The 46 -year -old big S, regardless of epilepsy and the threat of death, is pregnant again, it has been 2 months on the Internet

Canada Canada reported on July 22: The big S, who had rescued because of his coma, was pregnant again, and it has been more than 2 months on the Internet.In 2022, although Da S and Wang Xiaofei had divorced, they each seemed to live on Weibo hot search, and the two frequently revealed news.

Recently, the entertainment media broke the news that Big S has been pregnant for 2 months. For love, regardless of his own disease and the risk of death of the elderly mother, it really loves Junjun.

For Big S, when she was pregnant with the first daughter Wang Xiyue, she had a weighing weight, which caused her beauty to collapse.Later, the second child Wang Xizheng was allergic to the drug. For a time, he was unconscious because of the abdominal colic, and he almost died on the operating table.Later, I lay in the ICU for 10 days, and then left the sequelae of epilepsy. So far, I need to adhere to the medicine.

Because of this, she said her statement that she didn’t want to regenerate her child.

But at that time, when she and Wang Xiaofei were so deep, in 2021, Da S was pregnant with 3 babies. Unfortunately, she miscarriage and her body fell into the root cause.

If she was really pregnant this time, it must be that she had a very beautiful Jun, and she had to give him a child regardless of life!

The media that broke the media had a nose and eyes. He also said, "Ge Junyi’s mother wanted to hug her grandson. When I heard the good news, I hurried to find a heart disease medicine, for fear that I was too excited to commit sickness."

But is this true?

Xiaobian made the power of Honghuang to check it, and the answer was not very real.Because if the big S is really pregnant, the news must come from her friends and relatives in Taiwan, and it must be the first to know the news in the Taiwan media.But at present, only some entertainment gossips in the Mainland are passing, and Taiwan’s entertainment magazines have no movement.

Why do you say that?First of all, Gu Junzhang and Da S are currently settled in Taiwan, and some performance activities will be carried out in Taiwan for some time.To find that Big S was pregnant, Taiwan paparazzi had already taken pictures under the floor!

Recently, the two were photographed together with friends such as Jay Chou and Lin Junjie, and they could not see signs of big S pregnancy at all.

On July 16th, Ge Junye was encountered by netizens at the subway station in Kaohsiung. He said that a series of nightclubs recently asked him as a DJ guest to attend the event.In the event of the media, I did not disclose any news about pregnancy.

On July 18th, the two people pressed the road in the pedestrian street in Taipei after eating at night, and were encountered by netizens. Looking at the figure of the big S, they did not see the swelling of pregnancy at all.Mouth dog food.

Gu Junyi also said that in the future, he will basically live in Taiwan. Unless you have something at home, you will go back to South Korea -Taiwan paparazzi will have the opportunity to squat and capture almost every day.

Secondly, the physical condition of Big S is very bad.Don’t look at her and Ge Junye’s wedding look red, and the whole person is full of energy, but in fact her physical condition has already begun to turn on the red light.

Big S’s mother recently said: "In addition to epilepsy and heart disease, Xiyuan also has depression, her body is not good, often stressful or cold, and it will faint when she is too cold.To maintain a happy mood. "

Even if Ge Junye and his mother said on the Internet, "Very eager to have a child to take over", it is impossible for Big S to get pregnant unexpectedly under such a poor physical condition.Otherwise, children are likely to unexpectedly abortion like a third child.Big S is already a category of dangerous danger among elderly women. Once there is any loss, it will be lost.

From this point of view, the so -called "big S has been pregnant for 2 months" may just impose their expectations for marriage on the newlywed couple.

As the entertainment star on the cusp of the wind, the big S family does have some winds and grass, and will be used by people to make a big article and over -interpret it.

Sometimes it was not much of the case. After the media fermented, let alone ordinary netizens believed that even Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Lan’s mother and son believed in across the network -so they began to post their dissatisfaction.

Recently, the behavior of Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Yingying was interpreted by netizens -in the horn of revenge in the face of Jun Da S Junjun.

It is reported that on July 19, many netizens encountered Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Yingying outside a hot pot restaurant in Chongqing.The two who have been denied the relationship before, even wore couple shoes this time.Also along the way, there were another online celebrity Lin Han and late couples.

Although Zhang Lan has been denied in the live broadcast, he also said, "If there is a good woman, what dare not make it public? Who is full at home and lives with the shit shell Lang."

But there is no difference between the two people’s open couples and public love.For Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Yingying, who have always been low -key, their behavior was interpreted by netizens as a declaration of war like a big S.Because Big S was photographed the night before, he was tightly fingered with Ge Junjun.

I do n’t know what the rumors of big S have been passed on the entire network this time. What will Wang Xiaofei, who has always been angry, will have it?

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