The 38 -year -old woman knew that she had been pregnant at home for 24 weeks: "I should go to the hospital early to check it" "

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"I only know that I have been pregnant for 24 weeks after abortion."

Recently, a hot search news caused heated discussion among netizens. The content was: The woman’s pregnancy did not know, and the aura abortion was mistaken for menstruation.

Ms. Qian, 38 -year -old Qian in Wuhan, Hubei, suddenly discharged a slap "meat ball" at home a few days ago.

She went to the hospital for a doctor and found that she was aborted.

It is understood that Ms. Qian had a cesarean section in 2013, and in 2019, she cut off the right fallopian tube due to external pregnancy.

In recent years, she has become blessed. She weighs 200 pounds with a height of 165 cm, and her menstruation has been irregular.

The menstruation has been here this year, and the menstruation has not yet come, and there will not be a small amount of bleeding until May.

On July 10, Ms. Qian felt a faint pain in her lower abdomen, and she didn’t care because of her pain.

Until 8 pm on July 14, abdominal pain was intensified and accompanied by swelling. By about 10:30 pm, she excreted a bloody "meat ball", which was the fetus that had been 24 weeks.

Because there is still a residual placenta in the palace cavity of Ms. Qian, the doctor had a clear palace surgery.

After Ms. Qian’s experience was issued, it caused heated discussion among netizens:

"Don’t she know about pregnancy? Should I have fetal movements in 24 weeks?"

"The fallopian tube is cut off. The chance of pregnancy is not high."

"Six months of pregnancy, I don’t know it at all …."

"I have been in 24 weeks and 6 months, and hasn’t the stomach changed for 6 months?"

"24 weeks? I don’t know if I have been pregnant for 6 months, so careless."

"Does anyone really feel pregnant at all?

It ’s really the world’ s greatness. In addition to sighing, the pregnant mother must also remind that there are signals for pregnancy. Pregnant mothers must pay attention to the symptoms of the body.

The woman’s abdominal pain can seek medical treatment and know that she has been pregnant until the full moon

It turns out that someone really feels pregnant at all

I still remember the hot search news a while ago: The woman’s abdominal pain was pregnant, she was pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy.

To tell the truth, it would be unimaginable if it was not an authoritative media report.

Ms. Zhao from Jiangsu suddenly had a pain when she was at work, and became stronger after a few hours.

I went to the hospital for examination and was pregnant, and it was full of time. Abdominal pain was that the baby was going to be born.

After surgery, Ms. Zhao gave birth to a male treasure of more than 7 pounds.

It wasn’t until the baby was born that Ms. Zhao knew she was pregnant.

According to news reports, because of the uterine cavity adhesion and irregular menstruation, Ms. Zhao felt that she was not easy to get pregnant.

This is really incredible, and there are many such experiences. Many people did not know that they were pregnant until they were born.

"My neighbors, obesity, and abnormal menstruation, I know that there are babies."

"I am a slightly fatter colleague who knows that I want to be a mother for 6 months."

"I have a colleague who knows that I am pregnant at 5 months of pregnancy."

I have to say that this pregnancy seems to be relaxed, but it is very dangerous.

The above Ms. Qian suddenly bleed and miscarriage. Ms. Qian was even detected in high blood pressure. The early stage of severe eclampsia was all very dangerous acute. In the end, Ms. Zhao was emergency cesarean section.

To give birth to a healthy baby to be born, to ensure the safety of the mother, it must be inseparable from the escort of the doctor of the inspection.

Is it easy to get pregnant with a fallopian tube on one side?

Not easy to get pregnant, it is not equal to not getting pregnant

Let’s talk about Ms. Qian’s experience first.

Some netizens have said that the chance of removing the fallopian tube on one side is not high.

That’s right, the fallopian tube plays a vital role in pregnancy.

Under normal circumstances, each woman has two healthy functions of normal fallopian tubes, and the fallopian tubes are super important.

