The 18 -year -old girl was admitted to college and found that she was pregnant. The parents’ "Sao" operation "destroyed" the child

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I saw a netizen on the Internet that the daughter of a relative was just 18 years old. When the college entrance examination scores came out, they found that they were admitted to a university.But found that his daughter was always nausea.

Relatives thought that the weather was too hot. I did not expect to go to the hospital to check that her daughter was pregnant, and her daughter was usually very well -behaved. How could she get pregnant?

The two couples asked the child, and the child said that a boy in the class always liked her to chase her. Later, when they studied together on weekends, something happened.Of course, pregnancy will not tell people at home.

Unexpectedly, I was pregnant, and my parents were very angry at this time, very angry!You must know that your daughter has been admitted to college, but I did not expect such a thing.

I wanted to go to this parent to discuss with the parents of the man. The daughter was pregnant. The other son’s son was the child’s biological father, so he hoped that the other party could also bear a little responsibility.Unexpectedly, the other party was very happy, and said that they would let the two children get engaged, and then gave birth to the children, and their family would help raise it.

It turns out that the score of their son’s college entrance examination is less than 400 points. Anyway, it is not the material of reading. There is just a girlfriend. It is not to get married together!

Netizens saw that this pair of parents ’s operation was also stunned. His daughters had been admitted to college. They did not quietly take their daughter to the hospital for abortion, and also discussed with each other’s parents.

Some netizens said: After entering the university to open up their horizons, they can have the right and appropriate choice after maturity, and some are a good future.Wind blowing can affect her daughter’s life, and the boy’s family wants to fish for a cheaper.

Some netizens said that if they were their own daughter, they would be killed, and then sent their children to school!

★ Dimer young girls’ reputation

We all say that there are no imperfect walls in the world. If this girl only knows that he knows to take his child to get a fetus, and even relatives and friends do not tell, then this matter may disappear quietly, but parents not only tell relatives and friends, but evenTo find the man’s family to discuss this matter, the two families must have disputes, after all, they have different positions.

The man’s family is thinking about getting married. After all, his son’s college entrance examination results are not as good as girls, which is equivalent to taking advantage. In many places, it is still very high.It may save a lot of gifts.

If the girl’s parents are unwilling to get married, it is very likely that the man’s parents will intentionally or unintentionally say something that hurts girls. After all, studying in high school in the same place, many people may know each other.The bad rumors were a kind of harm to her.

★ Let my daughter go to college to regenerate the waves

I should have been to school happily, but I did not expect such a thing.There are still two months to leave school now. If you take a month of confinement for another month after the fetus, the child’s body can still be raised.

But parents are pulling here, and they are unwilling to eat dumb losses, and they want the man to compensate, or do other things that express sincerity.After a long time, I hurriedly took the child to get a fetus. As a result, the child hurried to go to college in a hurry, which would also affect the child’s mood and physical condition!

★ It is easy to make children feel fear of marriage in the future

At this time, going to discuss with the man’s parents, it is very likely that the man’s parents will feel that you are pregnant. You do n’t marry my son. Who do you marry?Cai Li may still take some.

I even feel that the girl is not clean. After all, their son is the cheap party, which is likely to make the girls see the evil side of human nature, and may make her fear of marriage in the future.

For parents, when the child is in trouble, we must stand on the child’s stand and take a look. Think about it, help the child to slow down the matter of the matter, analyze the advantages and disadvantages, and then discuss the best results with the child.

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