The 34 -year -old actress was asked to be extracted and could not get pregnant. After he was in the company, he had a 7 -year lawsuit with the company.

People yearn for freedom, but because of the pressure of all aspects of life and career, people often can’t help themselves. They are wrong, step by step, a choice error causes the abyss to fall into the abyss and cannot extricate themselves.

If the stars want to have a high pillow and keep it in a state of redness, they need to rely on capital. This is the capital of the celebrity artist.If you encounter a good owner, the star Fei Huang Tengda is just around the corner.However, many stars have trouble with the company. The reason is that the stars have suffered various unfair treatment. Not only did the career have not progressed, but life was messy.

Not long ago, the 34 -year -old Hong Kong actress Jiang Ruolin, accompanied by her husband, appeared in the court and the brokerage company to the court. Jiang Ruolin hoped that he could safeguard his legitimate rights through legal means, rather than like a bird in the cage.Ren Ren.What happened?Why did she and the company make trouble?

01 Jiang Ruolin: Like the puppet of a brokerage company

The relationship between the company and the artist has always been based on good cooperative relationships.The company’s attitude towards the artist is favorable. The star’s requirements for the company are to hope that more resources can be obtained through a larger platform and are invincible in the entertainment industry.

In this way, this is a mutually beneficial process.But in real life, it is impossible to sail smoothly.Most companies do not accurately locate their artists, causing stagnation of celebrities’ careers.Once the celebrity is low, it has no use value for the company, so many companies will squeeze the last point of residual value of the artist.

In the face of this unfair treatment, the stars will not swallow the voices, but because of the contract signing, basically it takes a lot of energy to fight a lawsuit.

Some time ago, Hong Kong actress Jiang Ruolin appeared in court. The lawsuit between her and the brokerage company has lasted for 7 years, and she still has no conclusion.The reason is that both parties hold their own words and stand on their own perspective to explain the original committee.

As a popular Hong Kong female star, Jiang Ruolin revealed a charm under her pure appearance. The successful interpretation of many films made her a new generation of jade girls.Being able to achieve such achievements must also be attributed to the brokerage company behind Jiang Ruolin.Because her appearance and acting skills have been favored by the company’s owner, her subsequent work arrangements are tailored by the company.

In the case of a good career in Jiang Ruolin, the media broke the news of the company’s boss, and this news also caused Jiang Ruolin’s people to completely collapse.Without the support of fans, Jiang Ruolin’s career has plummeted.Such artists have no great utilization value for the company, and Jiang Ruolin has suffered unequal treatment of the company.

In order to improve the face value, Jiang Ruolin was demanded by the company to pull out all his teeth and then replaced with porcelain teeth, but the final effect was very unsatisfactory, resulting in Jiang Ruolin’s current incarnation.In addition, in order to keep Jiang Ruolin’s perfect figure, the company asked her not to be pregnant. This regulation completely deprived Jiang Ruolin’s right to be a mother.

When Jiang Ruolin’s career was not as good as before, the company began to squeeze her residual value, and Jiang Ruolin couldn’t breathe.When Jiang Ruolin entered the crew of the crew, all aspects of living conditions equipped by the company were very poor. In order to be able to rest, Jiang Ruolin needs to rely on sleeping pills every night to fall asleep.

During a large -scale event, Jiang Ruolin had a light -out incident, causing her to fall into criticism again.At this time, the company was completely inaction and did not make any public relations activities. At this point, Jiang Ruolin’s reputation and image have dropped another grade in the public’s minds.

After the celebrity is not famous, the agent beside him will look low, and often throw things angry at her. Jiang Ruolin thinks that he has good resources and will be pushed away by the company.At this time, she is more like a bird in a cage. There is no freedom, as if a slave.The company’s inaction gradually made Jiang Ruolin discouraged, so she thought of leaving the company.

02 Right protection is difficult to reach the sky

After leaving, Jiang Ruolin ignored the company’s arrangement because she was trying to talk to the company.In 2004, Jiang Ruolin signed a 10 -year cooperative relationship with Huanyu Company, but in the last year of the contract, the company implemented a renewal. Jiang Ruolin still needs to be bound with the company for nearly ten years, which is even more determined to leave Jiang Ruolin.

When the company’s person in charge knew that Jiang Ruolin’s unfair encounters over the years, Guan Crown said that he didn’t know anything, and asked Jiang Ruolin why he didn’t tell her earlier?On the surface, a set of factions behind made Jiang Ruolin cry.

Now she is accompanied by her husband and appears in court, which is the seventh year of her lawsuit with the company.We do n’t know how many unknown unequal treaties are hidden in artists and companies.