After ovulation ovulation, the fallopian tube is responsible for picking up the eggs, sent to the lumen of the fallopian tube, waiting for the sperm to swim from the vagina cavity, fertilize in the fallopian tube’s cavity, and then swim back to the uterine cavity, then beddevelopment.

If the fallopian tube cannot work normally, it cannot be completed, and you cannot get pregnant at all.

Is it possible to affect the surrogacy due to special reasons for special reasons?

The answer is: it will not affect conception!

If you just do the fallopian tube resection on one side, there is no inflammation on the other side, and without any incomparable, ovulation is normal, and it will not affect normal conception.

Even if there is a lack of tubes, as long as other indicators are normal, the fallopian tubes on one side can make mothers get pregnant normally.

So do not think that you are not pregnant. If you do n’t have a pregnancy plan, you must take good care of it.

These symptoms of the body are telling you

you are pregnant

In fact, as long as you look closely, most mothers are pregnant.

The long -term menstruation, increasing belly, and drowsy spirit are all symptoms of pregnancy.

The mother who had collected the symptoms of the first pregnancy with the mothers before the pregnant mother, many mothers gave the answer:

"Dreaming of pregnancy, and then getting up to test pregnancy, it is true."

"Auntie discovered it without coming."

"Every day is sleepy, walking on the road is also sleepy, especially sleepy at noon.

"Always hungry and always want to eat."

"For more than 20 days, I was sleepy and disgusting frequently during the period.

"Relatives have always been on time, and suddenly late."

The arrival of the little angel will definitely send a signal, depending on whether the mothers can catch it.

Today’s pregnancy mother came to sort out the first symptoms of pregnancy:

First: menstruation does not come as scheduled

For mothers with a quasi -menstrual cycle, this is a very direct signal. If menstruation has always been accurate, it is suddenly delayed, and it may be pregnant.

So it is a good habit to record your menstrual cycle.

Second: nausea nausea

About a quarter of the pregnant mother after pregnancy is the nausea nausea, because the changes in hormones will make the mothers very sensitive to the smell.

Third: breast tenderness

Breast tissue is very sensitive to hormones, so hormone changes after pregnancy will receive signals as soon as possible.

In most cases, after two weeks of pregnancy, it feels like breast tenderness. This is normal, and the breasts will become plump.

Fourth: Sudden frequent urination

The blood level in the body will increase after pregnancy, and the kidney will produce additional liquid, which will cause many mothers to have frequent urination in the early pregnancy.

If you suddenly find that you have become frequent to the toilet, you may be pregnant.

Fifth: low back pain, uterine spasm

Pregnancy causes a lot of unexpected physical discomfort. My most obvious is low back pain. At that time, I thought it was wrong. I didn’t understand that I was pregnant before menstruation.

Mild uterine spasm and low back pain are also symptoms of early pregnancy.

Sixth: Abnormal bleeding

Bed bleeding may occur in the early stages of pregnancy. This occurs around 6-12 days after conception. Not all pregnant mothers will have bed bleeding, but this is one of the symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy.

The amount of bed bleeding will not be much, and the color is different from the menstrual period. It is pink or brown.

If there are mild bleeding and accompanied by other symptoms, it may be pregnant!

Seventh: physical strength and spirit are poor

Fatigue is one of the symptoms of early pregnancy. Even if the daily schedule has not changed, it is very lethargic and just want to sleep every day.

The fatigue of unknown causes may be a sign of pregnancy.

Eighth: Taste changes

Suddenly I wanted to eat sour, or like spicy food, or very disgusted with the food that I had loved, and the sudden change of taste was also the symptoms of early pregnancy.

Okay, the popular science is complete!

I hope that the little pregnant women can receive the signal of the baby’s arrival and go to the hospital for examination in time. The safe and healthy pregnancy is responsible for themselves and the baby!

At the end of the text:

How do you find that you are pregnant?

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“38 -year -old woman has abortion at home and knows 24 weeks pregnant””

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