The 67 -year -old aunt in Shandong insisted on giving birth, claiming that she would never bother their children. What happened later?

"Mom, if you really give birth to this child, we will cut off the relationship with you!"

"Your uncle’s white -eyed wolf, you are so big, you dare to care about our business now!"

In 2019, in the community in Zaozhuang, Shandong, the children are arguing with their parents. It stands to reason that pregnancy is a happy event. Why do these two children oppose their parents to give birth to this child?

The people who do n’t know the truth may blame the children. The main reason is that the parents are actually the parents. Their mother was already 67 years old. Even the children are already in their 40s.I am pregnant, isn’t this trouble?

Moreover, how is 67 years old pregnant with pregnancy, it is really puzzling, and because of what, let them have to give birth to children at the age?

Tian Xinju, Huang Weiping and Children

All of this has to start with the serious illness in 2015 …

This is a real story that happened in Zaozhuang, Shandong. The protagonist of the matter is Tian Xinju. Her husband is Huang Weiping. Although they are already a year of time, they have not worked hard.

Aunt Tian and Uncle Huang retired early. They were all high intellectuals. Tian Xinju’s early work was a doctor in a maternal and child health hospital, and Uncle Huang was a senior lawyer who had worked for decades.

Looking at the career of the old couple alone, they know that they are not ordinary. After retirement, the pension of the two also adds more than 10,000. In this city, it can be very good. If it is not a physical problem, there is no need for children.worry.

Huang Weiping

Uncle Huang and Aunt Tian had a child and a daughter. They became home early, and gave them a cute little granddaughter. There was nothing to do at home every day. It was nothing more than pouring flowers and various places.Bend, live a life that everyone is yearning for, and enjoy the joy of God.

Seeing that the old couple, who was about to go, had already begun to plan to have their own pension life. When he was young, he was not his own. He was busy with work every day. He had no time to come out to see the world outside.

Now that I have finally retired, my son and daughter have also become a family. With a good home, my retirement salary is quite a lot. There are countless leisure time every day.I don’t know "Godci" is coming …

When people reach old age, all kinds of organs have already degraded their body. Tian Xinju has gradually felt powerless. In addition, she used to be a doctor before, and she also pays special attention to her body. She goes regularly every year.

In 2015, Tian Xinju gave birth to a disease, always feeling that he was weak and weak, walking softly, and sometimes he had a dark eyes. This was obviously the symptoms of physical problems.

I was so scared that Tian Xinju immediately went to the hospital for individual examinations, but all the inspections were done all the way, and there was no problem. All the body organs were good.

Tian Xinju

So what is the reason. Since the problem is not found, why the body is always drowsy, dizzy, dull and dull, sometimes unbearable, and you want to faint.

Tian Xinju thought that it was not a way to go on like this. I still want to live for two more years. Since watching Western medicine does not work, I will go to see the absolute Chinese medicine.

This disease is not particularly serious, because she is old, her body is slowly aging, qi stagnation and blood stasis, Chinese medicine prescribes a few medicines to Tian Xinju, activates blood, and then decorates it on has been improved.

Tian Xinju is also particularly obedient. He follows the doctor’s order and drinks medicine on time every day. After raising it for a while, his body is really better, and work is better than before.

After the body is raised, I am happy. I thought that things had passed like this. I didn’t expect it to just start …

Don’t look at the old couple, and the love is not diminished at all. Even the aunt Zhao at the door said, "Every day, they can see them walking with their hands at the door. They are tired and dead."

The old couples naturally heard the old couple, and they can also understand. After all, those people are not happy in their later years, and they are so older. It is normal for gossip.

The Huang Weiping and his wife have not heard of it. The left ear comes in and the right ear is out of the right ear.

However, the old couple’s happy old age lived in 2018, a huge change in 2018 …

Speaking of this, no one believes it, let alone others, even their old couple can’t believe that the 66 -year -old Tian Xinju came to the "holiday".

At first, Tian Xinju was just a physical discomfort, and thought that she was still the old problem, just drinking Chinese medicine for conditioning and conditioning.