The news that Korean actress Zhang Ziyan committed suicide because of the torture of the company is still vivid, and her experience is more tragic than Jiang Ruolin.Born, Zhang Ziyan, who has a good future, met the devil company.When shooting a passionate drama, the company regardless of whether it was regarded as an actor that violated Zhang Ziyan on the grounds of filming, which was also the beginning of Zhang Ziyan’s nightmare.

The company intimidated her to accompany her. If she didn’t follow, she ushered in punching and kicking.According to media reports, Zhang Ziyan has experienced hundreds of sex transactions and has accompanied 31 officials to be expensive. Zhang Ziyan needs to accompany five different guests a day.Once this kind of inhumane beasts burst out, people all over the world were uproar.

The relationship between the brokerage company and the artist can be dark, which is really disgusting.How many female artists experienced like Zhang Ziyan, I dare not imagine.It is not a reason for these companies that are profitable to be intensified. When they encounter unfair treatment, they must stand up bravely and protect their rights and interests with legal means.

Many brokerage companies only recognize the money, and there is no emotional, which is why the stars are canceled.Now more and more artists set up a studio themselves are enough to explain how terrible the company is squeezed.Jiang Ruolin and the brokerage company have experienced seven years of lawsuits and still have no conclusion, but we believe that justice will never be late.

Like Yang Mi, Zhao Liying, and Hu Ge, there are only a handful of artists such as a good cooperation with the company. Not only requires the personal ability of the celebrities, but also the company is humane and really goes to win -win cooperation.Just squeeze the artist, it is difficult to gain a foothold in the market after such a company.What do you think about this?

In the past 25 years, South Korea has developed from a social development of farming soil to a highly competitive high -tech society.The rapid modernization of society has doubled the pressure on the South Korean people. Since the Asian financial crisis in the 1990s, many Koreans have lost the guarantee of stable work that used to be accustomed to.As a traditional "spiritual pillar", it is also collapsed, and people must bear the weight of the head in both work and learning.From one of the countries with the lowest suicide rate in the world 25 years ago, South Korea has become the country with the highest suicide rate among the OECD member states.In 2005, 26.1 of South Korea committed suicide every 100,000 people, surpassing Japan (20.3), which prevailed in suicide culture.In 2007, the number dropped to 21.5 people, and it was still twice the average suicide rate of the Organization (OECD) member states.South Korea is known as a "suicide country".In the entertainment industry in South Korea, suicide has continued to increase, especially in recent years.Sanfan thinkers will take a look at the suicide incident of Korean artists here, and analyze the reason for their suicide.

Park Longhe

On June 30, Korean artist Park Longhe, who appeared in "Winter Love Songs" and other works, was found to die in his room early in the morning at the age of 33.Park Longhe often accumulated a lot of pressure because of taking into account the operation of the brokerage company and his acting career, coupled with his father’s illness, and the impulse after drunk, which eventually led to the occurrence of tragedy.It’s a pity, it’s still a young handsome guy.It is a pity for him.

Li Changrong

On March 12, according to Korean media reports, South Korean singer Li Changrong hanged suicide at his home in the early morning of the same day at the age of 38.It is reported that Li Changrong was bankrupt due to the outbreak of the financial crisis. For many years, he has worked hard and swea. He chose to commit suicide in discouraged.This is the second Korean artist suicide in March.

Li Changrong was born in 1971. In 1992, he made his debut with KBS TV’s "National Song Contest" first place. So far, he has released multiple Trot song albums, which is loved by Korean middle -aged and elderly fans.Li Changrong, who rushed out of the world in the music scene, also went to the sea to do business and opened his own company, but a sudden financial crisis made him dream …

Zhang Ziyan

On March 7th at 16:30 pm, in the popular Korean drama "Fantastic Man", she played a bullied actress Zhang Ziyan, who was bullied by her friends, and was found to commit suicide in her residence in Gyeonggi -do, Seoul.The police are investigating the reason for her suicide, and it is rumored that she is hanging suicide.A spokesman for Zhang Ziyan’s office accepted the media interview, saying that she was lively during her lifetime and was full of enthusiasm for acting, so she did not understand the reason for her suicide.However, Zhang Ziyan’s friend revealed that she had had problems with the office on renewal of the contract recently, and she felt quite troublesome than expected, so she also had symptoms of depression.In fact, she committed suicide because of the hidden rules in the entertainment industry.Seeing that many Korean artists committed suicide, she did not have the impact of her suicide. Her death completely exposed the unbearable rules of the Korean entertainment industry.

