The 22 -year -old rural girl gave birth to a boyfriend that day, and said that the child broke up when he was a girl!

My name is Li Mei. I am 22 years old and live in the countryside.I have been with my boyfriend Zhang Yong for 3 years. This accident was caught off guard.Zhang Yong was also panicked at the beginning, but later he promised to be responsible for me, saying that he would marry me home.I am very happy and feel that with a child, Zhang Yong really belongs to me.

When I was eight months pregnant, I suddenly felt abdominal pain. Zhang Yong rushed to the hospital for examination.The doctor said that it was going to be born, and let me stay in the hospital for observation.I quickly informed Zhang Yong, but he said that there was something in the company and could not come.I have no choice but to let my mother take care of me.

During production, Zhang Yong’s phone continued to shut down.I cried and shouted Zhang Yong’s name, hoping that he could appear, but he never came.Finally, in a chaos, I heard the baby’s crying, and the doctor told me that I gave birth to a healthy girl.I was holding my daughter, crying, but I was sad for Zhang Yong’s absence.

The next day, Zhang Yong finally contacted me.He asked me usual: "Is it born? Is it a boy or a girl?" I said it was a girl, and the handset was silent for a long time. Zhang Yong replied: "It is good to have a girl, save me in the future.Let’s break up, I will be responsible for raising your children for you. "

When I heard Zhang Yong’s words, the phone fell to the ground.It turned out that he was willing to be responsible for me at first because he wanted a male.

Now that he has given birth to a girl, he feels nothing to do with me and wants to push off his responsibility.I looked at the daughter in my arms stunned, and my heart was mixed.I would rather not be responsible to me, and don’t abandon us like this.

When my mother saw me a dignified complexion, she quickly asked me what Zhang Yong told me on the phone.After learning the truth, my mother said angrily: "It’s better to let him go far, and save you again! Our family can support the child and don’t need his money!"

I hugged my daughter, and tears came out of my eyes.It turns out that the man I have always loved has never regarded me as a lifelong companion, and even our child can be so easily discarded.

I once naively thought that the best thing in life was to form a family with the beloved and have their own children.But now, I find that the so -called love is just an illusion.

Only this little life in front of me is the deepest emotion in my life.Perhaps happiness no longer needs a complete family, and it is enough to have each other.I stroked my daughter’s red face and said softly, "It’s okay, your mother has enough you."

After I was discharged home, I took care of my daughter wholeheartedly.Zhang Yong really said, as he said, gave me a sum of money and no longer travel.I renovated the house with that money and bought some things that my daughter needed.

My relatives and friends around knowing that Zhang Yong and I broke up with me are very sympathetic to my encounter.But I don’t care, because I have a daughter, I no longer need Zhang Yong.My daughter is like a little sun, bringing me endless joy and courage, making me feel that as long as she is there, happiness is no longer out of reach.

My daughter quickly learned to be called "Mom".Whenever her sweet voice sounds, I always remembered the tone of Zhang Yong who was disappointed after having a girl.However, I am very proud of having my daughter.

Perhaps the girl and the boy are different in the eyes of many people, but in my heart, she is the most perfect angel and is worthy of me to pay for her.

Life has passed day by day, and her daughter looks fast.Sometimes, when my daughter practiced "Daddy" over and over again, I also feel a little regrettable. After all, my daughter still does not have a complete family.

But when my daughter ran over with a smile and hugged my neck with my little hand and called me "Mom", all my regrets and anxiety would disappear without a trace.

I understand that it is impossible to do everything in life, but as long as you seize important happiness, other regrets are no longer so important.The appearance of my daughter made me taste the supreme joy, and this initial sadness and struggle also became a sweet past.

Maybe one day, I will meet someone who really loves me, but I no longer want to complete the picture of family happiness.

Because for me, the meaning of the family has changed -home is the security and belonging that my daughter gave me.She is the most important family in my life, and I will always be her most important mother.

Happiness, I have always been around me, but I used to be too blind and I couldn’t see what it was.Today, it turns into my daughter’s figure, which makes me feel that the movement and joy of life are fully fulfilled at this moment.I will cherish what I have and grateful for the gift of life, because with my daughter, I am no longer a person, but I have my own home.

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