The 34 -year -old white -collar worker does not do test tubes, and uses this solution for more than a month to get pregnant!Look at it for you?

Many people think that the chance of successful pregnancy in artificial insemination is too low. It is not useful to waste time. Is this really the case?Today, we will use the facts to show you the real artificial insemination.

Older pregnancy,

Artificial insemination harvest dual surprise

Ms. Chen had been busy with her career when she was young. She only married at the age of 32. She had no results for two years after marriage.Given that Ms. Chen’s couple did not have previous experience in the reproductive department, they performed reproductive health examinations with the advice of the doctor.The results showed that Ms. Chen’s tubal was not smooth. There were mild polycystic ovary syndrome, and her husband, Mr. Zhao, had a high sperm malformation rate.Combined with specific conditions and examination results of the two of them, the doctor suggested that Ms. Chen and his wife choose IUI artificial insemination for pregnancy aid treatment.

Like many people, Ms. Chen and his wife also misunderstood artificial insemination at the beginning. They believed that the power of artificial fertilization was relatively low, and it would only waste time.In this regard, the doctor explained for them: artificial fertilization is a kind of auxiliary reproductive technology, and has the advantages of less spending and shorter time.Ms. Chen has a smooth tubal on the side of the ovarian reserves, uterine vaginal secretions, and other inspections. The abnormal semen of Mr. Zhao is lighter. It is in line with the indications of artificial insemination.

Based on the trust of the doctor, Ms. Chen’s couple obeyed the doctor’s advice to decide artificial insemination.Ms. Chen began to monitor ovulation on the 10th day after the menstruation of the following month. The ovulation time was determined through three B -ultrasound monitoring, and an artificial insemination surgery was performed.On the 11th day after transplantation, I went to the courtyard to take a blood test. The HCG value was 479.78 ↑. The 28 -day B -ultrasound showed that the single child in the palace was displayed.Ms. Chen originally thought that her road to pregnancy would be a long -lasting battle. I did not expect that the battle was over for more than a month, it was just a surprise!

An indication of artificial insemination in the uterine cavity

The woman requires at least one side of the fallopian tube.The ovarian reserve function is normal, and mature follicles have mature follicles after the natural cycle or urging drugs.Normal or existing problems in the uterus are not enough to affect the operation of artificial insemination and the birth of the fetus.Eight viruses, infectious disease series, liver merit, kidney skills, vaginal discharge and other inspections are normal.

The man requires the result of routine semen examination, density ≥5×1000000/ml, and activity rate ≥30%.Infectious disease series, secretions and other examination results are normal.

If you meet the above indications, you can go to a professional reproductive hospital for examination and treat it under the guidance of a doctor.I wish you all a good job of getting pregnant safely.

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