The 4 symptoms during pregnancy depends on whether you have a man or a woman

After pregnancy, the whole family has entered a state of joy.Every day’s companionship, every day, is for the arrival of this little life.Moreover, the whole family is paying attention to the health of the fetus. Of course, it will be curious if it is.Dad thought, is it a daughter or a son?Grandma thinks, will it be a grandson or a granddaughter?Today, Xiaobian led parents to see which symptoms can judge the gender of the fetus.

Change of taste

Folklobs have always been sour women.If the lady always likes to eat sweet and spicy things, but after pregnancy, she likes sourness, and has acne on her nose. It is generally girl.If you are pregnant, the taste will not change, and you will eat what you usually like to eat.

The second child’s heart is fast and slow

Based on the fast and slow fetal heart, the gender of the fetus can also be judged, which is also a general predictive predictive method.If the fetal heart is strong, it is usually boys, and vice versa.

Three look at the nipple to judge the sex of the fetus

"" Male left and female right, gestational milk is the master."The color of the fetus can be judged through the color of the nipple of the pregnant woman. If the left nipple color is darker or almost black, it can be judged as a pregnant male fetus, otherwise a female fetus." Traditional Chinese medicine said that the gender of the fetus discriminated by this method "almost ten stability and nine stability."

Siqing Palace Treasure Boy Boys Watch

A boys and women’s watches were found in the Forbidden City of my country, and it has a history of more than 300 years.It was used for the use of Wang Ye and concubine at the time, with an accuracy rate of 99%. Its principle does not discuss it in detail here. It can only be said that this form is the crystallization of ancient wisdom in my country.And after being tested by Xiaobian’s family.It is 100 % correct to judge men and women on the dates on the table. The tests of Xiaobian are not too much, but there are siblings, two sisters, and sister -in -law. None of them are very wrong.There is nothing wrong.

In fact, no matter whether men and women are their own flesh, what are the differences between men or women and women, but I hope that the fetus is healthy and healthy, and the whole family grows happily together!

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