The 67 -year -old man in Shandong was checked for pregnancy, and his children resolutely opposed it. The old man said: I raise it myself

The old lady in Shandong was nearly 70 years old.

The old couple chose to give birth to the child regardless of the opposition of the family.

The daughter was cut off with them, and the son ignored it.

For the behavior of the two elderly people, there are many criticisms in the society, saying that they are "selfish and irresponsible."

In the face of these doubts and difficulties, the two elderly people actively face it and do not rely on anyone to raise their children alone.

What kind of difficulties did they experience during this period?

A few years have passed, how about their family?

In 2019, the old lady Tian Xinju, who lives in Shandong, was pregnant when she was nearly 70 years old.

This undoubtedly shocked everyone, and even the entire medical community has never seen such a thing. Many experts call this is a miracle in the medical community.

As a result, major media have reported the matter.

And a stone stirred thousands of waves.

Many people have questioned, how could an old lady nearly 70 years old be pregnant?

Medical speaking, although the situation varies from person to person, menstruation is stopped at about 50 years old.

The average menopause period of the Chinese is 49.5 years old, and the biggest is only 55 years old.

But Tian Xinju is nearly 70 years old, which is surprising at the same time, and has to doubt.

Faced with such doubts, Elder Tian Xinju and his wife Huang Weiping have always been unsatisfactory.

After all, they are already vicissitudes of the world, and they have heard too many words, so they see very transparently.

Huang Weiping said, "There are too many nonsense people, they say what they want to say. They can’t learn from them. They have good land and good seeds."

Tian Xinju and Huang Weiping do health checks every year.

And every time you check, the doctor said that the old couple’s physical condition is very good.

Especially the old Mrs. Tian Xinju, like young people, has no problems in her uterus.

The two elderly people had raised a child and a daughter as early as thirty or forty years ago.

At that time, the children had already become a family, and the biggest granddaughter was 18 years old.

For them, it is already the same hall.

It stands to reason that the two elderly people who have retired for many years should have been to play with grandchildren and enjoy the joy of God.

So you can get pregnant and have children. They have never thought about it or have never considered it.

But at the beginning of 2019, when Father Huang Weiping took his wife to the hospital for examination, he found out that this result was incredible.

Mrs. Tian Xinju was pregnant at the age of 67!

According to Master Huang Weiping, in fact, since 2016, his body has been on vacation normally, and he has ushered in his second spring.

By the beginning of 2019, the holiday suddenly disappeared, and then he took his wife to the hospital for examination.

But he never thought that his wife was pregnant.

For pregnancy, in addition to being happy, Father Huang Weiping left was a kind of peace.

Because for him, no matter how old his wife is, you will be pregnant when you are pregnant. If you have a child smoothly, it is that simple.

In addition to being excited, my wife Tian Xinju is more embarrassing.

After all, their couples are already old, and their granddaughter will get married in a few years. She is pregnant now, which is really shameful.

And for this, their daughter responded very much and strongly opposed.

So that Huang Weiping could not communicate normally with her.

Because her mother was pregnant, this incident was by no means a good thing to her.

So there is only one sentence before and after -beating the child.

In the end, when the Huang Weiping couple did not agree, the daughter even said ruthlessly: "If you dare to give birth, we will cut off the relationship."

After that, her daughter basically never came to see her parents, and there was no phone call.

The relationship between his son and Huang Weiping has always been tense.The son has always been regarded as an old couple.

After Tian Xinju was pregnant, Huang Weiping did not tell his son at all.

Therefore, Huang Weiping, a husband, comforted his wife and took care of it carefully.

In order to make his wife eat healthier, he also planted a small vegetable garden on the open space of the green belt in the community.

Every time I go out, Huang Weiping always holds Tian Xinju’s hand.

Even if the two are almost 70 years old, they look like a couple in love.

With the encouragement of his wife, Tian Xinju was also active and optimistic.

When an interview, their faces were always filled with happy smiles.

Huang Weiping said: "We don’t say like I love you. But this true love between us has created this crystallization."

So for them, this child is the gift of heaven.

Although the old couple is very active and optimistic, there are still many things that are worrying.

