The 28 -year -old gynecology and gynecology of the next boy, mother -in -law: No surprise, you know before giving birth

28 -year -old Kobayashi gave birth to a fat son, who thought that her mother -in -law would be very happy.After all, my mother -in -law comes from the countryside and still has the thoughts of men and women.However, after the child was born, Kobayashi did not see how happy her mother -in -law was. After inquiring from her husband’s side, she knew that for Kobayashi, her mother -in -law knew that she was a boy before he was born.My mother -in -law has a set of judgment.

Let’s talk about this issue today.

When you are pregnant, there may be many seniors or experienced friends who tell you a lot about your body and children. Among them, one of the most popular discussion topics is whether your baby is pregnant with a boy or a girl.There are many folk claims about this matter.The accuracy of these claims has a certain probability that most people think it is still accurate.Today we conclude that the signs of the male baby, if you have these, you have to prepare the blue baby service.

Some of the obvious symptoms of having a boy during pregnancy are:

1. No morning vomiting:

When you have no early symptoms of pregnancy, such as morning vomiting or nausea, this is the symptom of a baby boy.

2. fetal heart rate:

If you notice that your baby’s heart rate is kept below 140 times per minute, this may indicate that your belly is a male baby.

3. There is a face

Many mothers who are pregnant with boys will have acne on their faces during pregnancy and have a lot of acne.

4. Food taste:

When you are pregnant, you will have a strong desire for sour food or salty food, which may prove that you are pregnant with a male baby.

5. The location of the belly

The position of the belly is one of the common signs of gender. If your belly looks low, it shows a large extent that your uterus is a male baby.

6. Changes in the character of pregnant mothers

The gender of your unborn child will also affect changes in the behavior of pregnant mothers.If you are pregnant, women with aggressiveness, bold and strong personality are more likely to have boys.

7, urine color

Obviously, your urine color changes during pregnancy.If the urine is dark, it means that you are pregnant with a baby boy.

8. Cool feet

The cold feet during pregnancy. If you feel this, this is an obvious sign that you are going to prepare a blue baby service.

9. Hosted hair

Another means that your common signal you want to have a boy is your hair growth rate.If you are a boy, your hair usually grows fast.

10. Sleeping position

During pregnancy, you often feel tired and easy to get tired.In this case, if you sleep more on the left side, it means that you may break a male baby.

11. Dry hands

If the pregnant mother’s belly is a male baby, dry and hand -cracking is another feasible symptom of the boy.

12. Weight gain

In addition to the glorious belly, your weight gain obviously indicates the sex of the baby in the belly.When you hold a baby boy, your belly has significantly increased, and other parts of your body seem to change so obvious.If you are pregnant with a girl, all parts of the mother’s body will gain a lot, and it looks a lot round.

These are some signs that may have men and babies.For the time of the formation of fetal gender, we do the popularization of knowledge here.

From the moment of conception, the sex of the baby has been determined.During pregnancy, a fetus gets 23 chromosomes from their parents.In addition to gender, the size of the eyes, thick hair, and even intelligence have been determined.

The baby’s gender organs begin to develop in the 11th week of pregnancy.It can be detected through scientific and technological means after 16 weeks.

As a pregnant mother, I want to know whether you are a beautiful little girl or a cute little boy, which is very exciting.

Some of these signs said that it was nonsense, and some people said it was accurate. What do you think?

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