The 46 -year -old pregnant woman Cai Shaofen fights for three babies to do morning exercises.

❤ Hong Kong sister Cai Shaofen has always been an enviable heroine. She and Zhang Jin’s sister and brother have been in love for so many years, not only blossoming and fruiting, but now they have been happy and sweet now.ah.

❤ At the age of 46, after she announced her third child, her life basically focused on reassuring her child. She was captured and went shopping with her husband many times.The outing, this kind of happiness and sweetness is really enviable.

❤ However, Cai Shaofen does not stop at home at home. The elderly pregnant women are like a 20 -year -old pregnant woman and jumps lively. This is really startled.This is not September 22nd, Cai Shaofen showed exaggerated movements on a three -child pregnant belly on WB to make a movement jump, and wrote "Sunday, Sports Day", an elderly pregnant woman, is this really okay?

❤ First of all, Cai Shaofen was next to the railing in the community. She had a happy smile and a bright smile. Yes, she must have taken her husband Zhang Jin.She wore a dark purple short -sleeved sweater this time and made her legs.Dark purple is one of the more charming colors and it is also difficult to match.Generally, it cannot be done too complicated.The dark purple can just set off her fair skin and look younger.

The sweaters are generally simple and atmospheric, and are used in leisure activities or exercise.It can be seen that Cai Shaofen deliberately came out of Ying Jing’s "Exercise Day".

❤ and Cai Shaofen’s clothes are not bad, it is more suitable.Under the purple that is difficult to match, a pair of black pants are paired with a pair of black pants. Black is one of the versatile colors. It can just neutralize the dark purple charm, so that the overall feeling is more coordinated.

She wears a pair of white sneakers on her feet, which is also wearing an artifact "small white shoes". White is versatile, so small white shoes and black, dark purple hue coordination, feel less dazzling, it looks very coordinated and looks very coordinatedComfortable.

❤ Cai Shaofen did a variety of classic bodybuilding movements. Like yoga, the legs were balanced after one leg, and the movement looked very skilled.Unexpectedly, Cai Shaofen as a high -necked pregnant woman, her posture was smart and light, which was really unbelievable.However, this action makes people look a little scared. Isn’t the 46 -year -old pregnant woman growing a movement?

❤ Even more surprised, she actually made a high jump, looking at the photos, jumping up and leaving the ground with 20-30 cm.It was suffocating, so surprised that the editor was about to drop his chin.Can she really turn a blind eye?I have to say that Cai Shaofen is too brave and bold.

❤ Although Cai Shaofen is rarely seen in a sweater, she is very cool once she worn.This dark blue sweater fights the navy camouflage green hat, it feels very stylish, wearing a pair of color -changing sunglasses, which is handsome.

Cai Shaofen has debuted from Hong Kong. For so many years, not only has super good acting skills, he has appeared in various classic film and television dramas, and has won a lot of praise and good reputation; he also has quite high emotional intelligence.This editor mentioned the special article the day before yesterday.

After 11 years of marriage, he was still praising his husband’s handsome high -profile.This old husband and wife, can you do it?Can you praise your husband 11 years after getting married?Praise your wife?Don’t look in white!Not nagging!Not sour him (she), it is already good if it is not ironic!

❤ Cai Shaofen: Why … I am so happy, you have you … it is good.This kind of gratitude, the old husband and wife after 11 years of marriage, can speak such words, no one, only Cai Shaofen!Xiaobian likes her![Thumbs up]

A few days ago, Cai Shaofen died on the day, and her husband Zhang Jin gave her a handful of roses, and her intimate dumb.Although this picture is a bit vulgar, Cai Shaofen looks really happy.Zhang Jin’s little heart, full of sense of ritual, this wave of sweet dog food makes people feel really happy.

❤ If you can get a little heart, you can be moved, and the girl who can be happy should be a personality, the easiest girl, you must cherish them!Cai Shaofen is like this.

❤ Cai Shaofen and Zhang Jin participated in the recording of "My Favorite Woman" last time. Cai Shaofen appeared in a pregnant belly.Wearing a relatively loose long printed T -shirt, holding Zhang Jin’s hand and walking on the seaside.Although the big print clothing grabbing the mirror, the obvious bulging belly was even more spicy. At the age of 46, he was fighting for three babies. He was still adding his children to Zhang Jin. Cai Shaofen’s operation was really positive.

❤ Cai Shaofen’s 46 -year -old pregnant woman, wearing a dark purple sweater to make a big split and a small jump, is it really okay?The editor felt a little scary. I was afraid that the pregnant women and her baby in her stomach could not hold these actions.Do you feel scary?Welcome to leave a message.


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