The 3 major inspections after pregnancy, as well as the time and project of the birth check, the doctor listed 13

"I have a colleague. I found that the fetus had a chin syndrome during the diagnosis of the delivery examination. Later, I went to the induction of labor and it happened shortly. I just happened to be pregnant again. It was the first time I was pregnant with a child.In the future, I checked that the baby is not normal; because I saw the sadness of my colleagues, I was gone to the young life that was about to be born. I was afraid that I could face such a thing. Now I want to run the hospital quickly.Do you have any good suggestions for such a first pregnant mother? "I met a pregnant mother who came to protect the fetus during the face -to -face diagnosis yesterday afternoon.

In fact, she has no problem and there is no need to protect the fetus. The biggest is psychological problems.Ladies are originally a more sensitive creature. After pregnancy, their minds will become more delicate and emotionally fluctuate; especially during pregnancy, I witnessed that friends around them lose their baby, which will make the lady more fear, let alone nothing.Experience first pregnant mother.It is necessary to closely pay attention to yourself and fetal conditions during pregnancy; but to grasp the good degree, you should not care too much, otherwise it will cause reaction.

The prospective mothers who are pregnant for the first time may not have any experience and do not understand anything, which will cause the pregnant mother to have unexpected situations such as improper diet, exposure to poor substances, and missing the inspection.With the development and changes in society in recent years, two extremes have been married: either the age of marriage is very young, or the marriage is very old; I have seen the clinic about 20 years old, even the young couple.For them, it is particularly valuable for childbirth and precautions, because they are still a child; they feel needed to inform the couples who want their children for the first time to bred matters to avoid accidents to ensure the safety of mother and child.

Can pre -marital medical examination replace pre -pregnancy examinations?

Everyone usually conducts a physical examination before marriage to ensure the health of the child.Some people may think that pre -marital medical examinations have covered many inspections. The results of the inspection show that health is not necessary. This is a big misunderstanding.Because pre -marital medical examinations include basic physical examinations such as renal function, electrocardiogram, liver, blood routine, and urine routine; pre -pregnancy examination is a test for genetic medical history, reproductive system, and immune system.There is a saying: Don’t be afraid of 10,000, just in case.It is an extremely important test to avoid danger to the greatest extent and ensure the health of the fetus.It is generally recommended that couples do inspection 3 months before pregnancy, and basic medical examinations cannot replace pre -pregnancy examinations.

How can I know that I am pregnant?What should I check after pregnancy?

1. I found that the menstruation was delayed, has not come, and accompanied by nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. You can consider pregnancy test strips or go to the hospital to check whether you are pregnant.

2. Determine after pregnancy, you can conduct ultrasonic examinations at 5-8 weeks of pregnancy to determine whether there is a fetal heart and the number of embryos to determine that single blood is or polyza.

3. If the family has a history of genetics, you can go to the hospital for choric membrane samples at 9-11 weeks of pregnancy to ensure that the fetus is developing normally.


This examination is risky and may cause abortion or fetal injuries.It is not necessary to check items, but only for the history of genetic and medical history.Everyone knows the importance of delivery during pregnancy during pregnancy, but the specific time of the birth check may not be too clear.Because of some of the situation I learned, some pregnant women missed important examinations because they had a maternal check -up time, such as: deformed testing, fetal archives, etc.

So, what are the specific delivery time during pregnancy?What is the purpose of the checkup?

1. The first birth inspection was performed in 3 months of pregnancy.There are many inspections of the inspection inspection in order to comprehensively test the situation of the mother’s monitoring.These include: determine the pregnancy weeks, calculate the due date, evaluate high risk factors during pregnancy, and establish a health care manual for pregnancy to ensure the healthy development of the mother and fetus.

2. The second birth checkup for 4 months of pregnancy is performed.After the second checkup, the pregnant mothers have to do basic examinations every time in subsequent examinations, including: fetal heart conditions, weight, blood pressure, etc.For more than 16 weeks of pregnancy, Tang’s syndrome can be screened; if high risks are displayed, you need to do non -invasive DNA testing or amniotic fluid puncture in the second trimester to ensure fetal intelligence.Detection or non -invasive DNA detection.

3. The third birth checkup is performed at 5 months of pregnancy.The third birth test is mainly to discharge malformations, that is, the B -ultrasound fetal malformation screening. It is generally recommended to conduct at 18-24 weeks of pregnancy. In the 5th month of pregnancy, the ultrasonic examination is performed to detect the abnormal appearance of the fetus.

4. The fourth birth examination was performed at 6 months of pregnancy.The fourth birth test is mainly to screen gestational diabetes, that is, the screening of sugar tolerance. It is generally recommended to do it at the 24th week of pregnancy.

5. At 28 weeks of pregnancy, the fifth birth test is performed.Starting from the 28th weeks of pregnancy, the birth check -in to two times.Can detect weight, blood pressure, abdominal circumference, fetal heart rate, obstetrics B -ultrasound, palace height, blood routine, urine routine.

6. Thirty weeks of pregnancy, the sixth birth checkup.Routine production inspections include: weight, blood pressure, abdominal circumference, fetal heart rate, palace height, blood routine, urine routine.Pregnant mothers should pay attention to fetal movement. If abnormalities, they should seek medical treatment immediately.

7. At 32 weeks of pregnancy, the seventh birth examination was performed.Generally from 32 weeks of pregnancy, the production inspection items will add fetal heart monitoring.The production inspection items include: weight, blood pressure, abdominal circumference, fetal heart rate, bottom height, blood routine, urine routine, fetal position, fetal heart monitoring.

8. At 34 weeks of pregnancy, the eighth birth checkup was performed.The 8th birth checkup, the same as the seventh outbound check to ensure that the fetus is developing normally by testing.

9. At 36 weeks of pregnancy, the ninth birth checkup was performed.In the ninth birth checkup, expectant mothers need to do detailed ultrasonic examinations, including: detecting amniotic fluid volume, fetal double top diameter, placental functional classification, etc.Based on this examination, doctors are estimated to be fetal development and birth weight.

10. At 37 weeks of pregnancy, the 10th birth checkup was performed.For the third trimester of pregnancy, starting from 37 weeks of pregnancy, it takes 1 week to conduct a pregnancy test; this time you need to check the fetal position to judge the production method of pregnant mothers.

11. At 38 weeks of pregnancy, the 11th birth checkup was performed.In addition to the conventional production examination items and fetal heart monitoring, doctors will decide the method of childbirth in pregnant mothers based on comprehensive conditions such as the pelvis of pregnant mothers.

12. At 39 weeks of pregnancy, the 12th birth checkup was performed.Beginning to enter the expected period. In addition to conventional examination and fetal heart monitoring, pregnant mothers should also pay close attention to fetal movements in their daily lives.

13. 40 weeks of pregnancy, the 13th birth checkup.In addition to conventional examinations, the most important thing is fetal heart monitoring to ensure the safety of mother and child.The production inspection items include: weight, blood pressure, abdominal circumference, fetal heart rate, bottom height, blood routine, urine routine, fetal position, fetal heart monitoring.Cervical examination (bishop score).

Under the premise of ensuring nutrition during pregnancy, overeating is not suitable, otherwise it is easy to cause the pregnant mothers and fetuses to be overweight. Difficulty in childbirth, maintaining appropriate exercise, and regular schedule.For the first time, you do n’t have to be too nervous, because everyone comes from this step, relax, and follow the doctor’s advice. It is not difficult to bred a healthy baby.(The picture comes from the Internet)

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