The 7 actresses who became fat after pregnancy, 5 were spoiled by her husband, and one of the three years of three years was divorced.

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It’s normal to become fat.

But some people have been pregnant for several months, but they can’t see it at all.

The figure is still slim, the limbs are still slender, and the only fat is the lower abdomen.

In fact, many female stars are like this.

When I am pregnant, I am still full of girls.

For example, Yang Mi, when she was filming "Little Times", she was actually pregnant.

But she did not show any signs of gaining weight.

However, before the filming, she didn’t know that she was pregnant.

But on the one hand, there is a small life, on the other hand, it is his own career.

She can only try to balance the two.

But in fact, her figure has not been affected.

And when raising tires in the later period, the weight is just over 100.

Even when returning from postpartum, he still has a good face and slender figure.

There is also Wu Jing’s wife Xie Nan, who has been pregnant for 196 days, but there are clear visible vest lines.

Even in the gym, there are various difficult movements.

I have to say that this is so self -disciplined, it is no wonder that it will not be fat.

In fact, Chen Yihan, a "vitality girl", is also a person who loves sports fitness.

When she was pregnant, she often ran out.

This full of girl feelings can’t see that she is a expectant mother who is about to give birth.

And her weight during pregnancy was only 4kg fat.

In fact, this is also related to her long -term insistence on exercise.

In fact, the worst of pregnant female stars should be baby.

Because the figure recovered too fast, it was questioned by netizens if she was really pregnant.

Later, in order to prove herself to netizens, she also released some of her pregnant photos.

In the later period, the fattest weight during pregnancy was only 108 pounds.

I saw her lower abdomen bulging slightly, but her face and arms were still like girls.

This may be a natural skinny.

Yao Chen, who has become the mother of two children, was also fattened during pregnancy.

When she was 9 months pregnant, she insisted on exercising in the gym.

Strive to raise the iron, she couldn’t feel that she was a pregnant mother at all.

In fact, the exercise of pregnant mothers during pregnancy is also very helpful for postpartum physical recovery.

However, not everyone is suitable for exercise during pregnancy, because the body during pregnancy is special.

Therefore, you must also find a method that suits you according to your own situation.

The body is divided into two extremes.

One is that she can’t get fat. No matter how overeating during pregnancy, her weight will not increase.

And some are born "fat people".

It is exaggerated to drink cold water.

But for the baby in the stomach, you can only eat more and drink more to provide nutrition for him.

In fact, there are many other female stars in the entertainment industry, just like our ordinary people.

During pregnancy, I became more or less fatter.

Even the once "pure goddess" Huo Siyan was not spared.

At that time, she became a hot female star with "I want to become famous".

At that time, Du Jiang was still an unknown hairy boy.

And his dream goddess is Huo Siyan.

Even put her poster on the bedside, thinking about it day and night.

Later, after being introduced by a friend, the two became friends.

And this pair of handsome men and women naturally came together.

Later, I lived together.

Until one day, Huo Siyan found that he was pregnant.

So Du Jiang sold the house and bought a diamond ring for her, giving her an unforgettable proposal.

Huo Siyan during pregnancy was also fatte 80 pounds by the sweet atmosphere.

Even she herself said, "I got a fatter place for myself."

The photos of her walking with Du Jiang during pregnancy were also passed on the Internet.

Everyone couldn’t believe that the serious blessed woman in the photo turned out to be their childhood goddess.

In fact, her figure belongs to the physique that is easy to gain weight.

Coupled with pregnancy, you must keep replenishing nutrition.

She was so fat that she couldn’t believe it.

Even because he lost his body because he was too fat, he needed to help with your husband.

However, after she gave birth to a child, she immediately started to lose weight.

In the end, he returned to his previous weight.

And also have such a cute and handsome son.

Today, she can be regarded as a winner in life.

She and her husband Yuan Hong’s love can be called a story in the entertainment industry.

Although she had a failed marriage, in today’s feelings.

Yuan Hong gave her carefulness and care, and made her a happy little woman again.

The wedding scene of the two was comparable to visual feast.

Their best man group is also called "the most handsome best man in history".

After the marriage, Zhang Yiyi also got fat a little bit because of sweet happiness.

Especially after conceiving the child, plus her husband’s thoughts in the meadily.

Make her weight reaching a record high.

From 90 pounds of actresses to 130 pounds of mother.

Because she was very relaxed to herself during pregnancy.

I did not restrain themselves for weight like others.

Because she knew that even if she didn’t eat it, the baby in the belly had to eat.

As a result, with her husband’s work with her husband, she also successfully ate the height height that all female stars did not dare to achieve.

Later, when she participated in a variety show with her husband, she also became a child with a double chin and a thick arm.

Because at that time, she was in a key breastfeeding period.

She can’t lose weight alone for herself.