Tian Xinju’s body happened cleverly at this time. At first, she just felt pain in the lower abdomen. She thought that she had eaten the wrong thing.

Tian Xinju found that she had come to a "holiday"!According to common sense, women generally stop at the age of fifty years old, and they will stop before the age of 55. This is now almost 70 years old.It is abnormal.

Huang Weiping learned that it was really scary. They lived for so many years. They have never met anyone who is 60 or 70 years old, and she will come to a holiday. Don’t look at Tian Xinju as a doctor before.I haven’t seen it before.

Tian Xinju pregnancy photo

I was so scared that the old couple hurried to the hospital to check their bodies. After all, the 60 or seventy -year -old people were ashamed to speak in this situation for a while. The doctor was strange and let them boldly say the situation to treat.

Tian Xinju said with a twist: "Doctor, I came for a holiday. I had a menopause more than ten years ago. How could this be this?" Am I sick? "

After listening, the doctor said that this situation was actually very common. After a series of inspections of Tian Xinju’s body, she found that her body was very young, only 47 years old.

In addition, Tian Xinju took those traditional Chinese medicines that promoted blood circulation and removing blood stasis for a long time, which allowed her to restore her menstruation, but the doctor made her do not worry. The menstruation was a good phenomenon, indicating that the body was very young, and the menstruation was not menstruation.Representatives restore fertility, and do not have to worry about getting pregnant.

Listening to the doctor said so straightforward, the old couple unknowingly blushed, but when they heard that the body was not obstructive, it was getting younger, which made them happy.

I thought I would come this time when I was thinking of the holiday. I did n’t want to have a few months. The holidays were visited as scheduled. It was particularly on time, but Tian Xinju ’s body did not have any discomfort.

It ’s just that I often have backache and back pain, and my body is weak, but this is the normal phenomenon of the holiday. Tian Xinju is not attentive, so every time in a special period, she will pay special attention to maintaining the body to avoid falling the root of the disease.It’s on time.

Until that time, the holiday was the only time that it did not come on time, and it was delayed for three or four days without seeing it. At that time, Tian Xinju was not attentive. After all, it was old, and it was normal for the holiday to stop.

However, the delay of the holiday, Tian Xinju’s body also followed the abnormal phenomenon. She became drowsiness. She woke up at five in the morning. Now she can sleep again for a while.

In addition, her back was painful and her belly was very swollen. After a few days, she began to vomit nausea. All kinds of phenomena were too pregnant, but Tian Xinju didn’t dare to think deeply.

So Tian Xinju and his wife came to the hospital for examination again. As a result, the inspection report came out and made the old couple dumbfounded. Even the doctor widened his eyes and checked it again and again, for fear that a dazzling was wrong.

The doctor rubbed his eyes and determined that he was right. The test results showed that Tian Xinju was pregnant!Yes, you read it right, a 67 -year -old lady, pregnant!

Huang Weiping

This is really inconsistent with common sense. Normal young people may not be able to conceive through test tubes, and this 67 -year -old man is pregnant with natural conception.Essence

This result made their old couples blank in their heads in an instant. It turned out that there were not only Tian Xinju, but also his wife Huang Weiping!

Tian Xinju didn’t know what to do for a while, and he was at a loss. This allows the neighborhood neighbors to know that he is pregnant with a lot of age. It is not allowed to drown himself on himself.

The doctor said to Tian Xinju: "You are not young, it will be dangerous during production, and the child may not be able to stand up to a full month. Two months now, I suggest you choose to induce labor."

Although the child is only two months old, it has been taken. Tian Xinju is really unbearable. After all, it is also a lively life, but after all, he is old. If he leaves a child, he does not want to have a burden on the children who have already become a family.

In total, the old couples, their monthly pensions are more than 10,000 yuan. It is more than enough to raise a child in this small city. Anyway, they usually have nothing to do.Will put pressure on children.

At the age of 67, he can still be pregnant. This is definitely a gift of God, so they decided to leave the child and name the child "Godci".

