The 43 -year -old Baoma successfully gave birth to a baby baby. When it comes to the process, it is really …

Lin Miao Miao’s mother in the TV series "Juvenile School" gave birth to a second child in the previous fire, and when she graduated from the Miao Miao Senior Senior High School, in real life, this kind of thing is really not a small number. One of my patients Ms. ZhangThat’s the case.

Ms. Zhang is 43 years old and has a daughter, 18 years old, and has just taken the college entrance examination.When her daughter went to junior high school, Ms. Wang and her husband began to prepare for a second child. As a result, she was not pregnant for five or six years.He also performed large and small surgery, and never conceived.

Last year they came to my clinic. After understanding their situation, I first encouraged them to maintain a good mentality. It is not necessary to take the child overnight.Purpose.The inspection found that the "channel" of Ms. Zhang’s sperm and eggs was blocked, accompanied by the symptoms of PCOS, first performed a minimally invasive surgery, and then used a special Chinese medicine preparation to condition. After that, she was given home to try her pregnancy. Fortunately, the third is the third.I was pregnant in a month.

The six years of longing for the sons, once in pregnancy, the family cherishes.His daughter is also very well -behaved and sensible, and carefully reviews the preparations without letting her parents worry.After the daughter’s college entrance examination, their family ushered in the birth of the second child. She was a cute male baby. Ms. Zhang said happily: "Waiting for the daughter’s admission notice to the full moon wine, double joy is coming."

Today, there are more and more women who prepare for pregnancy. Most of them are having a second child, and some are one child.So what should I pay attention to in the process of preparing for pregnancy?Let me mention some precautions with you:

1. If you have a pregnancy plan, make a maternity assessment in advance, do a physical examination and reproductive system examination, and have a full understanding of your physical condition.

2. Add nutrients such as folic acid and trace elements in advance.

3. Do the ideological work of the elderly and children, calm down the mindset, and reduce stress.

4. Develop good living habits, strengthen exercise, avoid staying up late, quit smoking and alcohol.

In the end, I suggest that old female friends intend to have a second child. Do not try to treat it for one or two years before treatment. If you have a second child, you have to let the doctor evaluate the reproductive ability. If you need help or treatmentThe ovarian function decreased, and the second child was welcomed, and the happiness and happiness of the family ushered in!

OK, share here today. If you encounter relevant difficult problems or puzzles during pregnancy, you can leave a message below, and I will answer questions as soon as possible.

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