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Xiao Yang and Chen Meng are immortal couples from the campus.Although the reason for work has been alien, the relationship is very stable.The panic of this year’s epidemic also made the couple decided to enter the palace of marriage as soon as possible and end the two places.Who knows that the certificate is a marriage check, the results of the inspection are dazzling -Xiao Yang was diagnosed with genital warts!Facing the doubts of his girlfriend and family, Xiao Yang almost collapsed, which is completely impossible!Although the two gathered less and more, they loved their girlfriends in their hearts, and there was no vague loyalty.Under the doctor’s inquiry, Xiao Yang remembered that he had two trips last year and liked to take a bath with a bathtub.The doctor also told him that in addition to sexual contact, these items in public places may be the source of infection.

What does condyloma acuminatum look like?

Most of them are cauliflower, cocky -like, nipple -like, mushroom -like, and pork -like, but a few can also be smooth on the surface.Most of them are leather, white, pink or brown, but a few can be black.Each person’s skin lesions are different, and the number is uncertain.It is usually not painful or itchy.In addition to exogenous genitalia, condyloma acuminatum can also affect cervix, urethra, or anal canal, and some can cause defecation and urination difficulty.

Xiao Yang regretted that he was misunderstood by the closest person and to endure the torture of the disease.Seeing that the relationship of five years is about to be east.After being recommended by a friend in the industry, Xiao Yang came to Dr. Xie Yong’s studio for consultation.After a re -diagnosis, after diagnosis of condyloma acuminatum High -risk HPV16 positive, Dr. Xie Yong, deputy chief physician of Beijing Union Hospital, suggested that Xiao Yang adopted methods such as "Leep+Light Power" to treat it through optical power.The condition is relieved by only three treatment. More importantly, the recurrence rate, high safety, non -trauma, no anesthesia, no pain, and unique advantages have been unique.

After receiving a course of treatment, Xiao Yang was negative in the last two HPV tests.Now the truth is white, and the body has returned to health.Xiao Yang’s marriage date with his girlfriend was again on the agenda.The two also planned to wait for the epidemic to go well, but this time, they must bring their own washing and bedding to prevent the tragedy from re -occur.

Lovers get married

Dr. Xie reminds everyone that in fact, the genital warts are not far away from everyone, and we must always have awareness of prevention in daily life.Portrait contact dissemination, indirect contact communication, and mother -to -child communication.Once the illness is detected, it must go to the dermatology department of a regular hospital for a timely treatment.

The incidence of condyloma acuminatum is high. If you have suffered from condyloma acuminatum, you need to treat it in a timely manner, and choose the appropriate treatment method to reduce the harm caused by improper treatment: 1. It affects the quality of life of the patient, increases the psychological pressure of the patient, increases the psychological pressure of the patientPatients may have anxiety; 2. Although condyloma acuminatum is not an indication of endless pregnancy, if infection during pregnancy may cause neonatal throat papilloma, which is extremely harmful to neonatal.3. Cancer caused by cervix, vulva, perianal, anal canopy and other parts.

Existing treatment methods: There are many methods for condyloma acuminatum, such as physical therapy, laser, surgery, frozen, microwave surgery, and traditional Chinese medicine treatment.You need to check the diagnosis of the dermatology department of the hospital.

At present, advanced physical therapy, phototherapy, is generally used in clinical clinical clinical treatment, and a new disease treatment method based on the interaction of photochemical agents and oxygen.Photosomant Airang dynamicly set in tissues with abnormal growth (such as tumors, age -related macular lesions, fresh red spots, condyloma acuminatum, etc.).Active oxygen substances such as state oxygen, thereby destroying pathological tissue cells.Ala (ALA) is an forefront of the synthesis of Asianine in the human body.

Compared with several other treatment methods, the clearance rate of optical power therapy for condyloma acuminatum was 98.42 %, but the recurrence rate was significantly lower than frozen and laser therapy.In terms of safety, the incidence of adverse reactions of phototherapy is significantly lower than frozen therapy, indicating that Aira-Optical Therapy treats the safety and effectiveness of genital warts, high cure rate, and low recurrence rate.

Xie Yong, a doctor of medical doctors at the Beijing Union Hospital, reminded patients with condyloma acuminatum to treat condyloma acuminatum, usually 3-4 times a course of treatment, and need to be done once a week. Patients need to be prepared before treatment.

1. Postermodeling to treat medicines in advance: The treatment of light power needs to make an appointment time in advance, and prescribed medicines that are treated.The treatment cost of photovation is related to the severity of the condition. The heavier the condition, the higher the cost.

2. Do a good job of testing before treatment: Blood test before treatment requires four infectious diseases (HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C).

3. Preparation for optical power treatment: Patients must go to the morning, apply medicine for three hours, and apply light treatment after applying the medicine.You can eat before treatment, don’t drink too much water.Patients with diarrhea should not be treated with genital warts in perianal and anus.

4. Care after treatment: After the treatment of light power, be sure to pay attention to wound hygiene, keep clean and dry, and use the correct use of ointment to prevent infection according to the correct use of the doctor.Do not have the same room during treatment.

5. Pay attention to rest after optical power treatment: regular schedules during optical power treatment, ensure good sleep, improve the body’s immunity. At the same time, you should pay attention to avoid taboos. It is best not to eat some spicy and irritating foods and seafood.

6. After optical power treatment, make an appointment for the next treatment to avoid excessive delaying treatment.

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