Huang Weiping takes children to play

After returning home, Huang Weiping immediately let Tian Xinju go to bed to rest, and he was very old, and he trot all the way to the supermarket to buy a bunch of supplements. He also bought an old hen and went home to stew his soup to drink.Said that Huang Weiping has surpassed 80 % of young men in the country.

The old couple did not dare to say about pregnancy, because they knew that if the children knew this, they would definitely oppose her to give birth to the child, so she kept hiding them.

In this way, they had been concealed for two months, but after all, the paper could not cover the fire. As the month increased, the belly gradually became bigger. The children went home to visit their parents and found that the mother’s belly was big.What’s going on, and Tian Xinju just said that he was fat.

However, Tian Xinju’s daughter found that things were wrong. Tian Xinju would vomit when she smelled the dishes. The rice that was eaten was spit out. All signs were as pregnant.

Seeing this, her daughter asked her mother again and asked her mother. Tian Xinju couldn’t hide it. Then she said the truth. After the children learned that the mother was pregnant, she looked at her mother incredible.

How could 67 -year -olds get pregnant?But this is the case. They asked their mother to have an induction of labor, but Tian Xinju had long been heartbroken to give birth to the child.

Seeing that their parents insisted on leaving their children, they were angry, claiming that if the mother really gave birth to the child, she would break the relationship with them.

This kind of performance of children is completely understandable. After all, parents are so old. There is nothing more than giving them a burden for them. Wasn’t they have to take care of their parents in the future.

Tian Xinju listened to this, and he didn’t fight anymore, claiming that he had two white -eyed wolves, and let them rest assured that having children was their business, had nothing to do with their children, and would never take care of their children in the future.It will be their burden.

Since Tian Xinju’s children learned that their mother was pregnant and insisted on giving birth to their children, the relationship between them had dropped to the freezing point, and Tian Xinju was unmoved at all. He never regret his choice and still gave birth to the child.

Huang Weiping also particularly supports his wife’s approach. When the child is born, they are completely capable of raising. Why can’t they give birth?

Huang Weiping hugs her daughter

Since then, Tian Xinju has raised his fetus at home with peace of mind. The door was not out of the same door, and Huang Weiping took all the housework and waited intimately the entire pregnancy of his wife.

It may be that Huang Weiping takes good care of it. In addition, Tian Xinju’s physical function has always been younger, so every time he goes to the hospital for a production inspection, the child has no problem and is very healthy.

Soon, Tian Xinju was approaching the due date. Huang Weiping had handled his wife at the hospital early. This special pregnant woman and doctors also met for the first time. Doctors and nurses were ready to take birth at any time for Tian Xinju for 24 hours.

Finally, Tian Xinju began to launch, and was urgently pushed to the delivery room by the doctor. Huang Weiping paced back and forth anxiously outside the operating room, for fear that his wife had any accidents.

It didn’t take long for the nurse to open the operating door and asked Tian Xinju’s family? Huang Weiping heard that he ran away immediately. The nurse told him that congratulations, congratulations, mother and daughter are a daughter.

Huang Weiping’s tears burst out in an instant. Fortunately, they were all safe and okay. His hanging heart finally let go. The 67 -year -old pregnant woman, successful women who succeeded in giving birth to a miracle in medicine. Presumably Huang Weiping never thought ofIt is really happy to "get a girl".

At this time, the 67 -year -old aunt gave birth to a child, which instantly caused huge controversy on the Internet …

Netizens have condemned their old couples without considering the feelings of their children. In the future, the couple of Tian Xinju are 80 years old, and their little daughter is just 13 years old.

At that time, I was difficult to protect myself. How could I still care about my daughter? Isn’t this time to trouble the children? If you say this, you will lose your children’s face, which is selfish.

Of course, some netizens stand on different sides. They think that although the old couple is old, they have a lot of monthly pensions. They have the ability to support children. Moreover, having children is also their own business. Why do you listen to others’ opinions?

For these two kinds of remarks, they are actually right, but they are different from each other. In any case, since the child has been born, then I wish them peace and happiness forever!What do you think about this?

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