Zhang Ziyan Life

Zhang Ziyan just attended the awards ceremony on February 27

Li Ruixian

Li Ruixian, the captain of the Korean music group M.Street, hung suicide in the practice room in Seoul on the afternoon of December 1.During his lifetime, Li Ruixian borrowed hundreds of millions of won for stock trading from the people around him. However, as the situation of the Korean economy deteriorated, all the money from Li Ruixian borrowed was all over the stock market.It is understood that Li Ruizhen ran around the day before suicide, so some people speculated that Li Ruixian’s suicide might be due to the failure of stock trading.According to Li Ruixian’s brokerage company, because M.Street recently prepared to launch a new album, as the captain, Li Ruixian bears more pressure than other members, which may be one of the reasons for Li Ruixian’s suicide.

Jin Zhihou

In October, it seemed to be the month of death in the Korean entertainment industry. Following Cui Zhenzhen and Zhang Caiyuan committed suicide one after another, the news that the model and actor Jin Zhiqian committed suicide on the 7th.He was discovered in his home on the morning of the 7th.The suicide time may be on the evening of the 6th.Kim Ji -Hou, born in 1985, was the chief model of many famous clothing designer clothing shows in South Korea. Then he challenged his acting skills and starred in SBS "Land", MBC "Plastic Surgery", "Ultrafield Highkick", TVN "Coming Out"》 And other TV series.When filming "Comingout", he first disclosed to the outside world that he was a homosexual identity and caused a topic.

On the afternoon of the 6th, perhaps a few hours before the death, Jin Zhihou posted a photo like flying into the sky on his mini homepage. This photo may imply Jin Zhihou’s decision.

Zhang Caiyuan

The Korean entertainment industry seems to have suicide infectious diseases.I just took stock of 8 suicide Korean artists, and now I added another new record.Zhang Caiyuan, who is known as "He Lixiu Second", committed suicide on her home on October 6. She was a statement of malicious personal attacks because she participated in a variety show of SBS TV.Some netizens on their personal homepage have left excited words, bringing a lot of mental pressure to Zhang Caiyuan.Coupled with the influence of Cui Zhen’s suicide incident, Zhang Caiyuan chose to take the road.

The Korean entertainment industry is also rumored.Actor Cui Zhen, an actor, committed suicide in the early morning of October 2.Born in Seoul on December 24, 1968.In 1988, he appeared in the TV series "The 500 Years of the Korean Dynasty 500" in 1988. The masterpieces include the movie "My Love, My Bride" and so on.After her friend An Zai Huan’s suicide in the circle, she was involved in the vicious rumors of "2.5 billion won of over -profit loan that caused Anzai’s death".It is constantly harassing by telephone suspects of suspects who were originally spread on usullasts.In addition, Cui Zhen is currently preparing the shooting of the second season of "The Last Gossip of my Life" and is shooting advertisements with actor Sun Xianxuan, but because of his physical discomfort, the shooting was interrupted.Because Cui Zhen’s recently underwent was too stressful and the situation has not been very good. In addition to the trouble of usury incidents, he eventually committed suicide.I feel that Korean artists are actually fragile.If you can’t stand a little storm, he commit suicide at every turn.

This is the day before suicide, that is, on the afternoon of October 1st, he filmed a vitamin product graphic media advertisement in a pharmaceutical company in a studio in Jiangnan, Seoul.Cui Zhen, wearing a white top and beige skirt, filmed a bright smile.It was simply that people who chose to commit suicide after a few hours.

An Yahuan

At 9:20 am on September 8th, the 36 -year -old Korean TV host and actor An Zaihuan’s body was found in a Jiahua car parked in a residential area in a residential area in a residential area, Xiaxi, SeoulEssenceHe has died for many days, and the body has rotted.Police judgment was suicide.He only married the famous host Zheng Shanxi 10 months ago, but now he has been in the world.Eighteen days ago, his last call was his wife.He also said in his suicide note that he loved her wife.He had no news for so long, but Zheng Shanxi didn’t know that he hadn’t called the police everywhere, and he lamented the warmth of Korean society.According to the latest news, An An’s career was not smooth, and he owed 4 billion won of usury, which may be the reason why he committed suicide.

An Anhuan was born in 1972. After graduating from the Department of Arts and Crafts of Seoul University, he was admitted to the 25th actor training class of MBC in 1996, thereby entering the entertainment industry.He has appeared in many TV series such as SBS "Tears of Diamonds" (2005), MBC "Secret Men and Women", and KBS2 "New Dad 29 years old" (translated, 2006) and other TV series. With a straightforward image, the audience has left a sense of intimacy.An Zaihuan served as a part -time professor of the Department of TV Performance and Images of Zhoucheng University since the beginning of last year, and met with the famous laughing star host Zheng Shanji for three months.

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