The 26 -year -old woman’s hymen is intact, and I went to the hospital to check.

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For women, the aunt may be more timely than the salary every month. Once they have not come to report for a few months, they will start to be tight. After all, this is a sign of pregnancy, but sometimes we will be onSee this in the news.

Yueyue is 26 years old. He has been with his boyfriend for 3 years and has also seen each other’s parents. However, in the past two years, he was a long -distance relationship. It was difficult to rule out various difficulties and dangers.In less than half a year, Aunt Yueyue did not report for more than two months, so she had to accompany her boyfriend to the hospital for examination.

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The doctor glanced at the boyfriend who was accompanied by. He asked us: "Is there a marriage, do you have a husband and wife life?" Yueyue replied with a blushing face without thinking much: "Before married, there is no substantial husband and wife life."The doctor did not respond after hearing it, and only asked her to do a urination examination. Who knew that the test results were positive, which means that she was pregnant.

Yueyue looked at the results of the inspection very incredible, because she could be sure that she had not been personally.The current boyfriend is her first love. Although the two are occasionally embarrassed by themselves, they still control each other and did not go to the last step.Yueyue knows that although the two now really love each other, girls still need to protect themselves, and her boyfriend respects her very much, so she has not forced.

However, when she finished B -ultrasound, the results were placed there, she was really pregnant, and it was nearly 10 weeks.Yueyue is very unconvinced. Although they have the skin of the skin, they did not take that step. Secondly, she did not have any pregnancy reactions, so she did not expect that she would be pregnant.

After the doctor gave Yueyue all inspections, she found that her film was indeed intact, so she explained to her that this phenomenon is called "complete Huaihuzhu", which is a rare phenomenon, mainly because of the hymen of the hymen, whichQuestion -there is a loophole.

That is, although there is no substantial intimate behavior, when both men and women are on their skin, Xiao Yan will also swim in the woman’s uterus, causing the woman to become pregnant, but the chance is very small.Although similar things are rare, it does happen.

Generally speaking, women who do not have substantial intimacy do not get pregnant, because a necessary condition for pregnancy is the combination of sperm and eggs.However, when men and women’s skin relatives, if they are not grasped well, some small crickets may enter the women’s reproductive tract through small holes on the hymen. At this timeMaybe, the so -called "finish Huaizhu".

In fact, the end of the puppets is mostly related to the ejaculation of the body. The semen excreted by men at a time has two 300 million small tadpoles, the farthest can be shot 50 cm, and the activity can run 65 kilometers for 1 hour.The small tadpoles near the female reproductive tract can enter the uterine cavity in 1.5 to 3 minutes, can reach the fallopian tube in 30 minutes, and live for 24 to 48 hours in vitro.And in the following circumstances, the chance of "recruitment" is even greater.

1. The young man is active, and women are just in the ovulation period

Young men are strong and strong, and when they "negatively contact" with their partners, they are easy to excite and excite, resulting in a high level at a high level (usually 2-6 ml).Therefore, although they are not shot in the female body, there will still be some stubborn molecules that secretly slide into the gap between the hymen, and then reaches the combination of the female uterine cavity and the eggs to conceive, but this chance is relatively small.

2. The small tadpoles are not destroyed by the acidic environment

When women are ovulation, the cervical secretion increases to 0.5 ml per day (0.1 ml per day during other periods), and it is weakly alkaline.Women are in normally acidic, and sperm is usually difficult to survive in it. However, weak alkaline secretions during ovulation can play a role in neutralizing the acidic environment, which protects the small tadpoles, enabling it to extend life and retain certain activities in a certain activity.ability.If the sperm is easy to survive under the warm and humid environment at this time, women can still be pregnant even if there is no substantial behavior.(Zhl)

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