The 41 -year -old expectant mother test tube tube for pregnancy to help the child.

We all know that women with normal fertility ability generally get pregnant after one year of pregnancy.If you have not been able to conceive the child and wife for more than one year, what is the reason for going to the hospital.Like many infertile women, Ms. Chen had a long time after marriage and did not see movement. She went to local hospitals for examination and found that there were ovarian cysts.

In order to successfully have children, in 2008, Ms. Chen underwent ovarian cyst removal surgery. She still failed to conceive in the next two years. She went to the hospital for review and found chocolate cysts in 11 years. She performed surgery again.

At the age of 35, she officially embarked on the road of test tube pregnancy. The process of twists and turns for her childhood was exhausted!

After a year, the hope of natural pregnancy is getting smaller and smaller. Ms. Chen, 35, officially embarked on the road of test tube pregnancy.The next test tube for pregnancy to help the child is full of twists and turns.According to Ms. Chen: For the first time, she made a test tube in a local hospital in Shenyang in 2014. At that time, she took 15 eggs in the hospital. I thought I could become one.end.Coupled with the sacity of a lot of eggs at the time, she decided to change the hospital for a trial.

In 2017, she came to a hospital in Harbin for a test tube. At that time, two eggs were taken out. This time, even the embryo could not be matched.EssenceThis time, I took 4 eggs in the hospital and matched it into two embryos, but it still failed after transplantation.

Talking about the experience of the failure of pregnancy aids in a row, Ms. Yang said: After the failure, the doctor did not say the specific reason.

Thank you in the Internet era and let her meet Director Shen Wanying of Jiaen Deyun Hospital!

An unexpected opportunity, in 2020, through the online live science popularization test tube knowledge, she learned that the family Enshun Hospital did a good reputation for test tubes.With the mentality of the last trial, she left her hometown on August 28, 2020 at the age of 40 and came to the Beijing Family Enshun Hospital.

After a series of reproductive health examinations, combined with Ms. Chen’s previous treatment experience and her physical condition, Director Shen Wanying of our hospital formulated her IVF treatment plan for her.On September 9th, 4 eggs were taken at the Beijing Jiaen Deyun Hospital, all of which were allocated into embryos, and two of them were high -quality embryos.Considering that Ms. Chen’s age is already an elderly person today, Director Shen arranged embryo transplant surgery for her on September 12th. On September 23, Ms. Chen’s embryo transplantation went to the hospital for blood for 11 days.

Regarding the reasons for the previous failure, although Ms. Chen did not know, but when she talked about this successful experience, Ms. Chen shared tears: I really regret coming to the family of Encyun Hospital to come late and should come earlier.I think the success of this transplantation is mainly due to Director Shen’s rich clinical experience in test tubes, and it has a lot to do with the tube protection after test tube transplantation.Director Shen told me that 3 days after embryo transplantation was the most unstable time, combined with my previous many failure experiences, and in the stage of pregnancy, she suggested that I was hospitalized for 4-5 days.I was kept for 6 days at Jia Enderen Hospital. I felt that this was still very helpful for this success. During the tire protection of the tire at Jia En Deren Hospital, there were doctors and nurses every day.Come with three meals a day.

In addition, I also arranged a psychological counselor to guide my mood. In the past few days, I had a very comfortable and good mood.The factors of all this made me finally ushered in my first baby baby at the age of 41.

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