The 33 -year -old woman still insists on exercise at 36 weeks. What are the benefits of exercise for pregnant women and babies?

The 33 -year -old woman still insists on exercise at 36 weeks of pregnancy. Because it is the first or twins, there are various discomfort symptoms in the early pregnancy. After communicating with the doctor, they insist on training and stretching exercises 3 times a week.

Self -disciplined living habits plus scientific exercise and fitness are beneficial to the physical and mental health during pregnancy, but everyone’s physical fitness is different. It must be exercising with the doctor’s advice.

This is because during pregnancy, the body will produce a hormone called relaxin. The role of this hormone is to help the lubricating joint and make the delivery not so painful.

However, when our joints are more relaxed, the risk of injuries to pregnant women is even more, such as some large -weight training, squats, bow steps, and stubborn stretch.

Proper exercise can improve the respiratory system. This will help during childbirth. The blood flow in the uterus and placenta will increase, and the oxygen content of the baby will increase.

And risks such as intravenous veins, constipation, swelling, calf cramps, and stretch marks that appear during pregnancy will be much reduced.

Exercise during pregnancy can also reduce back pain, reduce emotional fluctuations, reduce swelling and nausea, control weight problems, improve indigestion, and alleviate sleep.

It is recommended that it is a short walk of up to 2 kilometers, some relaxation exercise, stretching exercise, yoga, Pirati, gymnastics ball exercises, swimming pools, fixed bicycle cycling and courses specifically for pregnant women.

Under the guidance of the attending physician, when the patient is allowed to exercise, he will want to start a 33 -year -old pregnant woman to exercise every Wednesday, but you need to exercise with caution. Generally, it includes jogging (jogging 3 kilometers), long distance walking (5 kilometers of 5 kilometers (up to 5 kilometers) Small load exercise in the gym.

If there is no contraindicated pregnant woman, it is recommended that the entire pregnancy cycle is recommended for sports.

For women who do not like exercise before pregnancy, and sedentary women should start with a small amount of exercise, components increase the frequency, strength and time of motion.

Such as fast running, playing balls such as basketball, table tennis, volleyball, etc., jumping, regular bending over, etc. These are dangerous actions for pregnant women and will induce serious problems such as signs of abortion and abortion.

In addition, pay attention to life. Do not lie down immediately after drinking water, do not eat too much before going to bed, pay attention to sleeping positions.

Try not to drive out during pregnancy, because once an emergency occurs on the road, it will not be able to bring a certain amount of upsper to the baby in time, and the pregnant woman itself will also cause a certain damage.

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