The 31 -year -old Japanese princess Mako appeared for a long time!Guessing a blessing to be pregnant, Xiao Shishi Gui work stable

On June 28, local time, the former Japanese princess Mako, who had not appeared publicly for a long time, was photographed while walking on the streets of New York.

According to reports, Shinzi, a 31 -year -old, was shopping at the Almish market at the time. She was alone. There was no husband, Xiao Shishi Kya, and it was estimated that the "horse" who had obtained a lawyer’s qualification certificate went to work.

Shinzi appeared in the same frame with the small room last time. It was already a year ago. The two people walked hands on the road, and they said with a smile. It was very happy to see it.of.

The couple moved from Tokyo to New York in November the previous year, and before that, the two only held a press conference to announce their marriage, but there was no decent wedding.Even if Shinzi does not have a princess, this treatment is too cruel to a girl, but whoever lets her have to choose Koshiro Kya, a person who is extremely annoying by the Japanese citizen as a marriage object.

Fortunately, the life of the two people in New York is still comfortable. Although it is still attracted attention, it is not pointed out again. Besides, Xiaoshimoto Kyo is also a fight and won the qualification certificate.

It seems that a lot of things are installed in the white cloth bag of Zhenzi, and it is estimated that many of them are food.

Is Shinzi not going to work?It has been reported that she used her learning background in art history to act as volunteers at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. "She specifically participated in a preparation of painting exhibitions. The exhibition was inspired by a 13th -century monkIn his life, the monk traveled all over Japan when he introduced Buddhism, "the Japanese media once introduced.

But compared to the kind of "nine to five" jobs in Koyo Kya, the real child may be easier and biased towards the identity of the housewife.

Judging from the close -up photos, Shinzi maintained the lighter makeup and wearing a mask.This is not common in New York, but if it is placed in Japan, it is not surprising. Whenever it hurts the wind or has allergic symptoms, many Japanese will go out for "half masses".Essence

Shinzi appeared again in the "street shooting" again in the "street shooting", and it was inevitable that she could not attract attention, and her slightly blessed figure also caused speculation. Many people felt that she might be pregnant.

This is not impossible. After all, Koyo Kayi’s current work is still stable. Although there are rumors that his law firm has layoffs, on the one hand, he has not affected him, and on the other hand, he has opened a new field silently.He has shifted from a team responsible for "financial investment" to a team responsible for "international trade and national security".And this also seems to confirm the previous statement, that is, the ultimate purpose of Xiaoshimoto is to work in international institutions, and the lawyer is just a springboard.

Shinzi has been in a foreign country for almost two years. During this period, she did not return to China once, and she wanted to cut off.At the same time, there are also news that her sister Jiazi also wants to follow her sister’s dust, and she will go far away in the future.

And this seems to have a certain relationship with the sisters’ parents Wen Ren princes and Ji Zifei’s in Japan.In particular, Ji Zifei, who was desperate to give birth to his son, was even considered to climb up, and didn’t care about the happiness of the two daughters.

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