The 89 -year -old grandfather helped the pregnant grandson rubbing his legs to quote, the point of worrying of netizens can really be outrageous

Recently, a pregnant woman uploaded a video of grandpa to rub her legs, but she did not expect to cause great controversy.

Why does Grandpa’s warm picture of the granddaughter cause controversy?Some netizens think that Grandpa is a adult male no matter how he is, rubbing his legs for his grandson, and his behavior is too close.

It is undoubtedly good to have gender boundaries, but not everything can be easily defined and judged with the words "different men and women"?Grandpa rubbed his legs for his granddaughter and provoked controversy

Entering the third trimester, the burden on the body is increasing, and the pregnant mothers have become harder.

The 89 -year -old grandfather worked hard for her granddaughter’s pregnancy, and sat on the small bench to massage her legs and wanted to make her more comfortable.From the knee to the ankle, Grandpa pressed it seriously over and over again, and his distress was overwhelming.

People who are almost a mother, how warm and lucky they can be loved by grandpa.But when the pregnant mother posted a video of Grandpa’s massage of her legs to the Internet, she received some "bad" comments:

"It’s not appropriate, you have grown up and not childhood. You should do this kind of thing."

"As the saying goes,‘ Children ’s big avoiding mother’ s mother, female to avoid the father ’, there are different men and women, and it is no exception. There are many ways to love. This method is indeed inappropriate and does not accept refutation."

Ah, this, Grandpa massage his legs for the pregnant grandson. These netizens do not envy their grandchildren and grandchildren. They did not see that women are pregnant.

I have to say that the point of worrying about netizens is really surprising.

Cut the rigid dogma too much

In recent years, everyone’s awareness of gender boundaries has become increasingly increasing. Especially in getting along with children of opposite sex, many people know "the child from avoiding the mother and the father", which is a gratifying progress.

But can grandpa rub the legs for the granddaughter, can you simply use "men and women to accept" to judge?

Many people know that "men and women are not close", but they do not know that this sentence still has the second half:

"Men and women do not receive relatives, rituals; those who are drowned, those who support them, rights."

Mencius told us that men and women should not have too close contact, but at the same time he also said that in special circumstances, we must change power to change, and we must not dogmare.

Grandpa massage for the granddaughter. If it is simply defined by "different men and women", it belongs to rigid dogma.

First of all, Grandpa massage the granddaughter out of good intentions, to alleviate the hard work of the granddaughter’s pregnancy, and the elders’ love for juniors; second, Grandpa’s behavior is not inappropriate, just to help the granddaughter massage normally.There is no more momentum; in the end, massage is a common health behavior. Massage legs in the third trimester can promote blood circulation and relieve edema.

Grandpa massaged his granddaughter’s legs, which was not only love, but also for the health of pregnant women.If only because Grandpa’s gender is male, he feels that his behavior is inappropriate, should the hospital also add a rule. The male doctor can only see the doctor for a doctor. Can a female doctor only see a doctor for a doctor?

A scene of the intimate and warm grandson who was very homely and very warm, but was interpreted at this time. I really do not know whether it is a progress or a backward.

Moderate sensitivity and alert can help us clarify the boundaries of right and wrong, but excessive doubts and trials will only make people lose their directions and move towards extremes, thereby missing many good and fun in life.

So I hope that each of us can look at things a little more, more diverse, and less unique speculation and doubts, it is worth the world!

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