The 45 -year -old woman who worked hard for the second child grew up crazy for half a year: loss of appetite is not pregnant, but it grows ten pounds.

In half a year, she found that her stomach was growing rapidly, accompanied by pain and loss of appetite -thinking that the "second child" really came. Who knows, when she went to the hospital, she had a big problem!

On May 29th, the 45 -year -old Shaoyang woman underwent a general hemp spleen removal at the Second People’s Hospital of Hunan Province. The doctor took nearly ten pounds of rare giant spleen during the operation.

Ms. Wu, 45, is from Shaoyang, Hunan. She has a child with her husband. The family is happy and harmonious.Since the liberalization of the two -child policy, Ms. Wu and her husband discussed to regenerate a child and promote the word "good" to facilitate pregnancy to prepare for pregnancy in the second half of last year.

"According to Ms. Wu’s husband, Mr. Li, during the process of pregnancy, Ms. Wu had some physical discomfort and had symptoms of abdominal pain and bloating in January this year."Ms. Wu found that she began to "gain weight", especially the abdomen was larger than before.At this time, Ms. Wu conducted early pregnancy testing and did not find pregnancy.

At that time, because the degree of abdominal pain was not severe and tolerated, Ms. Wu didn’t care, but she felt that her abdomen was still growing and her abdominal distension was more obvious.Recently, Ms. Wu went to the local hospital to conduct maternity consultation accompanied by her husband. Unexpectedly, the doctor found in the examination that Ms. Wu’s spleen had a big problem!

"According to Mr. Li, the local hospital suggested that the couple went to the large hospital to check immediately." Zhang Yu said that after inquiring from many parties, the two found that Professor He Hengzheng, director of the Minimally Invasive Surgery of the Second People’s Hospital of Hunan Province, further diagnosed and treated.

After Professor He Hengzheng’s consultation, he conducted a detailed inspection of Ms. Wu. The results showed that the spleen surpassed the middle line to the right, and the bottom of the umbilical was extended to the bottom of the pot.Symptoms, "The giant spleen occupies most of the patient’s abdominal space, squeezed to the liver and stomach organs. Such a large spleen has been very rare in recent years." Professor He Hengzheng explained that "Normal adult spleen is only the size of fist, the weight is about about about the size, the weight is about about about150 ~ 200 grams, and Ms. Wu’s spleen should be dozens of times normally, and surgery needs to be performed. Otherwise, it is likely that patients will gradually develop severe abdominal distension, spleen rupture, digestive tract bleeding, or severe infection due to granulocytes.

"The giant spleen is like a ‘time bomb’. It may cause spontaneous or traumatic rupture at any time, causing major bleeding and endangering patient life." He Hengzheng explained.

After full discussion and analysis, on the morning of May 29, Professor He Hengzheng surgery team performed giant spleen removal for Ms. Wu.During the operation, the expert opened the patient’s abdominal cavity carefully, and carefully separated, removed and removed the spleen.

After weighing after surgery, this giant spleen has about 5,000 grams of nearly ten pounds. How is Professor Hengzhi said that it is more than 30 times the normal spleen.After the surgery, after careful treatment, Ms. Wu’s condition was greatly improved, and various indicators gradually returned to normal. It is currently under further rehabilitation treatment.

Under normal circumstances, the location of the human spleen is under the rib, and the body surface cannot be touched.Professor He Hengzheng explained that the giant spleen is a severe type of spleen mall, and the spleen sizes exceed the umbilical horizontal line.The giant spleen is mainly found in patients with chronic cell leukemia, bone marrow fibrosis, malignant lymphoma, Gobbest disease, Niman-Pyx disease, hemorrhale disease and liver cirrhosis and other diseases.Patients may have abdominal pain, abdominal distension, bleeding gums, bruises in the skin, or the patient’s subjective feeling of growing up quickly.

Therefore, the public should be reminded that if the above similar symptoms and manifestations should be treated in a timely manner to check if there is a symptom of spleen, or even giant spleen, and find problems in time.

Today Women’s Daily/Fengwang reporter Li Shiyun Correspondent Liu Li

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