The 37 -year -old woman is pregnant, and the uterus is empty!The doctor took it out through the navel …

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Nearly two months of pregnancy, the germ was found in the fallopian tube; no problem was found in 34 weeks of pregnancy, but suddenly had a headache. Both mothers and fetuses had life -threatening …

With Erbao was a happy thing, but the experience of these two "old" pregnant mothers in the near future really made people sweat.

But this is not a special case!

According to data from the Wenzhou Maternal and Child Health Care Institute, there were 125,000 pregnant women in our city in 2017, of which nearly 60 % were high -risk pregnant women, reaching 73,000.

Therefore, ladies, the stories of pregnant mothers below must be carefully read, cherish baby and cherish herself.Men are requested to see the "pain" experienced and more understanding, it is not easy for pregnant mothers.

37 -year -old Amei: The stomach often hurts slightly

Nearly two months pregnant, I checked in the uterus empty

Yongjia’s Ame (pseudonym) is 37 years old and has a son.

"I always wanted to give Dabao a younger brother or sister." Earlier this year, she was surprised to find that she was pregnant. After confirming it with a pregnancy test stick, she didn’t go to the hospital.

In the days after, her stomach often hurt slightly. With the experience of Sheng Dabao, Amei thought that it was the child who was developing, so she didn’t take it seriously.Because I am busy, I want to wait for the first -class checkup.

Who would have thought that when the "Auntie" hadn’t come for 53 days, that is, last week, she bleeds in addition to her stomachache.

This is still possible. Hurry to the hospital and the results of the examination are frightened: the uterus is "empty", and the germ is in the fallopian tube.Doctors diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy (commonly known as ectopic pregnancy).

"In the urgent charge, the ectopic pregnancy must be terminated through surgery." Yan Yuhong, deputy chief physician of the gynecological department of Wenzhou Central Hospital, decided to perform a single -hole laparoscopic surgery for Amei.Embryo (below ↓↓).

Ms. Fang 35 -year -old: Suddenly watching things blurred, headache

If the surgery is not emergency, the fetus and the mother are in danger of life

If Ame’s affairs are shocking, then Ms. 35 -year -old Ms. Fang’s experience is thrilling.

Ms. Fang usually has a good body, and no abnormalities are found at 34 weeks of pregnancy.

But recently, she started headache and went to the hospital near her home to check, blood pressure 228/145mmhg, urine protein +++.The doctor asked the medical history, and she remembered that it was a bit blurred to watch things in the past 10 days.Doctors diagnose the early stage of severe eclampsia, and the mother and fetus are in danger.

The doctor of the health center immediately arranged for Ms. Fang to transfer to the superior hospital and contacted the local and municipal maternal and child health staff to follow up and follow up.

At the higher -level hospital, Ms. Fang walked away with a dangerous pregnant woman to rescue the green channel.The hospital conducted an emergency cesarean section after evaluating the condition, and the mother and baby were safe.

Last year, there were 1234 cases of dangerous pregnant women discovered in our city


In fact, it is not uncommon for Ms. Fang to rescue the treatment of emergency rescue treatment.

According to the analysis of the Wenzhou Maternal and Child Health Care Institute, after the implementation of the "comprehensive two -child" policy, the number of elderly women increased, and the proportion of dangerous maternal maternal maternals increased significantly.In 2017, the city’s dangerous pregnant women found a total of 1,234 cases, an increase of 30.03%from 2016, and the rescue success rate was 99.43%.

Among the dangerous pregnant women, the top three diseases are obstetrics, hypertension and internal medicine during pregnancy.

Knock the blackboard!Points!

"Old age" Pregnant women’s four attention

1. Generally speaking, women’s best fertility age is 23-32 years.If more than 35 years old, if there is a basic disease, it is difficult to bear the body during pregnancy, and it is prone to complications and complications during pregnancy.

2. Before pregnancy, you must conduct eugenics consultation, especially for the elderly pregnant women. You must understand your basic diseases, prepare for pregnancy, and prepare for psychological preparations.

3. After pregnancy, you should bring your ID card to the household registration place or at the nearby township health center (community health service center) before 13 weeks of pregnancy.During the pregnancy, the prenatal inspection was performed with the "Mother and Child Health Manual". The number of prenatal examinations during the entire pregnancy was not less than 5 times, and the number of high -risk pregnancy increased as appropriate.

4. In accordance with the management methods of high -risk pregnant women in our province, in addition to regular inspections, high -risk screening is required to go to hospitals at or above the county level after 28 weeks of pregnancy.Choose county -level and above hospitals.

Don’t take it lightly for young pregnant women

Especially for pelvic disease inflammation

A few years ago, Yan Yuhong, deputy chief physician of Wenzhou Central Hospital, encountered such a sad thing.

A 20 -year -old woman successfully became pregnant through IVF surgery.At that time, I thought about raising it at home, and then went to the hospital for examination.After a few days, the woman had severe abdominal pain. She was taken to the hospital and found that the bleeding in the abdominal cavity reached 2000 ml, breaking and bleeding for extraterritical pregnancy lesions.Although the medical staff actively rescued, they could not be rescued in the end.

Yan Yuhong reminded expectant mothers that pelvic inflammation, fallopian tube adhesion, congenital fallopian tubes, health rings, history of extrateripulu pregnancy, IVF pregnancy, etc., are prone to ectopic pregnancy.Among them, pelvic inflammation that is most likely to cause ectopic pregnancy is pelvic inflammation, while unhealthy hygienic habits, decreased resistance, and repeated abortion can cause pelvic inflammation.

In addition, you should go to the hospital for examination in time after discovering pregnancy to clarify whether you are in the palace.If abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, and abdomen have swelling, you should seek medical treatment in time.

Mother is great,

It is not easy for pregnant mothers,

As a husband, you should pay more attention to care,


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