The 17 -year -old pregnant girl experienced itself. Should girls get married too early?

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I have a story, do you have wine?The story I shared with you today is the personal experience of a 17 -year -old pregnant girl.

Some time ago, I received a letter from a netizen. She was 17 years old and was already a mother of a two -year -old child.She shared her story with me.

She grew up in a single -parent family, and her parents divorced when she was very young, and she always lived with her mother.In order to have a better life, her mother was busy working all day and lacked care for her.After entering junior high school, she started living in school.EssenceLater, the two were together because she had a conflict at school. The young man took his social friend to help her out. She lacked her father’s love since she was a child. For the first time, she felt that a man was protecting her.

In the second half of the second year of the second year, she no longer lived in school. She hid her mother secretly in the young man’s house. The parents of the young man watched such a beautiful girl, and he was happy to bloom in her heart.Essence

There is no windy wall in the world. Occasionally, by chance, my mother came back from other places to go to school to send her clothes and found that she was not living in school, but the moment she was revealed … her mother’s tears flowed, and found the tears of her mother.After she, she slapped her on the spot, but she had to commit suicide.

The man’s house was afraid of making things big. He tried to persuade him. The girl went home with her mother. After returning home, she couldn’t go out and went to school anymore.After force, her mother finally compromised. She lived happily that night to the man’s house. Later, she heard that her mother cried all night with her uncle.

The mother -in -law began to inquire about whether it was a boy, and the young man continued to mix with his social friends early. The mother -in -law regularly boiled her soup and said that she could not be hungry.Later, I didn’t wait until the marriage, and the child was about to be born. The mother -in -law and mother waited anxiously outside the delivery room. The moment the doctor opened the door, the two women rushed into the ward at the same time, but the difference was that one ran to her and the other ran.Towards the child …

It was a girl … From that moment, all the dirty work in the family was her, and even after she had just given birth to a child.Now that the child is two years old, she becomes the same as most women. She was washed and cooks every day to coax her children. The years left traces on her face. At the age of seventeen, she became a housewife. She finally understood thatThe true look of marriage.

The young man who used to work for him, went to work outside, did not go home once a year.What about her, holding the child for housework all day, wearing white jeans for a day.She only cares about which supermarkets in which supermarkets are cheap, but do not know hundreds of thousands of lipsticks. She does not know that in addition to Dabao, there are Lancome and Dior.She only knows that the once love has no longer existed …

Girls must read thousands of books. Only when you have seen the outside world, you will not be moved by a little sweetness in front of you.You will only meet you in the future if you become better.

When you meet more people and things, you will not like the man with a smooth mouth, you will no longer use handsomeness as the criterion for evaluating boys, but to determine men with responsibility, maturity, and Gu family.

In the end, I really hope that what you will marry in the end is happiness, not regrets!

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