The 4 common contraceptive methods in my country, the third most of the majority of couples, are commonly used, and they are less harmful to women.



With the increase of parenting costs, more and more couples have begun to study contraception, but some of them are not particularly good because of the wrong method. In fact, there are four contraception methods in my country. The three majority of couples are commonly used, and the harm to women is relatively small.

The first type: staggered danger period

The dangerous period is the ovulation period of our women. Generally, before the menstruation and before the two worships of menstruation, this period is the danger period we commonly known.The probability of pregnancy.

However, this contraceptive measure is relatively poor. After all, even if it is not in a dangerous period, it still has the probability of pregnancy, so it usually uses this method as little as possible.

Second: oral contraceptive pill

There are two types of oral contraceptives, one is emergency contraceptives, and the other is taken for a long time. Generally speakingTherefore, although long -term contraceptives can be adopted, it is still controversial.

Of course, emergency contraceptives are a means when necessary, because emergency contraceptives will cause certain damage to the human body, which is just a remedial measure.

Third: condom

The condom is the most secure contraceptive measure today. It can not only avoid germs and viruses from entering the body, but also effective contraception. It can be said to be a safe and reliable contraceptive method. Compared with other contraceptive measures, not only the success rate is high, but the side effects are low, but the side effects are low., It can be described as a must -have for the sweet couple’s home.

The fourth type: breeding ring and ligation

Although the birth ring and ligation seem to be "once and for all", in fact, the risk is very large, because after all, it is surgery for the human body. Male ligation is relatively better because it is a very small surgery, and the female wearing a breeding ring belongs to mediumSurgery, coupled with the "Ann" in the body, is likely to occur in rejection in the future.

Therefore, if these two methods are not very necessary, it is not as safe and reliable as the third contraceptive measures.

It can be seen that contraceptive methods are indeed necessary. If there are doubtful couples, you may wish to understand why contraception and what impact of infertility will have.

Impact one: I conceive my child again

Those who have no intention of their children to want their children are either the Dink tribe or the power to raise another child. This situation is not uncommon in our lives. After all, with the increase in living costs and parenting costs, a child will undoubtedly be a child.Reduce the quality of life and even sacrifice the cost of parenting.

However, now that we raising children usually intend to raise talents, rather than raising one, and the different mentality also makes us think deeply before raising children. If you cannot give better educational resources and parenting resources, you would rather have less would rather be less than less.Birth and excellent life, and do not want to have too many children to let themselves panic.

Impact 2: Due to abortion damage to the body

Some young men and women may be stimulated for a while without taking related contraceptive measures. However, this approach will only cause more damage to women’s bodies. After all, the damage to the human body is no less than the harm to the human body.Regardless of whether men themselves must be conscious, women themselves know that contraception is actually protecting themselves.

After all, if the abortion hurts the body, it is actually itself that will be hurt, and it may also cause future fertility problems, or other gynecological diseases. Therefore, it is recommended that women have a clear cognition in this regard.

Contraception is actually a protection measure. Therefore, no matter whether you are married or not, you must take these safety measures to protect yourself. At the same time, you are respecting life. OtherwiseWomen and fetuses that have no chance to be born.

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