However, after leaving breastfeeding, she also participated in "Sister Lang".

Zhang Yiyi, who became her sister, also appeared in front of the audience.

Slim arms, edges and corner faces, exquisite collarbone.

She also became the confident and beautiful female star.

Mali, known as the "Comedy Queen", does not need to pay too much about her weight as other female artists.

But she is also a woman in the end, and she cried secretly when she saw that she was fat because of her pregnancy.

Because compared with Zhang Yiyi’s 130 pounds, Ma Li’s 190 pounds had a new height.

Due to the severe weight exceeding the standard, the doctor also asked her to lose weight.

In fact, she never thought about such weight.

In addition, she is 37 years old during pregnancy, which is the scope of an elderly mother.

The emotions of pregnant women are not very stable, and they need to control their diet.

Therefore, she was almost depressed because of her weight loss.

However, after production, she also slowly returned to her previous weight by eating and exercise.

Now she is still the comedian who is loved.

Queen He Jie, the Queen of Love, is now the mother of three children.

She started her first marriage in 2013.

Born in July 14 and November 15th, his brother and sister were born.

It also truly realizes the ideal of life of "two years".

But usually a child can "destroy" a woman.

Not to mention two children.

She is not thin, and she has a weight soaring after pregnancy.

Therefore, she has also become the "fattest pregnant woman" in netizens.

But in fact, her figure is more due to edema during pregnancy.

When recalling her pregnancy experience, He Jie said she would need eight meals a day.

This huge appetite also gave her 60 pounds directly.

However, her 60 pounds are also a normal change in the circle of pregnant women.

Because there are also many other pregnant mothers who have said that they also say that they have also increased their weight.

When the child returned to the stage after giving birth, his body could no longer go back.

She did not take advantage of her, and she also looked particularly "strong" due to the soaring weight.

Facing the shape of a shape and a gradual disconnection from the society.

She often feels pessimistic that she is a useless person and is almost depressed.

And this marriage lasted only 4 years and went to the end.

And in 2016, men were convenient for anonymous to talk about He Jie’s all, and accused her of having abandoning herself to make less money.

It even broke the news that He Jie’s car was seen in the hotel’s parking lot.

After that, He Jie was unwilling to show weakness and returned to him directly.

Later, the two formally divorced in 2017.

Until January 2019, netizens found that she and her current husband Diao Lei gave birth to a child.

Today, He Jie has also become a happy wife and mother under the surround of love.

When she was encountered by netizens, we also found that she was thinner in the photo.

I also saw the glory of the past.

In fact, not only the stars cannot inevitably become pregnant, but even the gambler Qian Jin He Chaoying is obviously blessed.

She was 8 months pregnant when the wedding was held.

The changing figure is like a fatter.

In fact, she also got 80 pounds directly throughout pregnancy, and even a wheelchair could only be accessed.

But after giving birth, she also quickly started her weight loss plan.

I saw her in the photo, and was judged to be two before and after.

The figure is also obviously thinner.

Dong Xuan, who has not filmed for many years, also appeared on a hot search because of his losing weight for 70 pounds for 5 months.

As for the reason for the three years, Dong Xuan also said that it was because of pregnancy that caused a serious look.

It was even more blunt that the weight during pregnancy reached 170 pounds.

In fact, she is relatively relaxed for her pregnancy.

Because she feels as an artist, she should always maintain strict figure management.

You can’t eat what you want to eat during pregnancy.

So in those months, she released herself and had no worries at all.

However, after production, her husband Gao Yixiang was also "negative news".

But at the time, she did not choose to escape, but instead helped her husband to deal with various things.

Finally, after the storm bid farewell to an end, she chose to divorce with her in 2019.

After that, she also began to improve her career and figure.

And successfully lost from 72kg to 52kg before.

Yuan Yongyi, who was loved by her husband, participated in a premiere during her pregnancy.

The next day, he made headlines because of the "round" figure.

She didn’t feel how fat she was, but was shocked after seeing "fat photos".

Then she asked her husband why he didn’t let herself control weight.

Zhang Zhilin replied very warmly: "Because you are still very cute when you are fat."

In fact, her weight was 50 pounds of weight loss during pregnancy.

It is a more obvious change.

But because her husband Zhang Zhilin’s favor, she did not care too much about her figure.

She is happy with her family today, and she doesn’t care much about her appearance and figure.

Under the favor of her husband, she is still the most beautiful confident woman.

In fact, it is normal to get fat.

Therefore, don’t affect your mood because of weight.

For those stars on the screen, we must also maintain a empathy attitude.

Because having children is not an easy thing.

If you are too harsh to them because of this, it will be a bit too bad to hurt the heart of a mother.

Every mother is the most brave.

Whether fat or thin, they are the most respected groups.

So, how much do you get fat when you are pregnant?

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