Because Mrs. Tian Xinju is too old, can her body stand such a difficult test?

And can Huang Weiping take care of his wife?

At that time, the doctor thought for the health of the elderly Tian Xinju and checked the old lady in a comprehensive inspection. The above showed:

Due to the suffering from cerebral infarction, accompanied by hypertension and diabetes, Tian Xinju is not suitable for fertility.

Therefore, doctors are very afraid that pregnancy will cause a great burden on the heart of Tian Xinju, or other accidents.

So the two elderly people kept persuading the two elderly people if they could accept it, they still had to kill the child.

But even with these risks, the two elderly people did not agree.

However, the old man Huang Weiping did not care about the safety of his wife.

He had a long time to do: If there is any problem with his wife during pregnancy, he will definitely focus on his wife’s body and choose to kill the child.

Perhaps it is the eager expectations and bravery of these two elderly people.Not only did Tian Xinju’s body not have any problems, it became healthier.

Before Tian Xinju suffered from heart disease all year round, since she was pregnant, her heart had no pain, and even her hypertension dropped.

This undoubtedly gave the two elderly greater confidence.

The difficulty followed.

If you do not conceive this child, in fact, the old couple live very comfortable.

Because Huang Weiping was originally a cadre in the commune, and his wife Tian Xinju’s work was also good, she was a child insurance doctor of Zaozhuang Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

Even if they retire, the two people’s pensions have increased their pensions more than 10,000 per month, which is enough for the old couples who are about to be a rare year.

Moreover, after Huang Weiping’s retirement in 1984, he has been engaged in lawyers’ work, and has more income.

But even if there are so much money every month, it is not enough.

Considering Tian Xinju’s age and body, the doctor arranged for her to live in a family -style integrated delivery room in the hospital.

Here, the daily expenses must be around 1,000 yuan.

Later, for the sake of children, Huang Weiping spent 20,000 yuan, and booked a 25 -year preservation service of the germination of the cord cord in Shandong Province.

Not to mention other expenses, it is not a small number.

This stress the two elderly people.

But they are waiting for the birth of the child with a smile every day.

As long as the child can be healthy, it doesn’t matter if the two elderly people are giving birth.

In the waiting for several months, Tian Xinju finally produced the next daughter through a caesarean section, and her mother and child were safe.

Huang Weiping saw his little daughter, and he was extremely happy.

Soon, after the old lady and daughter of Tian Xinju entered the ICU intensive strengthening of the nursing ward for a period of time, their wives and daughters were discharged.

Huang Weiping specially found the peach branches to pray for his daughter.

There are red ropes on the branches, a few red dates are tied to the rope, the shell is dyed into red peanuts, and a bunch of copper coins and a bunch of Chinese knots.

It can be seen that Huang Weiping has made a lot of thoughts even in such a trivial matter.

Because he wants to give his best to his daughter.

Because of this love his daughter, the Huang Weiping couple named the younger daughter "God".

At a glance, in Huang Weiping’s view, the younger daughter was the gift of heaven to their couple.

Originally, Huang Weiping was very confident. After all, his son and daughter were brought to him. Even his granddaughter had been raised from seven months to 18 years old.

This time is different.

His wife suffered from chronic hypertension pregnancy complications because of this pregnancy, and there was also complications of diabetic pregnancy.This is a typical disease of older women.

Therefore, Tian Xinju’s body is very weak, and he can’t even walk by himself. He must take a wheelchair.

However, Huang Weiping’s family lives older and has no elevators, but their family is on the fifth floor. It can be imagined how hard Huang Weiping is.

Huang Weiping, who was deeply tired, invited Yueyue, so that he could better take care of his wife and daughter, and he could take out time to make money to subsidize his family.

At the beginning, the elderly Tian Xinju insisted on breastfeeding the younger daughter, so she never eaten chicken essence, monosodium glutamate and any chemical synthesis.

Eat the vegetables that Huang Weiping grows in the community every day.

Although the safety of food is guaranteed, the nutrition of the elderly Tian Xinju is seriously insufficient.

In the end, you can only feed your child’s milk powder.

