The 28 -year -old woman in Hangzhou has not been pregnant for 2 years, but the doctor found that she had a psychological problem.

As a doctor at the obstetrics and gynecology hospital, sometimes he will be visited "special" patients: some time ago, Jiang Xiuzheng, the attending physician of the Pot Found Disar Disease Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center of Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology HospitalThe woman found that the woman had not had a successful sex life for 2 years.

The woman’s surname is Chen. She is 28 years old and has been married to her husband for more than 2 years.The elders at home are waiting for her grandson, but Ms. Chen has not succeeded in conceiving her children, and was even suspected to be infertility.So with the urging of her family, she took the time to the Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital for treatment.

"Doctor, I want to get pregnant, but I have never been pregnant for 2 years." After seeing Jiang Xiuzheng, Ms. Chen hurriedly expressed her demands for pregnancy.What made Jiang Xiuyi cry and laughed was that after a careful question, she learned that Ms. Chen had no successful sexual life with her husband after marriage.

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As a result, Jiang Xiuzheng gave a conventional gynecological examination for Ms. Chen, and found that her vaginal mouth was small, only one fingertips (the normal size had one finger to two fingers).Further inspection found that Ms. Chen’s vaginal port is not inherently deformed, but caused by fascia and spasm. It only needs to perform physical relaxation treatment.

After 5 consecutive days of continuous treatment, Ms. Chen has basically returned to the state of normal women.During the treatment, Ms. Chen also talked to Jiang Xiuzheng about her unspeakable hidden.

"Actually, my heart does not refuse my husband, but every time I get the critical, I will inexplicably feel the pain of the lower abdomen, because I have had appendicitis before, and I did not treat it in time to the peritonitis.Psychological shadow, so I started to be nervous when I felt a little. "Ms. Chen said.

She said that at first she had tried several times bravely, but she ended with failure. As a result, she became more and more scared of sexual life, so that her husband would be rejected by her in close contact with her.

Jiang Xiuzheng told reporters that women who refused to live in sex because of Ms. Chen, who were afraid of pain, met in clinical practice. In addition to physical relaxation treatment, they would also conduct corresponding psychological guidance.

She said: "Among these patients, in addition to women who just got married, many women who have already given birth to children are mostly caused by the compression of vaginal muscles during pregnancy.You can get better solutions. "

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