnecessary weight gain.

② Wearing supportive bra

After weaning, you can wear better branches. Be sure to choose a proper bra. Go to the underwear shop to measure the detailed size, so that the chest has a good support, which can visually help the breast to "rise" a step.

③ Healthy diet

Like any part of the body, the breasts will benefit from a healthy diet to ensure that sufficient protein and various fruits and vegetables are used to ensure that the nutrition of the required can help maintain muscle and ligaments.

Finally, the mothers are lined with thunder. To improve the sagging of the chest, use the correct method. The following two pits, don’t drop it.

① Papaya does not breast breast

Many people believe that papaya (papaya enzyme) can breast enlargement, but after eating things into the stomach, after being broken down by gastric protease, it is difficult to act on the chest. In addition to papaya, there are any coconut juice, trotters, soy milk, etc.Essence

② Massage can not improve your chest sagging

Can’t press the chest!IntersectionThe interior tissue of the breast is like a bunch of grapes. The breast tissue is from the first -level ducts of the nipple to the bubbles of the gland of the breast, just like many skewers of hemisphere organ.

Brain the brain. The so -called "massage breasts" are not causing peaches, but pinching grapes, which also shows that breast massage must be scientific, reasonable, safe, and follow the guidance of professionals.

At the same time, massage will increase the blood circulation around the breast, which can make the surrounding lymphatic system more unobstructed. However, if you want to massage breast enhancement and improve sagging, it is a bit expected to be too high. In particular, you must be alert to breast massage in the chest.

Finally, I want to say to all mothers: Do n’t worry too much about the sagging of the chest. About 6 months of weaning, fat will gradually replace the milk -producing tissue in the breast, and the state of the breast will be better!

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, no matter what you say, for your baby, you are the best and most beautiful mothers!

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