The 55 -year -old aunt was "pregnant" for 22 years, and thought it was just a blessing. It turned out to be …

May 13th,

Aunt Yang, 55, who has been "pregnant" for 22 years,

Under the careful treatment of Baiyun District Second People’s Hospital,

Finally, he was successfully discharged from the hospital.

What happened to Aunt Yang’s "pregnancy" for 22 years?

I thought the days were better than the body and blessed

More than 20 years ago, Aunt Yang produced a pair of children twice two times, and then felt that her belly gradually became greater than ordinary people. Some neighbor neighbors also joked that she was pregnant again."At that time, the days were getting better, eating well, sleeping incense, and not uncomfortable body, I felt that she was happy and blessed." Aunt Yang told the author that she has often come to the ground for so many years to dry the ground to dry the ground.Click the small farm living, and there is little pain in your body.

Just more than a year ago, Aunt Yang’s belly was longer and bigger. For this weird physical condition, her family also persuaded her to go to the hospital for examination, but Aunt Yang, who felt her body was great, still did not pay attention to her attention.EssenceUntil April 26, Aunt Yang finally felt uneasy about her strange and fast -growing belly, and went to the Second People’s Hospital of Baiyun District to see a doctor.

At first, Aunt Yang thought it was a problem with the stomach, and went to the medical examination for examination.As soon as the examination was incredible, it was actually a huge ovarian tumor, and was quickly transferred to the obstetrics and gynecology department, and immediately asked for hospitalization.Medical staff of obstetrics and gynecology recalled that at the time, Aunt Yang’s belly was as big as a pregnant woman.

The tumor is completely removed for one hour

After the preliminary diagnosis of obstetrics and gynecology, Aunt Yang’s huge ovarian tumors needed surgical resection.Director of obstetrics and gynecology, Li Qin learned from Aunt Yang that she had two cesarean section surgery history, and pelvic cavity may have adhesion, which increased the risk of surgery.Promotion.

After consultation with multidisciplinary consultations in the hospital, patients are accompanied by basic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. The blood glucose is not controlled and the blood pressure is unstable. The diabetes and hypertension control must be stable before surgery.Prevent tumors from rupture and avoid planting in the abdominal cavity; in addition, patients with too large tumors and long -term compression, and abdominal pressure in the abdominal cavity after tumor resection will form a negative pressure, which will suddenly reduce the blood volume of the heart, leading to acute left heart failure and pulmonary edema, and pulmonary edemahappened.

Before the operation, a rigorous surgical plan was formulated after the consultation of the hospital for consultation to avoid the occurrence of patients during surgery and postoperative complications.On May 6, Aunt Yang had undergone surgery. During 1 hour of surgery, the medical staff opened the abdominal cavity and found that due to multiple surgery, the abdominal cavity was adhesive.Take out the tumor completely.After slowly released 2000ml liquid, the doctor took out a "big meatball" weighing 10 pounds from Aunt Yang’s ovarian.

The first huge ovarian tumor surgery in the hospital

The author learned that in medicine, the diameter of ovarian cysts> 10cm is defined as a huge ovarian cyst, and the size of Aunt Yang’s ovarian tumor makes the medical staff of the obstetrics and gynecology scared.

Master Dr. Li Qin said that there are many cases of ovarian tumors in the Second People’s Hospital of Baiyun District, but ovarian tumors with a diameter of 40cm are still the first case, and it is rare in the country.

After surgery, Aunt Yang was in a good spirit and his body recovered rapidly.The responsible nurse told the author that on the first day of the operation, Aunt Yang still needed to wrap the sandbag with abdomen."The ‘big meatball’ in her body has been for 22 years. If it is suddenly removed, the organs will not be able to adapt.occur."

On May 13, Aunt Yang’s ovarian tumor pathological examination results showed that the slurry cystic adenoma was accompanied by a wide infarction. With the gradual recovery of the body, the sandbags have also been removed.On the same day, Aunt Yang was discharged from the hospital. She was "unloading" for 22 years of "pregnancy". She also laughed and said that she felt very easy now. She would like to thank the medical staff in the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Second Hospital of the District.

Li Qin said that ovarian cysts are common diseases in women in childcare, and the incidence rate is about 7%. Because there is no discomfort, it is not easy to find. Therefore, it is necessary to check the body regularly.

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