The abortion rate is increasing and has nothing to do with the physical fitness of pregnant women. These four are the culprits.

It is very simple to be a mother for some women, and it is really difficult to be a mother for some women.It is said that miscarriage is miscarriage.That feeling is really painful.

Xiaofen was 4 months pregnant. Last week, she went to the hospital for a birth checkup. I met several maternal abortion. It was really distressing to watch them regret.

One of the mothers impressed Xiaofen. This mother would definitely not have money to look at her family, and it looks not very old!But this is the third pregnancy of this mother, but there are still no children.

In fact, the doctor had reminded her many times when she was pregnant. After pregnancy, she should pay attention to rest and pay attention to the fetal protection, but she just didn’t listen. The baby in the stomach was like this.

It turns out that the reason why this mother is abortion is not physical problems. It is purely a psychological problem. This woman’s house is open to the factory. She usually comes to manage everything in the management factory. Her husband does not care about it.Essence

This does not have some problems in the factory recently. She was anxious to get angry all day.

Most of the female abortion may be related to their own physique before, but in recent years, women’s abortion rates have become higher and higher. In fact, it is not just a physical problem!

1. Women’s pregnancy age

The reason why many women have a miscarriage have a lot to do with women’s pregnancy.Now more and more women choose to marry late, and do not want to be princes early. When they are married, they are not young when they get married. When they want their children to become an elderly mother.At that time, the women’s body could start to go downhill, so the physical condition was not as good as young people after pregnancy, so the chance of abortion would increase.

2. Irregular life of women

Many women’s lives are particularly irregular now, either sleeping late and getting up late, or getting up late and late. This is particularly harmful to women’s physical damage.In particular, some women also have some bad habits, even if they are pregnant, they are not taboo, and these bad hobbies of women, irregular life is particularly unfavorable to the fetus in the belly, which also increases the chance of women’s abortion.

3. Women’s life pressure is high

Women are not like before they are willing to teach their children at home. Many women now prefer to be strong women or not be annoyed by life trivial matters.Therefore, many women are still struggling to work after pregnancy. Staying up late to work overtime is a common thing. Some women not only bear the pressure of work, but also to be under pressure from the

4. Women’s over -dietary

Many women take some incorrect ways to pursue beauty. Some women choose to use weight loss products, while some women choose to die.Especially women who are pregnant are afraid of gaining weight during pregnancy, so they also deliberately control their diet during pregnancy, and they dare not eat anything, causing malnutrition in the fetus and causing maternal abortion.

1. Don’t always wear high heels

When some pregnant mothers are pregnant, they still step on high heels for the sake of beauty, and some even step on the height. In fact, this behavior is very dangerous for pregnant mothers. In case of stomach and falling, the consequences are unimaginable.Furthermore, it is particularly bad for women’s spines when they step on high heels when they are pregnant.

2. Don’t always compress your belly

When women are pregnant, some stomachs are not particularly large in the early stage, and all kinds of postures are fine, but as the pregnant mother’s belly is getting bigger and larger, there are more and more places that pregnant mothers need to pay attention to.Especially in the late pregnancy period, women’s belly must be paid attention to, do not keep a posture for a long time, and do not compress the stomach for a long time, which will also cause discomfort in the belly and abortion.

3. Don’t work hard

Women still pay attention to some good when they are pregnant. Do n’t do heavy work if you are pregnant, especially like some raising materials. Living women such as bending over do n’t be stubborn.The fetus is not particularly stable in the first three months of pregnancy. At this time, it is not conducive to bed in the belly.When the stomach is getting bigger and bigger in the later pregnancy, it is not suitable for heavy work, so the pregnant mother should try to avoid heavy work after pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers must not only adjust their lives to the best state during pregnancy, but also the psychological state of the pregnant mother must also be adjusted to the best.And the family’s care and attention to pregnant mothers must be in place, because pregnancy is indeed not a relaxed thing.The impact of emotions during pregnancy during pregnancy also has a great impact on the fetus in the belly. If the pregnant mother’s emotional fluctuations during pregnancy, the emotions are particularly unstable after the birth of the fetus, and then the parents will suffer.

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