The 41 -year -old lady’s abdominal distension and pain is the "running" of the birthplace and through the uterine wall and the intestine

Nandu News Reporter Li Wen, intern, Feng Jingyin, correspondent Peng Fengmei, Zhu Qinwen Zhou Jingting, Jiangxi, Jiangxi, and A Ping (a pseudonym) felt pain in the abdomen swelling. When he checked, he found that there was a metal object in the abdomen.Wall and intestine, recently, A Ping completed minimally invasive surgery at the Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital of Southern Medical University and took out the shift.

A Ping was 41 years old. He was born in Ganzhou, Jiangxi. In recent months, he felt bloating and pain. He also had a low fever. He was introduced to the Southern Medical University Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital through the introduction of Tongxiang to find Xue Qi, the director of the abdominal surgery.

Before coming to Guangzhou, A Ping had a colonoscopy in the local hospital and found that there was a "hole" on the rectum.

In the process of perfecting the inspection, Xue Qi also found that it was not just as simple as diverticulum. "As soon as he found a CT, there is a metal texture in the uterine cavity. Wearing a uterine, the location is close to the position of the diverticulum."

Combined with the situation of A Ping’s placement, Xue Qi basically determined the perforation of the uterine rectum caused by the shift of the birth ring.Gynecology tried to take out vagina through the vagina, but because the shifting rings were deep through the uterine wall, they could not be taken out. Xue Qi adopted a minimally invasive surgery of the abdomen and took out the "random running".Intestinal breakthrough repair.As the birth ring tied in the intestine, the metal head had rusted, causing A Ping’s infection and fever symptoms.

Xue Qi said that the breeding ring is one of the contraceptive methods commonly used by women. This situation is rare. There are a small amount of reports from the abdominal cavity, bladder and intestines.The serious consequences, like A Ping, penetrate the uterus and break the rectum after the shift of the birth ring. The incidence is actually very low. "You can’t be scared because of this rare situation.In comparison, unexpected pregnancy and artificial abortion hurt the body more. "But pay attention to the review after leaving the ring, and find a specialist for treatment as early as possible.

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