The 48 -year -old sister -in -law classmate gathered to get pregnant unexpectedly.

There are accidents everywhere in life. The 48 -year -old sister Zhang has been divorced for many years, but what she did not expect was that a classmate party made her conceive the child of the male classmate. So, what’s going on?

According to Sister Zhang, because she declined many classmates gathering, when the class group once again called on the whole classmate to meet, Sister Zhang, who was not good at rejection, could only go.

Perhaps I have n’t seen it with her classmates for many years. Sister Zhang drank a lot of wine that night. After the meeting, a male student who was older than her said that he wanted to send her back.The relationship with the other party is very good, so she agrees without thinking much.

When I took a taxi, Sister Zhang and the male classmate talked more and more speculative, and then the male classmate proposed the idea of continuing to continue to talk with Zhang, and hinted that Zhang and him went to the hotel for one night.

Because I drank too much wine, Sister Zhang’s consciousness was not sober, so I pulled down a hotel when the other party was pulled down. When I woke up the next day, Sister Zhang was held in her arms by the male classmates.I didn’t wear it. Seeing this, Sister Zhang hurriedly put on her clothes and ran away quietly.

I thought this accident was just like this, but what I didn’t expect was that it didn’t take long for Zhang to have a discomfort. When she went to the hospital, she learned that she was pregnant. Obviously, this was the case.Children of male classmates.

I do n’t know what to do, and Zhang, who should be contacted by the male classmate, but the other person directly said, "The elderly at home always want a granddaughter and granddaughter. As long as Zhang Sister Zhang gave birth to the child, he immediately sent a house to him immediately, Coupled with the cost of 60,000 yuan. "

After hearing the temptation of the male classmate "money", Sister Zhang shaken instantly. One was because since the divorce, she has always taken the child alone, and it is not easy. The other is because she and the male classmate are not too deep.Feelings, giving her a child is a sale. After giving birth, I can leave directly. The third is because Sister Zhang currently does not work. That is to say, she has no source of income. ThereforeTemptation, she was tempted.

In the end, Sister Zhang decided to reach a transaction with the male classmates, gave birth to the children in the stomach, and replaced the house and ticket promised by the male classmates.

However, after the two had determined this "transaction", they never met again and had no idea of each other.

However, Sister Zhang’s male classmates also showed that "he can bear all the costs of the child", but it is said that there is another meaning in the other party’s words.bear.

Hearing this, Sister Zhang thought that "the child can’t bear the wolf", so she said that she could bear the cost of having a child first, and then asked for a male classmate to set up money.

But what Mrs. Zhang did not expect was that the male classmates who promised all the fees of the child would definitely have the child. After she gave birth to a child, she changed the hexagram on the spot.Essence

In desperation, Sister Zhang could only raise the child alone. After that, in order to go to the school to study in elementary school, Sister Zhang could only go to the male classmate unit to find her leader to help solve it, but what I did not expect was that the male classmates were in exchange for the male classmates.Fighting.

After the incident, Sister Zhang completely understood the male classmate.

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