Feed once every three hours, Huang Weiping did not just take a break, and the younger daughter would cry again …

During that time, Huang Weiping slept for about three or four hours a day, and sometimes he didn’t sleep all night.

Fortunately, Xiaotianci looked particularly beautiful under the careful care of the old couple.

Very much like dad, she is fat, beautiful and cute.

Huang Weiping went to work in a law firm during the day and went home to take care of his wife after get off work. He properly arranged his work and family arrangements.

The wife took care of her daughter at home.

When talking about their little daughter, they laughed at their faces, and they also said that their little daughter’s language talent was very high.

When Xiaotianci was four months old, Huang Weiping teased her daughter to play, but did not expect her daughter to call "Dad."

Regardless of whether it was a coincidence or the call from Xiao Tianci, it would undoubtedly warm the heart of Huang Weiping, the father.

After all, there is an old saying in China: her daughter is the father’s intimate little cotton jacket, let alone Huang Weiping gets a girl.

Regardless of whether the rich or the poor is or not, people have no expectations for life in the twilight years.

Now, Xiaotianci undoubtedly lighten the life of Huang Weiping again, making them full of passion for life.

They began to plan for their younger daughter and did not rely on their children at all.

Huang Weiping said:

His daughter has her own family and work, and is usually busy.Even if his daughter does not contact them, he is considerate of his daughter. After all, he is the daughter of his own hands. He can understand.

And he also said:

We are cultivating children, not cultivating our private property.

So everything, they all rely on themselves.

Even Tian Xinju came out again, and Huang Weiping opened an online shop online.

In addition, Huang Weiping has begun to consider setting up a will to balance all issues.

And because of the happiness and hope brought to them, coupled with the good mentality of the two people.

Therefore, the two elderly people are always happy and full of energy.

And Huang Weiping said:

He and his wife can definitely live to one hundred or even 110 years old.

We must grew up at the daughter who looked at his own, and then set up a family.

This is the greatest wish of two elderly people.

At the same time, their family relationships are also improving.

At first, their daughters also settled with their old couples, and from time to time to visit their parents and little girls.

After all, the blood and affection could not be given up. When she hugged her sister, the two of them stared at each other, and Huang Weiping’s two daughters smiled.

First of all, Huang Weiping’s old couple is not young.Even if the elderly Tian Xinju is pregnant, the older mother insists that pregnancy is originally a very dangerous thing.

Moreover, the maternal age is old, and the chance of the baby to get sick is also increasing.

This is undoubtedly a risk for them or children.

Furthermore, although the mentality of the Huang Weiping couple is very good, how far can they accompany their children with their age and body?

If the two of them have three long or two shorts, who should this child be given to take care of?

Even if the child’s placement is not a problem, it may be a harm to her in the incomplete family.

Even if the above two situations will not happen, the Huang Weiping couple can fulfill her wish and always accompany her daughter to her family to start a business.

Will the child be discriminated against by others in the process of growing up?

For example, the parent meeting, other parents in front of Huang Weiping, were sons and even grandsons.

By then, her daughter will inevitably be criticized.

In the face of rumors, even adults will be tortured, let alone a child with a mature mind?

Some of them have considered these, and some have not considered.But he is preparing with his greatest efforts.

No matter what he encountered in the future, he and his own wife will face it with his little daughter.

In today’s society, more and more young people are afraid of marriage.

Even if you have married, there are many people who can’t stand the difficulties. They choose to divorce, and even afraid of having children.

Therefore, China’s current marriage rate and birth rate have decreased, while the divorce rate has continued to rise.

The couple of Huang Weiping and Tian Xinju joined hands with the wind and rain for decades, and their feelings were still sweet.

This is a kind of adherence, but also a kind of happiness.

When Tian Xinju was pregnant at the age of 67, they were not afraid of world -seeking and dared to bear their responsibilities.

He didn’t want to deprive your child’s life immediately, nor did he be born without raising, shirk responsibility.

It is full of hope for the future and keep moving forward with a positive attitude of life.

Isn’t these lacks of many young people now?

Life is beautiful and life is beautiful.As long as we do not abandon or give up, we will move forward.I believe that one day, happiness will come to the door.

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